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Oddstorm Review 2021

Oddstorm Bookmakers & Sure Bet

Welcome to our interplanetary OddStorm review! This is a brand who’ll show you where you can get sure bets to lock in profit regardless of what happens in the big game. Keep reading our OddStorm review to find out more!

OddStorm has a sure bet package that lets you use the odds at sportsbooks and betting exchanges to guarantee a return. You’ll have to pay money to do this, but we found that it was good value for money. Take a look below to see how you can enjoy some of the best sports bets in the solar system!

Costs - More subscription plans than there are stars in the cosmos

You’ll have to pay some fees in order to use the OddStorm betting software. We found plenty of different pricing plans that offer different levels of value and flexibility. This means that you could sign up to OddStorm and get sure bets for a single day, month, half-year or even an entire year. There were also different pricing plans for prematch sure bets, live sure bets or both.  All of the pricing plans were a little more expensive than those that we found in our BetSlayer review, but they still looked like decent value for money. Remember that you can access some parts of the OddStorm service like getting sure bets from -0.01 up to 1.10% just for signing up to the site.

Once you’ve been with OddStorm for some time, you might want to check out the VIP Plus payment plans. These come with a range of perks that include things like gaining access to the OddStorm Navigation tool which means you’ll be able to instantly arm a sportsbook bet slip with the arb. Plus there’ll be no need to manually search for the event or outcome before you put your bets down as OddStorm will do all of the hard work for you. OddStorm also states that this VIP Plus package will identify up to 30% more arbs and you’ll get a faster arbing timeframe too. You can even Skype the CEO of OddStorm directly through the VIP Plus package. All of which gives you a great way to raise your game to a cosmic dimension.

Community and Customer Service - Taking customer support to the next level

Our OddStorm review found that it’s pretty easy to get in contact with the brand’s customer support team. All that you need to do is to click on the Contact Us tab at the bottom of the homepage and here you’ll see the customer support email address. It looks like OddStorm is available pretty much all of the time, although we didn’t put this theory to the test. Remember that if you pay the highest fee, you’ll be able to message the head of OddStorm which is something that you don’t find with too many betting systems. Beyond this, you’ll find a range of how-to guides, tutorials and everything you need to understand how arb betting works.

We didn’t encounter any kind of forum in the course of our OddsStorm review. However, you can find a few forums that are dedicated to OddStorm at some arb betting online resources. Such forums can be a great way of chatting with other arb betting fans, and you’ll quickly learn which sportsbooks to target and which to avoid. Hopefully OddStorm will work on including some kind of community forum area in the future.

Usability - Finding the best sure bets in the solar system

We found that OddStorm has given you a relatively easy way to enjoy arb betting. This comes in two forms. One of which is a web-browser based platform and the other is a Windows app that you can download directly to your computer. We carried out the bulk of this OddStorm review on the browser version and it worked fine. On the left you’ll find a range of filters that can be used for finding your desired sure bets, and the center of the screen will be dominated by a hopefully never-ending range of arbs. The right of the display is taken up by the arb calculator that lets you factor in things like stake, return, profit and the overall arbitrage.

To be honest, there are better-looking examples of sure bet software out there such as that found in our BetBurger review. But we certainly felt that OddStorm got the job done. The OddStorm desktop app looks and feels pretty much the same as the browser version, but you’ll need to remember that this is only available for Windows. Both of the OddStorm platforms seemed to be incredibly quick. The brand states that it will serve up live odds between one and three seconds, while prematch odds shouldn’t take any longer than 15 seconds to come through. All of which is hugely important when it comes to something as time sensitive as arb betting.

Comparison Versus Manual - Travel through space to your sure bets

Chances are that you’re reading this OddStorm review to see whether the brand can live up to its own hype. Well the good news is that OddStorm certainly does the job that it said it would do. This means that we found ourselves with an impressive number of sure bets within a few minutes of signing up to the site. The majority of these bets were focused on soccer, but there was no arguing with the value of the arbs on offer. Similarly, you might find a broader number of sportsbooks at other betting systems. But the 60 different sportsbooks featured at OddStorm did just as good a job as those found in our ArbMate review. All of which showed that OddStorm can meet the needs of even the most demanding arb betting fans.

There will be plenty of sports fans out there who are skeptical about betting systems like this. After all, there is nothing stopping you from visiting the different sportsbooks and betting exchanges to take advantage of any sure bets that you stumble across. But the critical thing is that OddStorm pumps put more sure bets than you’re ever going to find by yourself. All of this gets way better once you try the Navigation tool on offer. This automated feature will find an OddStorm sure bet, then go to the recommended sportsbook and fill out the bet slip for you. It might sound lazy, but it’s a seriously fast and easy way to guarantee a return from your bets.

Cautions - Don’t get sucked into a blackhole at OddStorm

OddStorm offers an undoubtedly quality sure bet service. However, all of this is not enough to stop you from experiencing some of the dangers associated with arb betting. We’d have to mention the fact that arb betting is simply something that’s not allowed at any sportsbook that we’ve come across. This is because arb betting involves no risk and therefore cannot be considered as being true gambling. As a result, if any sportsbook suspects you of trying arb betting with their odds, then you’ll probably find yourself temporarily banned from the betting site.

There are ways around this happening. Some betting systems will recommend that you use some kind of VPN as a way of making it look like you are a regular customer. Plus the Navigation tool on offer from OddStorm means that your bets will automatically be put down without you having to visit the sportsbook. But all of this cannot disguise the fact that you’ll be running a very real risk of getting caught out and therefore banned by the betting site. Plus we have to say arb betting is nowhere near as much fun as the thrill of balancing risk and reward with a regular sports bet. So check out some of our other betting site reviews to see where you can enjoy traditional sports betting without the need to try anything like arbing.

OddStorm iGaming Platform

Purpose - Experience space age betting with OddStorm

OddStorm has a pretty simple mission statement. This is to merely turn gambling into investment. How is OddStorm able to do this? Well the brand offers you a way of finding and betting on sure bets. This is also known as arbing and it aims to give you a guaranteed profit by betting on sport. Such a procedure is done as OddStorm will scour the odds from dozens of sportbooks and then compare these with the odds from betting exchanges to find you a guaranteed winning combination.

It does this to find a sure bet which is when you have two bets on the same sporting event that have opposite outcomes. For example, you could visit a sportbook and bet on the New England Patriots to beat the Buffalo Bills. Then you’d go to a betting exchange to bet on New England Patriots NOT to beat Buffalo Bills. Crucially the back bet at the sportsbook has to have higher odds than that of the lay bet at the betting exchange. OddStorm will find these kinds of bets and then use its calculator to suggest what kinds of stakes you need to put down to lock in a profit. It’s a similar package to what we found in our BetAngel review, and both will aim to help you get a return from your bets regardless of what happens in the big game.

Service Overview – How to beat the galaxy’s toughest sportsbooks 

By now you’ll recognize the central fact that this isn’t an OddStorm bookmakers service. Instead, OddStorm will work with you to try and beat the sportsbooks. The brand will give you several ways of doing this that include the likes of sure bets, middles, Polish middles and even an odds comparison which is something that we didn’t even find in our RebelBetting review. Take a look below to find out more.

Enjoy intergalactic sure bets

This is the core part of what OddStorm has to offer. By purchasing the right price plan you’ll get unlocked sure bets for a massive range of events. Remember that this is a seriously fast sure bet finder and the sure bets will come from over 60 quality sportsbooks. All of which will work hard to calculate the thousands of different odds permutations to find you those sure bets.

Bet on interstellar middles and Polish middles

Our OddStorm review also found an incredible number of middles and Polish middles to mix things up. Middles are like sure bets but they contain a certain amount of risk and you’ll be betting on something to happen before the end of a sporting encounter. Polish middles work in the opposite way where you bet on something not to happen. Just don’t forget to try the interplanetary odds comparison tool to make sure that even your regular sports bets get taken into the next dimension!

Overall Conclusion - Intergalactic findings in our OddStorm review

So what sets OddStorm apart from other betting systems? Well we had little doubt that this is one of the fastest pieces of arb betting software that we’ve come across. When you combine this with the awesome navigation tool, then you’ll see that OddStorm means business. Not that it’s all about those OddStorm sure bets, as this site is also a great place to come for everything from middles to Polish middles and beyond.

To be honest we didn’t encounter too many negative points in our OddsStorm review. Some people might have wanted to find arbs on more sports besides soccer, but that’s kind of not the point of arb betting. Plus we found that OddStorm features a smaller range of sportsbooks compared to some betting systems we’ve seen, and the pricing plan was definitely aimed at the higher end of the market.

All of which means that we’d have little hesitation in recommending what OddStorm has to offer. It’s a particular good option for those who’ve tried arb betting before and want to take things to the next level. So register an account at OddStorm and see what kinds of returns you can get.

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