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Nyra Review 2021

Nyra Coupon & Value Betting Review

Welcome to my Nyra Bets online review where I will be shedding some light on the exciting online horse racing betting site.

Nyra Bets is one of the best in the business right now and for good reason. This platform offers users the opportunity to bet on well over 250 different horse racing events throughout the year that span across the globe. Blast off into the cosmos with Nyra Bets by your side; you won’t be sorry that you did.

100% up to $100
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What stood out on the Nyra Bets site

When I first entered the Nyra Bets platform, the first thing that stood out to me was the platform itself. It’s laid out in a neat and concise way without too much clutter, or advertising that makes your eyes feel like they are in shock treatment. I like a clean looking platform that isn’t trying too hard to win you over with animations and gaudy logos. No, it was the simplicity of the Nyra Bets site that stood out to me ironically enough, it’s something that I always appreciate in these sites.

Aside from that, it has to be the bonus offer on the site that really grabbed my attention. There is a wonderful welcome bonus for new customers available at Nyra Bets, which I will be touching on in a little more detail shortly with my Nyra Bets online review.

Nyra Bets logbook: what happened so far

  • August 8, 2016: Nyra Bets launches.
  • August 3, 2020: Nyra Bets starts running its new bonus
  • August 6, 2021: We updated our Nyra Bets test

Countdown: what you can expect from our Nyra Bets review

There are plenty of aspects to the Nyra platform that make me think that this could be one of the best horse racing betting sites that the US has to offer. Here are some of the major benefits to using the Nyra racing site right now:

Claim the deposit match bonus with Nyra Bets

Nyra are currently offering their new players on the site the chance to claim a generous welcome bonus. I have seen just about every kind of bonus offer under the sun, that I can promise you. And even in the face of all those bonuses I was still really impressed with the offer that is currently available at Nyra.

If you are creating your Nyra account for the first time, you are eligible to claim a 100% deposit match bonus up to $200. Look, I have probably seen more generous offers in my time but it’s the simplicity with which you can claim, use and withdraw your winnings from the bonus is what really stuck out for me. The main thing to remember when claiming your Nyra bonus offer is to enter in the “SPA200” promo code to claim the bonus. You won’t be credited with the offer if you don’t, so be sure to remember to do this.

100% up to $100
Deposit Bonus

In order to claim your $200, you will need to make a first deposit 0f $200 into your Nyra betting account within the first 30-days of signing up. You will then need to wager double your deposit amount, so $400, before you will be credited with the bonus. This is the only wagering requirement of the bonus that you receive here so it’s actually very reasonable. There are bonus offers out there that may ask you to wager the bonus amount you receive a total of 40x. So, 2x your initial deposit isn’t all that bad. And that is basically all you need to know about the current Nyra welcome bonus. As you can see, claiming the offer isn’t particularly difficult, so you should be just fine just as long as you remember to enter your Nyra bonus code during your sign up process.

Earn points the more you play

Something that I always look out for during my reviews is whether or not these sites offer players the chance to earn more rewards through a loyalty program. Thankfully, I found a loyalty program while conducting my Nyra review and it’s a pretty decent rewards scheme and on a par with the rewards scheme you’ll find detailed in my AmWager review, all things considered.

One thing I absolutely loathe about some of these sites’ loyalty programs is when they try to make them overly complicated. This can deter players from even trying to claim any of the additional rewards on the site because they just genuinely don’t know what is going on. Luckily, Nyra has not opted to go for this route, as they have made their rewards program nice and straightforward for players to use. Essentially, you will earn points the more you bet on the site.

There are two things to consider when placing your bets, as this will potentially net you more points. If you are betting on Nyra tracks that include Saratoga, Belmont or Aqueduct then you will earn 4 points for every dollar that you bet. If you bet on any other tracks, you will earn 2 points per dollar wagered. Nyra is clearly trying to incentivize betting on their tracks which is completely understandable and either you win, if you deceive to bet on their tracks or any others.

So, how many do you need to earn before you can actually claim anything? In order to earn $5 in betting credit, you will have to earn 5,000 points. Earning those 5,000 points will obviously vary depending on the race tracks that you have bet on. You could hypothetically only spend $1,250 to earn your betting credits or $2,500. Whatever route you take, you can earn these betting credits just by playing on the site. If Nyra becomes a site that you love using, earning these extra betting credits will come easily. If you were hoping to score from an easy loyalty program then this isn’t the site for you. As Nyra is looking to reward genuine loyalty and not fleeting play time.

What states can use Nyra?

I for one am now very familiar with the gambling laws in the US. If you have any experience using betting sites in the US then you probably know just how difficult it can be for new players to understand where they stand with the betting laws in their own states. That is because every state operates its own gambling laws, making online horse racing betting legal or illegal at their own discretion. So, I decided that I would lift some of the fog of confusion on this matter for our readers by showing you exactly what states can use Nyra right now. They include:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

That is 30 different states in the US that can use the exceptional Nyra betting platform. That is massive coverage considering that some casinos and sportsbooks barely scratch the surface of that number. If Nyra is a horse racing betting site that interests you, then there is a good chance that you will be able to legally use the site in the state that you currently reside in.

Lift-off: get a headstart at… Nyra Bets test

Now that I have shown you what Nyra Bets offers you in terms of promotions and the states that you can use the site in, let’s take a closer look at some of the other important aspects of the site like payment method availability and customer service.

The Nyra Bets gambling license and site limits

If, like me, you need to be sure about the legitimacy of a site before you sign up, then you’ll want to know who is currently regulating the Nyra bets platform. That is why I took the time to cover the licensing of the platform for my Nyra review.

My Nyra Bets review found that the site is currently licensed and regulated by a number of different gambling and racing commissions across the US. This doesn’t come as a major surprise as Nyra Bets is available in over 30 different states in the US, quite a few more than I found in my DRF Bets review if I’m being honest (which I always am). The biggest of these and closest to the brand itself is the New York State Gaming Commission. There are 29 other gambling commissions that regulate the site so you can rest assured that Nyra are operating legally and well above board.

As far as the limits on the site go, Nyra allows their users to set their own betting limits. You can tweak your own account to allow yourself certain limits for daily, weekly and monthly betting. You can do the same for your deposit limits as well. Nyra are clearly trying to look after their p[layers as they also have links to responsible gambling organizations that help players overcome gabmling addictions as well. Nyra is a horse racing betting site for the people and one that you can certainly trust.

Nyra betting: setting up your account step by step

Now that we know that Nyra Bets is a safe and secure online horse racing betting site, we can now look at the sign up process. I have taken the time to cover the sign up process step by step in my Nyra online review so that you don’t get tripped up during the process.

Creating your Nyra Bets account will take three steps. First and foremost, you will need to fill out some personal information about yourself. This includes your name, surname, email address, date of birth, physical address, your city, state, zip code and your phone number. From there you head over to the second section of the process where you will need to provide proof of identification. This is done by giving Nyra the last 4-digits of your social security number and a copy of your I.D with either your driver’s license, standard I.D. or your passport.

And finally, you need to choose a username and password that you are going to stick with; this is also where you will have to enter in your bonus promo code if you want to opt in for the matched deposit offer. Once you have done that, you are good to go and ready to start betting on all the best horse racing events from across the globe.

Funding your Nyra betting account

Once you have completed the sign up process steps, you will then have to fund your Nyra horse betting account. Nyra provides you with plenty of different payment methods to choose from so you shouldn’t have a tough time making your first deposit. I found that the whole process of making deposits was straightforward and easy and if I can do it, trust me when I say that you can too.

There are currently 8 different deposit options for players to choose from that include: Visa/MasterCard, Express Funding, MoneyPak, Nyra Bets Play+ card, PayNearMe, wire transfers, via mail and at the horse racing tracks themselves. All you have to do to top up your account is click on the “fund now” button where you will then be taken to a page where you need to select your deposit option. From there, simply select the amount you wish to deposit and you are ready to start betting on the site.

The processing times for each of these payment methods may vary but typically speaking your credit/debit card transactions can take up to 2-days to clear, wire transfers can take as long as 7-days to clear and Nyra Bets Play+ card is, more often than not, instant. The one thing that I really enjoyed about Nyra Bets was the fact that they didn’t charge any additional transaction fees, no matter the amount, for making deposits and withdrawals on the site. You may still be charged a fee by your own payment service but at least you won’t have to pay any extras from the Nyra Bets side of things. Remember, you can also fund your account through the Nyra mobile app as well.


Getting in touch with the support team

It’s always important to know that you have a quality customer support team waiting for you and ready to resolve any of your issues when using a site. That is why my Nyra online review took the time to assess the different options available to use on the site and what the overall quality of the service itself was like.

From what I could gather for my Nyra online review, users can use a live chat feature, telephone number and an email address to get a hold of the support service on the site. The live chat feature is undoubtedly the best option of the three as I found that the response time was significantly quicker than the other two options. There is also a detailed FAQs section on the site that I highly recommend that you check out before rushing off to use the customer service. That is because it covers a whole bunch of different questions which will likely answer your own question long before you ever need to get in touch with a support member.

With that being said, I still decided to test the customer support service out for myself to see what we are dealing with here. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t disappointed. The support I received was top-notch. I asked some pretty dull and trivial questions while throwing in a few more complex ones and the support member I spoke with took them in stride. She answered me with respect and handled the situation with utter professionalism and efficiency. If you run into any issues on the site I highly recommend chatting with the support team available as you’ll likely have your issues resolved in a matter of minutes.

In orbit: discover the possibilities at Nyra Bets

We have covered just about everything that Nyra Bets has to offer but there is still a little meat left on the bonus that I want to point out for you. Nyra bets are so much more than just its welcome bonus and fantastic range of horse racing events. There is plenty more on the site that cannot only help new players but that also gives players even more rewards.

Betting resources

There are plenty of betting resources available on the Nyra Bets that can help you get started or help you understand what some of the other features are on the site. There is a detailed FAQs section available that covers a host of different questions. All of these questions can help you to better understand how you can make deposits, place bets, how to earn points and plenty more. If you ever feel like there’s a gap in your knowledge on anything available on the site, just navigate to the FAQs section where you will almost certainly be able to find the answer that you are looking for.

Promotional calendar

This is one thing that I really loved about the Nyra Bets site. Where some on line operators do have plans to introduce new bonuses and promotions they won’t really tell you about it until it just appears on the site and takes you by surprise. With Nyra Bets, you can take a look at the promotional calendar on the site where you can see past, present and upcoming bonuses and promotions on the site. I thought this was really great because now you can prepare yourself for an upcoming promotion that you may not want to miss and I certainly found nothing similar during my Bet PTC review, for example. Now you won’t ever have to. As it is all planned out in the promotional calendars on the Nyra website.

NYRA Horse Betting

Horse racing betting at Nyra Bets and on the Nyra app

At the end of the day, the reason most of you will want to sign up to Nyra Bets, is the horse racing betting opportunities. Well, after everything we have just read about this exceptional online operator it would come as a real shock if their actual horse racing betting offering was a poor one. Thankfully, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Nyra Bets have a super range of horse racing betting events on their site where bettors can pick and choose from the biggest and best horse races from around the world. I took my time when conducting my Nyra Bets online review and I can honestly say that there is a staggering amount of races for you to choose from. Even just on a single day I found tons of different races that I could place bets on.

The range of horse racing events isn’t all that is impressive about this horse racing betting site, oh no. Evey single player on the site can use the Nyra live streaming service available for absolute feel. It covers over 250 different races across the globe, all of which you can steam with the exceptional streaming service on the Nyra Bets site. Nyra bets live streaming is easily one of the best around, that I can promise you. Once you place your bet, just kick back, relax and watch how your race unfolds with one of the online gambling industry’s premier horse racing streaming services. The fact that all of the above was included in the Nyra Bets app was a great added bonus as well. All in all, I couldn’t be more impressed with the horse racing betting offered over at Nyra Bets and I highly recommend that you check them out in your spare time.

100% up to $100
Deposit Bonus

Nyra review FAQs

❓Is Nyra legal in my state?

Finding out which online gambling sites are legal in your state does require some effort that most people don’t really want to put in. Thankfully, our team here at PlayersBest does the leg work for you as our review of Nyra gives you insight into whether or not you can legally use the site within your state.

💯Is Nyra safe to use?

While some sites may be legal in your state, some of them are still shady when it comes to your overall protection. With our Nyra review, we make sure to analyze the security measures in place on the site so that you can feel safe when you sign up and use the site for your horse racing betting needs.

🏇Do Nyra offer best odds guaranteed?

Certain horse racing betting sites will give their users the best odds guaranteed on plenty of racing events. Our review of Nyra bets takes the time to check out the odds on the site to see if the operator provides this same quality of service to their users right now.

💲Is there a loyalty program on the site?

Loyalty programs are a great way for the best sports betting sites in the US to incentivize continued betting with their platform. As such, our review of Nyra will delve into what you can receive with their loyalty program and what you will need to do to get the most out of it.

📱How do I make a deposit into my account?

It’s vital for users on the Nyra platform to have access to quality and reputable payment methods. You will also be looking to have a payment method that suits you which is why we cover this in great detail with our review of Nyra.

Nyra online review conclusion: space bound with the best horse racing site around

And so we come to the end of my Nyra Bets online review. I really took the time to cover this online operator in detail and I can honestly say that they are one of the best horse racing betting options around – and I’m certainly not a newcomer to doing gambling reviews! If you fancy yourself a bit of a horse racing fanatic then this may be the site for you. Claim your bonus and then enjoy hours of fun betting on the best races around the world with Nyra Bets. There are few space crafts we would recommend to traverse the stars with than Nyra Bets.

User Reviews for NYRA

2/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. Untrustworthy casino

    I understand that gambling is risky and I’ll lose some money. But what I don’t expect, it to be scammed out of my hard-earned winnings. I was lucky enough to score close to $1 000, but Nyra never sent my money. Customer support will ignore you too.

    Don’t get tempted by the alluring bonuses and exciting betting markets, Nyra is not for real money gambling.
  2. couldn't work it out

    nothing, couldn’t even make an account

    I coudn't figure out how this site worked at all, it had two account levels but both were free and then I couldn't find a single race I even wanted to bet on as they weren't listed properly and were under all kinds of weird names. Not at all user friendly and worst I have been on to be honest
  3. Good bonus but wanted more

    I thought the welcome bonus was really good but there was nothing to keep me betting with them, I couldn’t find any loyalty bonus or reward scheme or anything so I just went and better with another site to get their bonus too

    no loyalty scheme

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