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Racoon Vegas Review & Rating 2021 – Answered: Scam or Legal (Blacklisted)?

Is Racoon Vegas Legit? This operator falls short of the mark

Warning: My interstellar Racoon Vegas review found that racoons, space and online gambling are NOT a good fit. Take a look below to see why you should skip this illegal site and visit a legit US online casino instead!

Racoon Vegas fell at the first hurdle in my review. This is because it has no US regulation. That is unforgivable and renders my reviews null and void right off the bat. But read my latest review to see more reasons why Racoon Vegas can’t be trusted for online sports betting or casino gaming!

Abort your Racoon Vegas space mission!

Racoon Vegas is a site that looks far and wide to give you an entire galaxy of gambling entertainments. However, it comes up extremely short in various aspects. The first being the fact that it is an offshore site. This simply means that you’ll end up having to fight an uphill battle if you use this site. Plus, you’ll just put yourself in danger of being hunted down by the US authorities. So right there, it’s clear this site should be avoided. However, I’m going to carry on with my review of this illegal online operator. I’ll be sure to outline all the reasons why you should steer clear of this site!

Racoon Vegas Logbook: What blunders have happened so far

  • 01. January 2020: Racoon Vegas starts its weak offer.
  • 01. November 2020: Racoon Vegas updates its misleading terms and conditions
  • 08. July 2021: I updated my Racoon Vegas test
  • 21. July 2021: Playersbest blacklisted this operator

Countdown: Planet-sized bets which come to nothing

Don’t trust the Racoon Vegas welcome bonus

Sports betting is so much more fun when you’ve got a good bonus. This is something that Racoon Vegas might understand but this sign up offer isn’t worth it. This basically matches your first deposit by 100% so that you can bet on sport with double the stakes. It’s an offer that’s deceptively easy to get as you just have to sign up to Racoon Vegas for the first time, make a qualifying deposit and use the special bonus code. However, with all the latest issues surrounding the inferior licensing and problematic payouts, this bonus isn’t nearly as appealing as it first was. Get a bonus from a legit operator instead.

Skip these universal casino bonuses

I found a casino bonus at the Racoon Vegas site. This turned out to be less than what you get with an Ocean promo code; plus more risky. The bonus was spread across four deposit match bonuses. This gave me a boost of between 100% and 250% for my first four deposits. You have to use a special promo code to activate each deposit match bonus. Plus this deal comes with impossibly tough wagering conditions which state that you have to bet the combined value of your deposit and bonus at least 35 times before making a withdrawal. Added to which, you’ll be pulling at straws due to the illicit nature of this operator’s platform.

Don’t be tricked by the reload bonus deals

Racoon Vegas doesn’t just serve up lame matched deposit bonuses for new customers. Even existing customers can get in on the action although we wouldn’t recommend it. This is because the brand has a reload bonus offer that can boost your qualifying deposits by 100%. Again, you’ll have to use a special promo code to take advantage of this deal. Plus its subject to the same almost impossible 35x wagering conditions, and you’ll need to contend with possible trouble from state authorities. Just doesn’t seem worth it, does it?

Avoid the cashback for those interstellar betting accidents

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’s suffered some hair-raising losses when playing casino games. So this is why I was initially interested to see that Racoon Vegas has a weekly cashback scheme. Unfortunately it turned out to be a bad deal. This promised to refund your casino gaming losses by 50% each and every Monday. But, I then came to the stark realization that offshore operators like this simply don’t back up the promises they make with these offers. Thus, I’m left out in the dark wondering whether it’s at all a good idea. In conclusion, it’s always best to avoid illegal sites like this as you won’t be left with a bad inkling. Something I’ve definitely walked away with.

Lift-off: Is Racoon Vegas legit for all space cadets? 100% not

No US regulation found in my Racoon Vegas review

So is Racoon Vegas legit? Nope. Don’t worry, I’m not singling out Racoon Vegas in particular. After all, I also asked ‘Is Rivers Casino legit?’ and got a pretty interesting answer. So I was extremely disappointed to find that Racoon Vegas doesn’t have any US regulation. Not only that, but I couldn’t find any evidence of online gambling licensing anywhere on the Racoon Vegas site. It just means that the site is under no legal obligation to pay you whatever winnings you’ve made. All of which means that I’d recommend against signing up to Racoon Vegas.

The worst looking gambling site in the solar system?

I didn’t like how the Racoon Vegas website looked and performed. In particular, the site is badly organized and it’s difficult to navigate across the interface. The black and white color scheme kept everything looking pretty bland. I was expecting a few more ‘racoon’ themes, but that wasn’t even in the ballpark of this operator. There’s no Racoon Vegas app either, but I just about managed to use the betting site from the browser of my iOS device although this got annoying after a while.

Astronomically bad customer support at Racoon Vegas

Is there anything more annoying than bad customer service? Not really, and I’ll always award special points to any gambling site that takes care of its customers. It’s just one reason why my Hollywood Casino rating was so positive. So I wasn’t happy to see that you can’t get in touch with a Racoon Vegas customer service agent that quickly. There was an email customer support address. Racoon Vegas said that its customer service department is open 24/7, but that wasn’t true for me. The brand also said that it has a telephone hotline, but I couldn’t see one anywhere. There is a FAQ section that has a few bland answers to some useless questions like ‘Why is Racoon Vegas the best place for my bet?’ Thus, not too promising on this front. Again, it’s clear there’s just too much improvement required.

Don’t trust this site for interstellar payments

Racoon Vegas doesn’t have some of the payment options like PayNearMe like you might expect to see at most US gambling sites. But I found that it featured major card providers like MasterCard and Visa. However, chances are that your US bank won’t let you make deposits with these payment options.  Just so you know, other deposit options included brands like Neteller, Skrill, Interac and Paysafecard. However I would recommend that you avoid making payments to an illegal gambling site.

You can also make Bitcoin payments to the Racoon Vegas site. But be very wary of offshore sites that offer crypto payment options. You’ll come to find that these platforms simply provide you with the option to make deposits using crypto as this bypasses all regulatory protocols that are in place. Banks will limit illegal sites but crypto payments are another ball game all in itself. Therefore, we recommend that you don’t jump at the first site that has a crypto payment option.

The slowest withdrawals in the galaxy

Once I’d managed to scrape together some wins, I was ready to make a withdrawal of everything I’d earned. But, Racoon Vegas made this a fairly painful experience. I just had to go into the cashier section and saw that the payment method I’d used to make my deposits had been preselected for making my withdrawals – not something I’m too pleased about. I entered my withdrawal amount, clicked submit and waited for the money to land in my account. The bad news is that Racoon Vegas is slow at paying out and I’m still waiting to get my money.

In orbit: No intergalactic innovation at Racoon Vegas

Limited esports bets at illegal gambling site

I realize that not everyone likes esports, but I’m a massive fan of competitive gaming. I found that Racoon Vegas has odds for only a few of the biggest esports. My favourite game – Counter Strike Global Offensive – featured in the esports bets here. Racoon Vegas also has a handful of odds on Dota 2 and a couple of other esports heavyweights. But you won’t see some of those weirder esports like Hearthstone featured here. Plus, Raccoon Vegas is an illegal gambling site. So, it’s all a bit up in smoke to be fair. Nothing worse than getting excited about potential games only to realize the site isn’t licensed, nor does it provide you with proper security oversight.

Planet-sized disappointment with virtual sports betting

Virtual sports have started popping up across plenty of betting sites recently. These offer you a 24/7 chance to bet on simulations of sports like horse racing, soccer, motor racing and so on. It’s a good way for sports fans to stay entertained while waiting for that big game to begin, and virtual sports are a nice alternative to regular casino games. I wasn’t sure about virtual games like Racing Roulette to begin with, and wasn’t won over at the end either. Avoid this site to avoid disappointment.

Racoon Vegas Sports Betting

Universally mediocre sports betting across at Racoon Vegas

Bland selection of NBA markets

Any self-respecting sportsbook will have NBA bets, but Racoon Vegas lets you down here. I’m a massive Phoenix Suns fan and so I couldn’t wait to see what bets were on offer. I found that the Racoon Vegas sportsbook had just a few distinct betting markets and they didn’t quite do the trick for me. There weren’t too many betting options for betting on individual players, and Racoon Vegas barely lets you bet on things like totals, winning margin and so on. All in all, not the best basketball betting site.

Pluto-sized odds for the MLB, NHL and NFL

Racoon Vegas has also done a substandard job in its bets for all other major US sports. The MLB season was well underway when I carried out this review and so I carried out a quick odds comparison test. I simply compared the baseball odds between Racoon Vegas and one of its rivals for a full weekend in the MLB. This showed that the Racoon Vegas simply couldn’t keep up in its odds for each baseball game. I’m pretty sure that these odds won’t improve from the NHL to the NFL. However, I’ll make sure that my Racoon Vegas review is updated when the hockey and football seasons are underway again.

Limited bets for all other sports in the known universe

Like many sports betting sites, Racoon Vegas focuses a lot on soccer. You’ll find for even the most obscure soccer league here, but other sportsbooks will have more. Racoon Vegas is also a relatively poor sportsbook for tennis betting with some seriously underwhelming odds for each Grand Slam tournament. Plus you’ll see a pitiful number of bets for anything from boxing and MMA fighting all the way down to golf and snooker. Even if this site managed to incorporate a noteworthy betting license into the fold, it would still suck.

Barely any live betting options available

I think that live betting is a great way to add some fun to even the dullest sporting event. So I tried putting down a live soccer bet on the Kenya Premier League. This turned out to be not that easy and something that left a bad taste in my mouth. There were barely any statistics for things like shots on target and so on so that I didn’t really know when to alter my betting strategies. I would have liked to have had live streaming, but I guess that Racoon Vegas has yet to include this feature. All in all, another uninspired showing from this illegal gambling site.

Racoon Vegas Casino

Casino gaming in bleak dimension at Racoon Vegas

Cosmically lame slot games at the Racoon Vegas casino

I found a limited number of online slot games at Racoon Vegas. I thought that I had seen all of the slots I needed when I carried out my Mohegan Sun review, and Racoon Vegas can’t really compete. This is bad news for someone like me as you can win at slots without having the slightest bit of skill. Another main criticism would be that I couldn’t find any jackpot slot games.

Barely average selection of intergalactic table games

OK so there’s not the largest amount of table games at the Racoon Vegas site. But there’s still around dozen classic table games here which is less than you’ll get elsewhere. I’m a big blackjack fan so I had an OK time playing the different variants like Super 7 Blackjack and Pirate 21. I also survived playing some of the other top card games like baccarat and Draw High Low. Roulette fans will disappointed by the fact that there is only European and American roulette with no kind of French roulette at the Racoon Vegas casino. This operator has once again failed its potential customer base. Not only will you be put at risk when using this site, but you won’t even have a wide range of table games to play. Yet another reason why you should look elsewhere for your online casino kicks.

Unable to make galaxy-sized wins at the Racoon Vegas live casino

I’m fairly sure that everyone likes live dealer games, but you won’t be too impressed with what you find at the Racoon Vegas live casino. This is because there are  live casino games here that each fail to make the grade. Bear in mind that the latest software developers prefer not to affiliate themselves with illegal gambling sites such as this. Thus, you won’t be able to immerse yourself fully when using the Raccoon Vegas platform.

Racoon Vegas review FAQs

❓How do I set up my Racoon Vegas account?

There are times when you need to keep your wits about yourself when creating an online gambling account. That is why our review of Racoon Vegas takes you step-by-step through the process of creating your account with the operator. However, you should know that it is an illegal gambling site, so should be completely avoided.

🔞Can anyone sign up to the Racoon Vegas platform?

There are plenty of different gambling laws in the US as every state has the power to set its own state laws when it comes to online sports betting and casino gaming. Our online gambling news and reviews always tell you exactly where you stand with these sites and we have done the same with our Racoon Vegas review as well. We’ll also point out the reasons why you shouldn’t sign up to this illegal gambling site.

💳How do I fund my account on the site?

If you ultimately feel that Racoon Vegas is a site that you want to use, you first need to make sure they offer you a deposit method that you prefer. The best online gambling sites in the US will make sure to provide you with plenty of deposit options. Our review of Racoon City analyzes the different methods available to you on the platform, and we’ll examine why you shouldn’t sign up to this illegal gambling platform.

📞Can I download a mobile app?

Playing your laptop or PC is great but there is nothing quite like being able to do your sports betting for casino gaming with your mobile device. Our review of Raccoon City will let you know if there is currently a mobile app available for you to download to use the Racoon City platform. However, we’d recommend you simply avoid this illegal gambling operator altogether. 

💲What is the most I can win from a single bet?

Our review takes you through the limits on the Racoon City platform. We’ll let you know everything from what the maximum betting limits are to what the biggest payout amounts are as well. We leave no stone unturned in our review as we highlight all the important facts about the site – primarily the fact that it is an illegal gambling site that cannot be trusted. 

Racoon Vegas review: Read my cosmically bad findings about Racoon Vegas

I’ll have to start with the basics here and say that Racoon Vegas failed with the most important point of all of my online gambling site reviews – no US regulation. This ultimately means that you shouldn’t use this site if you live in the US. As such, I’d recommend that you pick one of the many fully US regulated gambling sites featured at PlayersBest instead. There are plenty of options that we’ve reviewed. You needn’t get saddled with Racoon Vegas until it gets regulated in the US.

User Reviews for Racoon Vegas

2/5 – 4 User Reviews
  1. The worst online casino site ever!

    As a Las Vegas resident, I’m familiar with some of the best casinos in the world. So, I find it challenging to settle for anything less than perfect. My experience at Raccoon Vegas was brief yet uncomfortable and disappointing. Not once did I find something that stands out. Their game selection is shallow and no good payment options. I can go on…

    Raccoon Vegas needs to put its house in order
  2. Not sure, so not going back

    There’s a lot that looks good about this. I play slots and that looked good, and the other areas looked good to. I liked the look of the offers and the cashback you are supposed to get back every week.

    Too good to be true. I've been scammed before where the bonus was big but there was no way I could play through it 35 times with the games I played hardly making up any of it. Should have been careful not to do it again so won't be coming back to be made a fool of twice.
  3. Far less that what I expected

    Still, not all is gloomy at Racon Vegas. There are more than 1 000 games on the website, and about 800 available on mobile play. If not for the financial issues, Racon Vegas would be a good choice.

    My expectations immediately hit sky high the moment I saw the name – Vegas. Unfortunately, it turns out I set myself up for a major disappointment. I didn’t receive my welcome bonus after signing up. Neither did I get my payout.
  4. Could do with some improvements

    Like many other casinos in the market, My Stake started off well, but got lost along the way. The bonus offer is attractive, and the same can be said for the sizable collection of games. Slots load super quick, which cannot be said about most websites.

    The casino appears to be abandoned. Complaints are left unresolved. The maximum withdrawal limit is also low. For a new casino, the number of negative reviews about My Stake is unsettling.

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