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Pointsbet Review & Rating 2021

Reach the stars with my PointsBet review

I think that PointsBet is easily one of the most innovative online sportsbooks in the solar system. Read my Pointsbet review to see why this sportsbook is awesome for betting on football, basketball, baseball, and even hockey!

PointsBet is one of the latest sportsbooks to open up shop in newly deregulated US states like New Jersey, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado, and Michigan. So is PointsBet legit? Well take a look below and see why I had to award such a positive PointsBet rating. Then you’ll see why this is such a fascinating US sportsbook!

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Enjoy interstellar betting at the PointsBet sportsbook

I’ve seen lots of decent online sportsbooks popping up over the past few years. But just as my 4NJBets review showed that that site is awesome for horse betting, the same is true of PointsBet for sports betting. You could bet on the NHL, NBA, NHL, or MLB and find that the PointsBet rating for betting odds was superior to most other sportsbooks.

But it’s important to note that PointsBet betting is a little different from most betting sites. This is because it features spread betting, as well as regular fixed odds betting.

Plus with no shortage of amazing promotions, it looks like PointsBet could be the betting site to beat. However, it’s also true that there are some areas that PointsBet could make a few minor improvements. Keep reading to see why my PointsBet rating wasn’t 100% perfect.

PointsBet Logbook: What happened so far

  • 01. January 2019: PointsBet starts its offer in the US
  • 09. June 2021: PointsBet makes deal to enter Maryland
  • 23. June 2021: I updated my PointsBet review

Countdown to lift off in my PointsBet review

I always like to start these reviews with a broad overview of what you can expect from each online gambling site. After all, some sites focus purely on sports betting. Other sites prioritize casino games.

Some gambling sites like to give you a bit of everything. So I was pleased to see that PointsBet keeps things simple by aiming to be the best US online sportsbook in the solar system. Take a look at my PointsBet rating below to see whether the brand achieved this task.

Top sportsbook with some of the most interesting US sports odds in the galaxy

PointsBet is a sportsbook for all levels of sports fans. It serves up regular fixed-odds for all of the sports you can think of. This means that it’s perfect for those new to sports betting who want to try their luck on a big NFL or NBA game.

However, PointsBet also specializes in spread betting. This is a great option for anyone who wants to get some extra value when those money line odds aren’t looking too good. I should also note that PointsBet has more betting markets than you’ll ever need for betting on anything from hockey to baseball and beyond.

One of the best live betting packages in the galaxy

I’m a massive fan of live betting. Not only is it great fun, but it can also be an awesome way of getting extra value for certain markets. So I was seriously pleased to see that PointsBet has an amazing live betting platform.

What’s best is that it even includes free live streaming. OK so this live streaming mostly seemed to cover sports like soccer, tennis, and volleyball from some minor tournaments, but it was nice to see.

Pick up interstellar risk-free bet bonuses

I found some awesome welcome bonuses at PointsBet. These were equally as good as what you could get with a SugarHouse promo code. It basically means that if you sign up to PointsBet for the first time, you could get two risk-free bets. Both of these could refund your losing bets up to a massive amount.

Just remember that this refund will be granted in the form of bonus bet tokens rather than cash. Plus the bonus won’t come into play should you actually win your first fixed odds bet at the site. But I found that it worked wonders when my first NBA bet went haywire.

Get awesome single game parlays for MLB betting

Baseball fans rejoice! PointsBet now allows you to try single-game parlays on all MLB games. This is an awesome way to make even the most boring MLB game a whole lot more interesting. I’m afraid I wasn’t willing to try my luck on this promo, but I know lots of baseball fans who’d lap this up.

After all, parlay betting is an awesome way to get some huge wins from pretty low stakes. Just try and keep those MLB odds as short as possible.

Enjoy a daily parlay boost on your space mission

It seems that PointsBet is big fan of parlay betting. This is because the sportsbook recently introduced a pretty interesting Parlay Booster promo. This basically looks to boost the payout of your standard or single-game parlays.

Remember that each of these parlays will need to have at least three selections to get the boost. But if you’re a fan of this risky kind of bet, you’ll definitely enjoy the Parlay Booster promotion.

Get more at the intergalactic Diamond Club

I should definitely mention the fact that PointsBet has a pretty interesting VIP club called the Diamond Club. I didn’t stick around long enough to get an invite to this, but it looked to be pretty impressive.

This is because you could get personalized promos, 24/7 customer support, and chances to meet ‘PointsBet ambassadors’ – whoever they are. Remember that you have to be invited to join the Diamond Club. However, you can try your luck by sending the brand an email.

Blast off with the PointsBet rewards program

For mere mortals like myself who hadn’t got an invite to the Diamond Club, I was glad to see that there’s a cool PointsBet rewards program. This allows you to earn reward points every time that you put down a real money bet at PointsBet.

Once you’ve managed to gather together enough reward points, you can then cash them in for some bonus bet tokens. It’s fair to say that you’ll have to put down a lot of bets to get anything back from this deal, but it’s nice of PointsBet to give you a helping hand.

Invite a friend and get more from interplanetary PointsBet betting

PointsBet also has one of those cool refer-a-friend schemes. This is where you just have to share the PointsBet promo code on your My Account page with a friend. If your friend uses this PointsBet bonus code when they sign up and make a minimum deposit, you’ll both get a pretty large amount of bonus bets. All the more reason to share your appreciation of PointsBet!

Blast off and see why my PointsBet rating is so good  

I’ve already shown that PointsBet has an awesome sportsbook and no shortage of cool promos. But there’s no point in signing up to a betting site if the website’s hard to use and the sportsbook has no intention of paying your winnings.

So I spent a fair amount of time researching how the PointsBet actually works. So take a look below and see what happened when I signed up to PointsBet.

No astrophysics degree needed to use this online sportsbook

The PointsBet site is nicely designed and easy to use. I managed to sign up in just a couple of minutes. This basically meant clicking on the Sign Up button and then putting down some pretty standard personal details. From here there were quick and easy ways to make deposits. I was also given an easy way to grab one of those PointsBet new customer offers.

Navigating the sportsbook itself was remarkably simple. Just browse around the betting categories, research the various markets and click on the odds. I also appreciated cool features like the quick parlay option. All in all, a professional and well-designed online sportsbook.

Some of the best mobile betting apps in the universe

I’m a big fan of sports betting. I’m not a big fan of having to sit at a desk to put down a sports bet. After all,  few things are as much fun as putting down a live bet at the big game. So I was seriously pleased to see that PointsBet had created some quality sports betting apps.

These are available for all modern Android and iOS devices. I downloaded the PointsBet iOS app for my iPhone. I found that it did a great job of clearly displaying all of the odds on the small screen. Plus I could do anything from making a deposit to putting down a live bet without too much stress.

Only the safest payment methods to power your interstellar bets 

All decent online gambling site reviews will need to tell you how you’ll be funding your real money bets. So I should let you know that making deposits at PointsBet varies according to what state you’re resident in.

Customers in New Jersey can deposit with MasterCard, customers in Iowa can deposit with debit card, not credit card, customers in Michigan can’t use PayNearMe, while customers in Illinois can deposit with cash. Kind of confusing right?

The good news is that there’s a help page at the PointsBet site that clearly explains whether you can use anything from PayPal to ACH in your home state. I found that I could put down a PayPal deposit with no stress.

Making galaxy-sized withdrawals from this online sportsbook 

Again, the ways in which you can withdraw from PointsBet vary according to which state you live in. I found that it was easy to make a withdrawal straight back to my PayPal account. The money turned up in just less than two days and there weren’t any of those irritating processing fees.

Other withdrawal options included the likes of ACH and online banking. Customers in some states like New Jersey, Illinois, and Iowa might be able to withdraw in cash at various partnered casinos and racetracks.

Fully regulated in some US states and other parts of the solar system

I’m always keen to see how any online gambling site is regulated. After all, I was more than happy to ask ‘Is Resorts legit?’ and so now’s the time to ask is PointsBet legit? Well yes, it is. As long as you live in one of the US states of New Jersey, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado, and Michigan, you’ll enjoy a fully regulated betting service.

For example, if you live in New Jersey, you’ll be covered by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. All of this basically means that PointsBet isn’t going to run off with your real money deposits. Plus the sports betting odds will be fair and your personal data will be kept safe.

Live chat and email to help your space betting mission

I had a pretty easy time using the PointsBet site. However, I was pleased to see that it’s very easy to get in touch with one of the PointsBet customer service representatives. There were simple links for accessing the live chat and email support options in the submenu on the right.

Beyond this, you’ll find a fairly large help section that has a bunch of categories for questions relating to deposits, withdrawals, and things like that. I should mention the fact that you can also contact PointsBet on Facebook and Twitter if you’re into that kind of thing.


Interplanetary orbit: Why PointsBet takes sports betting into the cosmos

The fact that PointsBet features spread betting already pushes this sportsbook ahead of its rivals in terms of betting innovation. Spread betting is something that requires a fair amount of expertise, but you’ll find it pretty easy at PointsBet.

I had to award a positive PointsBet rating due to the fact that the brand has lots of cool tutorials that show how spread betting works. I’ll admit that I’m no expert at spread betting, but PointsBet made it look pretty easy!

Use the Name a Bet feature on the PointsBet app and site 

PointsBet has really outdone its rivals with its Name a Bet feature. This basically means that you get PointsBet to come up with odds for any bet you can think of. So you could ask for odds for the Denver Broncos to win the next 10 Super Bowls and PointsBet would conjure up odds for you. OK, that’s not a great example, but you understand what I mean.

Take advantage of Booster Odds to send those bets into space

I’ve already shown you that PointsBet has excellent fixed odds. However, the brand isn’t afraid to give you even more generous odds for certain betting markets. When I was writing this PointsBet review, there was an awesome odds boost deal for betting on the Travellers Championship golf tournament.

What’s best is that there will be nothing in the way of wagering conditions with these odds boosts. So be sure to click on the Booster Odds tab to see how you could get more for your sports bets.

Awesome quick parlay feature to build planet-sized bets 

I’ll admit that my experience of parlay betting has usually been pretty disastrous. However, if you like this risky kind of bet, then you’ll love the Quick Parlay feature at PointsBet. Just click on the Quick Parlay tab at the site of the website and you’ll be shown the big games that could be best suited to a parlay bet.

I gave it a go and quickly found myself with an interesting three-leg parlay with a money line NBA bet, a puck line hockey bet and total goals bet on international soccer. OK so this bet didn’t turn out as planned, but it’s nice that PointsBet made the whole process fast and easy.

Awesome futures betting at the PointsBet sportsbook 

I’m a big fan of betting on futures markets. After all, it’s just one way to add an extra dose of fun to any sports season. You’re only a mouse click away from some awesome futures betting markets at PointsBet. Here you’ll find quick ways to bet on things like the NBA outright winner, MVP, draft, and so on.

The same applies to NFL futures and MLB futures. Perfect for those long-range bets that can sometimes pay off surprisingly well.

Win a round of golf with pro golfers 

PointsBet will always aim to put on promos that you don’t get anywhere else. Take the latest deal that gives you the chance to win a round of golf with pro golfers like Paige Spiranac. All you have to do to enter contests like this is to put down a cash bet within a certain time period.

What’s best is that there was no minimum stake or odds on this promo.

Enjoy the best partial cash out betting in the solar system

Many sportsbooks allow you to cash your bets out early. But PointsBet goes the extra mile to allow you to partially cash your bet out. This basically gives you the best of both worlds. Perfect for indecisive sports fans like myself!

PointsBet Sports Betting

Awesome US online sportsbook found in my PointsBet review

I should start this by pointing out that PointsBet isn’t your average sportsbook. This is because it allows you to enjoy spread betting as well as fixed odds betting. Spread betting is where you’ll get varying amounts of wins or losses depending on how accurate your prediction is.

To be honest, I have a hard enough time trying to land a regular bet that I largely stayed away from spread bets in this PointsBet review. But it was nice to see that this site gives you the option to hunt down extra value.

Some of the best NFL odds in the solar system

OK, I’ll admit that I’m a major fan of the Denver Broncos, but don’t hold that against me. This meant that I was more than keen to see what PointsBet had in terms of odds for my beloved Broncos.

At the time of writing this PointsBet review, the NFL hadn’t yet begun. So I took a look ahead to see what PointsBet was offering for the Broncos to win the next Super Bowl (don’t laugh). Unsurprisingly, PointsBet had the Broncos down to be one of the rank outsiders. But the good news is that PointsBet offered way more competitive odds for this frankly daft bet than all other online sportsbooks.

Impressive betting markets for your cosmic NBA bets

Successful sports betting means knowing when to stray beyond money line bets. So I was pretty keen to see what kinds of betting markets PointsBet had for major US sports. Seeing as we were midway through the NBA playoffs, I took a look at an upcoming basketball game between the Suns and the Clippers. This revealed the fact that PointsBet served up nearly 300 unique betting markers for this massive NBA game.

These bets went way beyond spreads and totals so that you could find plenty of value in player props, halves, and so on. Perfect for all of those serious basketball fans out there.

Great value in intergalactic NHL betting markets

I’m always keen to see how Colorado Avalanche is doing in the NHL. So I thought I may as well see what kinds of money line odds PointsBet had for the Avalanche’s next hockey game. I found that PointsBet was neck and neck with most of its rival sportsbooks in terms of money line bets.

But if I was going to try some spread betting, PointsBet quickly proved to have much greater value with its bets. Obviously, this is just one example, but it shows that PointsBet is worth a look for your hockey bets

Liftoff with awesome MLB bets

OK, I’ll admit that I’m not the world’s biggest baseball fan. But there’s no denying that the Colorado Rockies are an awesome MLB team, so I thought I’d check out the PointsBet baseball bets. It turned out that you could enjoy well over 60 betting markets for a regular MLB game.

This lets you bet on spreads, doubles, player props, pitcher props, first three, five, and seven innings, and so on. All of which should be able to keep all of you baseball fans very busy!

Interplanetary bets available for major European sports 

It’s always interesting to see how big US sportsbooks like PointsBet treat betting on sports over the pond. I found that PointsBet has an impressive amount of bets on things like Premier League soccer, cricket, rugby, and so on. It’s also an excellent sportsbook for tennis whether it’s a Grand Slam contest or a minor stop on the WTA or ATP tours.

The only surprising absence was the lack of any horse racing bets. But there are plenty of specialist horse betting sites out there for that kind of thing.

One of the biggest betting selections in the galaxy

I should also mention the fact that PointsBet has bets for pretty much any sport you can think of. I’m not sure how many fans of Australian-rules football there are in the US, but PointsBet will have you covered.

The same is true if you want to bet on anything from cycling and darts, to table tennis and even esports. Don’t forget that PointsBet is definitely worth a look if you want to bet on MMA fighting. All in all, a quality online sportsbook.

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PointsBet review: My interplanetary conclusion

PointsBet clearly means business with its sports betting platform. The brand is able to serve up seriously competitive fixed odds for all major US sports, and plenty more sports beyond that. I should remind you of the fact that PointsBet is also a superior sportsbook if you want to take things up a level with some spread betting. Plus with an awesome live betting platform including live streaming, it’s hard to argue with what PointsBet has to offer.

All other aspects of the PointsBet site were as I’d expect. This means that you get quality customer support, safe payment methods, and full US regulation. Just remember that the sportsbook is only regulated in the US states of New Jersey, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado, and Michigan at the time of writing this PointsBet review.

To be honest, I couldn’t find too many faults with what PointsBet had to offer. OK so there wasn’t any horse betting or casino games, but I didn’t have a problem with that. Don’t forget that I’ll also be casting my eye over casino sites as well as sportsbooks. So make sure you check out my Caesars Casino rating the next time you want a break from all of the sports betting mayhem. But until then, I’d recommend that you sign up to PointsBet for some awesome sports bets.

User Reviews for PointsBet

4/5 – 1 User Review
  1. Big bonus - theme not for everyone.

    I signed up for the welcome bonus – it is huge! The casino is also pretty easy to navigate and I never felt like I didn’t know where to go to find what I was looking for. The site is also easy on the eye, the red on black at first was unexpected, but it grew on me very quickly.


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