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Ocean Social Casino Review & Rating 2021

Is Ocean Legit?

This Ocean Social Casino review is a bit different. Let’s be clear though, the Ocean Social Casino online experience is completely legit, fun, and one you should take time to enjoy yourself. When you first see it though, you might also think that it is from another planet.

This is not a bad thing by any means, but it might take a little while to get used to. The whole idea of Ocean Casino games right through from the slots, to the table games to the poker are all as you might expect them, but the concept is, for want of a better word, a bit alien.

A hybrid of two stellar concepts

We’ll look at this in more detail later on, but to get the most out of your Ocean Social Casino experience, you need to be made aware of the concepts behind it all. This does not work like a normal online casino you would usually find in our gambling reviews, where you deposit money, play with that money (along with an attractive bonus to start off with) and all things being well, withdraw some profits.

You’ll also be aware of the type of ‘free’ games you can play, usually on a mobile device where you can play for free and get given certain bonuses every day to keep things ticking over. You can also buy extra credits to play the game for longer, or for extra items or benefits, you wouldn’t get if you just played for free.

The short version is that Ocean Social Casino is a fusion of these two concepts. And, while it might seem a little other-worldly, the experience is far from unpleasant.

Ocean Social Casino Logbook: What happened so far

  • 01 June 2018 – Ocean Casino launch their free online casino ‘Ocean Social Casino’
  • 30 March 2020 – Ocean Social Casino introduces bonus credits for new followers via their Facebook page
  • 22. June 2021 – No-Limit Casino Test started by Players Best

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our Ocean Social Casino review

While we’ve established this is not entirely what you would expect from a casino site, it doesn’t look like it was beamed in from another galaxy. It looks like many of the other casino sites you will have seen five, ten or even a hundred times before, but with two main differences.

Firstly, the overall look and colour scheme is slightly more restrained than many of the other sites you will have closely encountered previously, but that is probably so that that the site matches the livery of the real-world casino that launched it. The second is that the dollar signs you might expect to see are absent, and that credits are mentioned everywhere instead.

Ocean Social casino slots and table games

This is because you don’t play any of these games for real money, just credits. How this works exactly will be covered later on, but instead of playing slots and table games for cash prizes, they hand out rewards in what they refer to as VCDs.

You are given a stack of these as a welcome bonus when you sign-up (we got 5000, but there are lots of other things you can do to boost that total), which means that theoretically, you can play nearly all of the games for free. There are exceptions, which will be covered in more detail later on, but in a nutshell that’s it. You get some more free credits as you sign in each day, so in principle, if you were a casual player, you could enjoy what’s on offer at Ocean Social casino without ever spending any money.

Just like other online casinos

The slots look and work like you would expect, there are even jackpot slots, just with the cash replaced with those VCD credits. However, don’t for one minute think that because you are not playing for money, this is some sort of half-hearted budget effort, because it is not. This is in almost every shape and forms what you might expect from a casino like the one described in our BetMGM review where you play or real money.

This is equally correct of the table games areas where you will find everything you are familiar with, including blackjack, roulette and poker. Staking is just the same, and if you ignore the fact that the amounts don’t have a $ sign in front of them, you will not know the difference between Ocean Casino games and many of the other online casinos you may have encountered before.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... Ocean Social Casino test

First though, you need to register, and this is where it might feel like you are entering some kind of strange alternative reality. To sign-up, just like this Ocean Social Review, all you just need is to enter your email address and create a password. We opted for the randomly generated one that was remembered by our browser, so our effort so far was practically zero.

Welcome Bonus Credits

There is also an option to enter a bonus code here for extra credits, but regardless you will also receive a ‘bonus’ starting balance which was 5000 credits when we joined, and, as explained earlier, that serves as a welcome bonus. Once you’ve done this, you are (quite literally) free to play Ocean Social Casino games until your credits run out. At this point, you can either wait until the next day when your account will be awarded more credits or buy more credits.

It didn’t take long to get started, as navigating around the slots and games proved to be easy, and it took us less than 20 minutes to play through our initial bonus balance at quite modest stakes. So, unless you have ambitions of just playing this in a rest break at work each day, you’ll need to think about making a deposit.


This process will be familiar to you if you have ever played an online game where you can buy more resources to improve your experience. You can buy various packs of credits, and the more you buy, the better the credit/dollar rate becomes. There is no shortage of options starting off at 19,000 credits for $9.99, right up to 7,000,000 credits for $999.99.

You can buy these credits using American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards or the equivalent debit card. Bank transfers are also available but that looks to be extremely rarely used. The security and encryption for transactions is exactly what you’d find at other casinos, so no worries there.


Like many online casinos, verification can be done by looking at things like your credit report and with zero input from you. However, even with the unusual way that Ocean Social Casino works, there is still some need for KYC (know your customer) so expect to be asked for the usual ID if they need more information.

Withdrawals and fees

This, however, is where you might think you are stepping into the twilight zone. Remember above when we mentioned buying credits – well, you are doing exactly that. You are making a purchase and not a deposit. And, because there is no deposit, you can’t make a withdrawal.

The credits you buy can only be used at the online casino and have no transferable value. So, whereas after a big win at the type of casino you might be more familiar with, you could cash out and spend your money elsewhere, here you can only play until your balance is zero. It is this part of the process that will draw the most negative response, however, there does not appear any of this online.

It also doesn’t appear to be a deal-breaker with the current customer base – while we were carrying out this Ocean Social Casino review, there were over 75000 players online before 9 am.

Ocean Social Casino App

Out of those players, none of them appear to be playing on a mobile app, as we could find no evidence of there being one while carrying out this Ocean Social Casino review. That said, the website is very mobile friendly with navigation very easy, and loading times pretty much what they were on desktop. We checked this out on an android device and the Chrome browser, but the results should be the same if your device happens to begin with an ‘i’.

Feel and usability

While this looks and feels like an online casino, it can’t be considered as one in the same way you might look at Resorts or BetMGM for instance, as you don’t play for real money and can’t win or withdraw any monetary funds. For this reason, the whole thing is classed as ‘for amusement only and does not require a license to operate.

Despite this, and the fact that it does operate in a similar way to other online ‘free to play’ games, it still feels like an online casino, as many of the slots and table games you can play for real money elsewhere are present. Part of this might be because, like Resorts or BetMGM, it is connected to a ‘real world’ casino, so the operator knows what a real casino experience would entail.

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at Ocean Social Casino

By now, you will have realized that this is a fusion between the two worlds of online casino and online games. So, there will be elements you will be familiar with, and others you may only be familiar with if you had played one of those ‘match 3’ or town/world-building games before.

This, while not unique, has opened up a whole range of innovations made possible by this crossover. First of all, there is the opening up of online casino play to those you would normally occupy a different universe, gaming-wise. Because you are not playing for real money, it can and has attracted those that play other online games, who feel more at home with the structure which apes the ones they are familiar with.

Ocean Social Casino social media

In line with its wider following, this operator posts regularly on social media platform Facebook, but appears set to make its debut tweet despite being on both platforms since the site’s beginning in June 2018. This focus shows where it sees its main customer base demographic, and can focus the type of offers and promotions it regularly presents more accurately as a result.

As Ocean Social has been in business now for three years, there are none of the questions on social media you might associate with a newer operation. So, for instance, where a customer might ask ‘is Pointsbet legit?’ they would not ask the same about Ocean Social casino online.

Ocean Online Casino Social Casino

A casino experience from a different planet

As you read in the overview of this service earlier, you get many of the things you have come to expect from an online casino, only done slightly differently – with credits to be won or lost instead of real money. The other significant change is that as there is no money to win, there is no money to withdraw.

Ocean Social casino bonus offer

The bonus offered here is very different from anything you might have seen before as well, and certainly, nothing like you would get from entering a 4NJBets promo code, for instance. You are given credits when you join, and you also get a bonus stash when you log in every day, as well as other offers and promotions to encourage you to play more.

The real bonuses here though, are the offers when you buy the various packs of credits, and the purchase offers which more closely resemble the welcome offers you might be familiar with. But, as there is nothing to withdraw, there are no hoops to jump through regarding requirements.

Ocean Social Casino Slots

While for choice of games, this operator would not beat our BetAmerica rating, this certainly isn’t a deal-breaker, as many of the games featured are ones you might play at other casinos for real money. It would be easy to reel off the names of the software providers, but this list would have all of the names you’d expect to see elsewhere. But to give you an example, when picking two slots at random we saw the reassuring names of both NetEnt and Konami.

This all looks then, like a standard online casino apart from one major difference. As mentioned above in this PlayersBest review, with Ocean Social Casino, you won’t actually play with real money. Once you have registered, you are awarded credits which means you can, theoretically at least, play all of these games for free.

Ocean Social Casino Table Games

The same is true of the Table Games area, where you can play all of the games for free provided you have enough credits. You’ll only find just over 20 games here, but the usual bases of Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, and Keno are covered.

Again, any question of whether the games would be substandard because they can be played for free was dismissed as we recognized more than one title from our reviews of other casinos that play with cash.

VIP Lounge

Finally, a quick mention also needs to be made about the VIP Lounge that has exclusive games for those with a credit balance of over 50,000 credits. Realistically, even if you hoarded your daily login bonuses, you could only really gain entry to this area by buying credits.

Ocean Social Casino review FAQs

🔎Where can I access Ocean Social Casino online?

It’s important to know how, and where, you can access your preferred online gaming site. First off, social casinos may be available on desktop as well as on different mobile operating systems. Plus, these platforms aren’t necessarily available in every state across the US. Check-in with PlayersBest and read our latest Ocean Social Casino review to find out more.

💸What payment options does Ocean Casino include?

There are a variety of different payment methods that you will come to find with online gaming sites. Whether you sign up with real money online casinos or social sites, it’s possible to deposit funds. Of course, these platforms function differently. Thus, it’s important to read our OCean Social Casino review to find out more.

💥Is Ocean Social Casino one of the best sites?

There are plenty of sites that continue to compete with one another for the title of being the best social casino in the US. There are a number of different aspects that make up the top site. Read our latest social casino reviews to ascertain which platform is best!

❓Can I create a free Ocean Social Casino account?

You shouldn’t ever have to pay to sign up to a social gaming site. The entire concept has been created for players to enjoy free-to-play games without having to actually make a deposit. However, we always urge you to double-check before jumping in head-first. Check out our Ocean Social Casino coverage to make sure you can create a free account.

🔆Are there any Ocean Social Casino promotions?

The top social casino sites will include a number of exciting promotions for players. This means that you’ll be able to claim all sorts of additional rewards when you log into your account. We recommend that you read our latest reviews at PlayersBest to find out which social casinos have the most enthralling promos.

Ocean Social Casino review: Conclusion

Overall, it would be hard to fault what Ocean Social Casino has on offer here as it opens up the online casino experience (in some form at least) to a much wider audience who might otherwise steer clear of what they might have otherwise considered outright gambling.

The range of games, while much smaller than you might find in the type of online casino you would be more familiar with, is enough to keep most people occupied. Especially considering many of them will not have visited an online casino before.

One criticism you could make is that what you have here is a watered-down, ‘diet’ or ‘lite’ version of an online casino site and does not have much to offer in the way of a genuine experience. This could only be considered correct, however, if the operator did not actually own a real-world casino, and you couldn’t play many of the same games you could play for real money.

So, if you are looking for a place with big-money bonuses and the chance of winning real money, I’m afraid you are on entirely the wrong planet. If on the other hand, you are looking for a more fun experience, perhaps without the tensions and emotion linked to losing money, then you should probably put Ocean Social casino at the top of your list of places to touchdown.

User Reviews for Ocean Online Casino

3.67/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. A leading brand in social gaming

    After playing at Ocean for years, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s simply the best! While great attention is placed on slots, there’s a decent assortment of table games and other titles. To top it off, they have sizable promos and bonuses, including a VIP program.

    Payment methods are limited, which is quite a letdown for a well-standing brand like Ocean.
  2. Love Ocean Casino

    Since I moved here I haven’t had access to any real online slots, and no this isn’t the real thing but it will do. Loads of fun and spending $10 a month gives me plenty of coins to play with, though if you played at a real place you wouldn’t win this often, and you’d spend lots more. You can’t take any money out but I never got to do that in real places either :)

    Need more games please
  3. Wish I could play on my phone

    I love meeting new people on here and playing against other people as well so thaat’s really good. I don’t mind buying credits because I do this in other games I play anyway so it doesn’t make any difference and the credits last me for ages anyway.

    I wish I could play on my mobile because I always have to start on my laptop

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