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RebelBetting Review 2021

RebelBetting Coupon & Value Betting Review

Read our interplanetary RebelBetting review to see why this brand is a must for anyone looking for sure bets or value bets. A simple way to beat the toughest sportsbooks in the whole solar system!

Our RebelBetting value betting review found that you can download specialist software to hunt down sure bets that guarantee a profit. Or you could simply find value bets that give you spectacular payouts. All of which are backed up by a nice profit guarantee. Take a look below to see what else we found in our cosmic RebelBetting review!

Costs - Get interstellar sure bets at a decent price

We found that RebelBetting offers a great free trial of its betting software. This means that new customers can get up to 14 days to try the demo version of the value platform. However, after this two week period has elapsed, you’d have to put your money down. Plus you will have to pay up front to get the RebelBetting sure betting software and its matched betting software. We would have liked to have a full demo version of the sure bet software like that found in the BetBurger review, but we appreciated the value bet trial.

The RebelBetting surebet package comes as three payment options. You could either try the surebet software for a single week, a month, for six months, or even get out an annual subscription. Bear in mind that the six month price plan could save you 25%, while an annual subscription works out to be 35% cheaper. Don’t forget that there’s also a RebelBetting Lite package that works out to be nicely affordable although you’ll have to keep your overall investment below a specific amount.

There are two payment plans for the RebelBetting value bet software. The starter package promises to give you an average return on your investment of 30% each month, but if you pay nearly twice this amount, you’ll get the ValueBetting Pro package which will give you double the amount of value bets. Remember that you could cut the cost of either price plan by 35% simply by taking out an annual subscription. The RebelBetting matched betting package comes as a simple monthly plan. All of these costs were on par with what we found in our other betting system reviews, and you won’t need any kind of  RebelBetting coupon to get involved.

Community and Customer Service - Join the intergalactic RebelBetting community

If you’ve read our BetAngel review, you’ll know that that brand has found great success in hosting its own betting forum. The good news is that RebelBetting also has a cool community area. This is the place to come to learn all about the latest goings-on at RebelBetting directly from the brand. But we think that it’s best for learning how other sports fans are using the sure betting software. In particular, we found it invaluable for finding out which online sportsbooks have wised up to arb betting software.

If you need some specialist help, then be sure to use the RebelBetting messaging service. It looks like you should be able to get a response within one working day of using this customer support feature. There’s also a pretty good customer help section, and you can also reach RebelBetting via its Facebook and Twitter social media channels. We should also note that RebelBetting offers all space cadets a handy tutorial that shows them what sure betting is all about. It’s a pretty good introduction to the sure betting concept and it explains how it works without getting too bogged down in the technicalities. Crucially, this guide gives you a balanced overview of sure betting as it explains why this isn’t for everyone as well as highlights the risks of doing so.

Usability - Some of the easiest sure bets in the solar system

We had a great time carrying out this RebelBetting review. This is because the brand’s betting software was user-friendly and quick to put into action. It benefits from the latest spyware to keep you safe and we loved the fact that it was free of any kind of advertising which is more than can be said for some arb betting software. It might not be the most visually dynamic arb betting software that we’ve come across. But the lack of color and fancy graphics suited us just fine as we found it easy to see the details of all of the arbs and put our bets down at a variety of different sportsbooks. We especially liked filter tools that let us select a minimum arb requirement.

Remember that RebelBetting’s sure betting software is entirely Windows-based. If you want to use the software on a Mac, you’ll have to download some ‘virtual PC’ software on your computer. Beyond this, you’ll find that the value bet package can be run on all modern web browsers. This means that you’ll be given a simple way to hunt down those value bets from your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Comparison Versus Manual - Using RebelBetting in another dimension

Looking around the RebelBetting site reveals a testimonials page where no shortage of punters talk about how much profit they’ve made with the brands sure bet software. You always have to take such testimonials with a grain of salt, but we’ll admit that RebelBetting does pretty much what it sets out to do. If you think about how long it would take you manually find all of the sure bets that RebelBetting does, it quickly reveals that this is a serious time-saving piece of software.

This is something that’s backed up by the profit guarantee that Rebelbetting provides. The brand says that if you don’t manage to make a betting profit within your first month at RebelBetting, you’ll get another month’s betting for free. What’s best is that RebelBetting will keep on giving you free months of using its product until you finally turn a profit. This deal comes with some small print that states that you have to put down at least 500 bets with the value betting package, or at least 50 positive arbs with the sure betting package. But if you follow the small print closely enough, it should guarantee that you get something back from RebelBetting.

Cautions - Reality check for all space cadets

So far our RebelBetting review has been impressed with what we’ve found. After all, it looks like a professionally run operation that has even partnered up with some leading global sportsbooks and betting exchanges. However, we have to remember the central fact that all sportsbooks have a very negative view of arbing and sure bets. This is because they believe that such sure bet software gives punters an unfair disadvantage. If you read through most sportsbooks’ terms and conditions, you’ll probably see a section regarding such unfair gambling practices.

It’s important to note that you might get your account suspended if a sportsbook catches you using a sure betting platform. RebelBetting recommends that you use a secure VPN tool to try and avoid detection. While this might help in some cases, it might not be a sustainable solution. So be sure to be realistic in how you use whatever sure bet or value bet package you choose.

RebelBetting iGaming Platform

Purpose - Reasons to join the RebelBetting space mission

Purpose – Reasons to join the RebelBetting space mission

RebelBetting was put together well over a decade ago to help sports fans bet on sport and get a guaranteed profit. It seems that things have gone well for the brand, as RebelBetting has managed to clock up over 120,000 users in over 140 countries in this time. Much of this is down to the fact that RebelBetting think that they can help you make a 30% profit within a month of using their sure bets.

We found that RebelBetting is set up to use the odds on literally dozens of sports betting platforms. The brand helps you out by identifying which sportsbooks work best in regard to things like value bets and sure bets. It also gives you a handy table that explains what kinds of currency and e wallets you can use to fund your bets at these accounts. Interestingly, RebelBetting recommends one particular sportsbook for backing bets when sure betting.

All of this is done to help you take advantage of what sportsbooks have to offer. Thanks to the specialist software, RebelBetting helps you to beat these sportsbooks at their own game. There is nothing illegal about this, although we should remind you that you might get your betting account suspended if you get caught.

Service Overview – An entire universe of bets at RebelBetting

Our RebelBetting review found that this betting platform operates in three key areas. These cover value betting, sure bets and matched betting. Each of which gives you the chance to get an advantage against online sportsbooks. It’s pretty impressive to find a betting brand who is willing to offer you this amount of flexibility. After all, while we find some awesome arb betting software in our ArbMate review, it looks like RebelBetting might have the edge in terms of value bets and matched betting. Take a look below at the three main areas of betting that we found in the best RebelBetting review in the solar system!

Find planet-sized value bets at RebelBetting

RebelBetting is somehow able to scan over 90 sportsbooks in its hunt for value bets. These are those sports bets where the sportsbook has somehow got its odds wrong. As such, you can swoop in and take advantage of the superior odds and make a planet-sized win. All of this is so much easier thanks to cool features like the BetTracker that logs your return on investment, yield and so on. Plus there’s even an Automatic Bet Settlement option to give you a seriously relaxing way to beat the sportsbooks.

Some of the best sure bets in the universe

It’s the sure betting platform that forms the focal point of this RebelBetting review. On the surface, it looks similar to the arb betting platform that we found in our OddStorm review. This means that you can simply use the software that will instantly show you sure bets. These are where you effectively cover all outcomes in a sporting event and therefore make a profit regardless of who wins.

We downloaded the RebelBetting sure bet software and found that it did exactly as we hoped. This means that you’ll see the arb percentage with its age, along with details regarding the event, sport, arb type and reliability. This meant that we started turning regular profits, although it wasn’t quite the 20% figure that we were quoted. However, with reports that over 125,000 have used the RebelBetting sure bet service, it seems that this brand is doing something right.

Enjoy cosmic matched betting at RebelBetting

Matched betting was something that we didn’t expect to see in our RebelBetting review, but we found that this brand does a great job at this. This is where RebelBetting will take advantage of whatever bonuses or ‘free bet’ offers a sportsbook puts on. All you have to do is to enter the details of the bonus you are thinking of using, and then the RebelBetting software will click into gear. This will then reveal what odds you can use in conjunction with the bonus to maximize your profits.

Overall Conclusion - Highlights from our RebelBetting review

RebelBetting has done a great job in helping everyone find sure bets from some of the planet’s top sportsbooks. The basic sure bet software is equally as good as what we found in our BetSlayer review, and we think that RebelBetting could be a decent option for complete newbies. Plus our RebelBetting value betting review found that the brand makes the process of finding value bets also quick and easy.

Our only real criticism would be the fact that RebelBetting’s sure bet software is Windows-only, but there are some fairly simple ways around this for Mac users. So don’t worry about getting a RebelBetting coupon, and just sign up to find some intergalactic sure bets and value bets!

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