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The Red Lion Casino Review & Rating 2021 – Answered: Scam or Legal (Blacklisted)?

Is The Red Lion Casino Legit? It isn't

Warning: Red Lion Casino cannot be trusted. Read my Red Lion Casino review to see why it’s illegal to play here and learn why you should sign up to one of our recommended online casinos instead!

So what’s so bad about Red Lion Casino? Well try cosmically lame casino games and sports betting odds that suck. Plus with a second-rate gambling license, you won’t get enough protection here for your space mission. So take a look below to see how Red Lion Casino got it so wrong!

The Red Lion Experience: A total disaster

OK let’s get one thing straight: avoid Red Lion Casino. Want to know why? Well let’s have a think about what you want from online gambling sites. How many times have you found yourself in an online casino, and wanted to make a bet in the MLB game on Monday Night? The only reason you didn’t, was that it would mean ending your streak on Gonzo’s Quest. Worst of all, you found out that the bet would have paid off.

This is the weakness of most online gambling sites. They end up focusing on such a small offering, which makes it difficult for all-round players to find the options they need. Now, although Red Lion may lead you to think you can do it all, this isn’t the case. I’m going to review this offshore site and outline precisely why you should steer clear. There’s simply no reason for you to get tangled up with an illegal gambling site such as this.

Red Lion Casino Logbook: A dismal path of failure

  • 2020: The Red Lion Casino was launched. No one knows why.
  • 2020: Red Lino Casino offers lame casino games and dodgy sports bets
  • JULY 2021: We tested the Red Lion Casino today
  • AUGUST 2021: We blacklisted the Red Lion Casino

Countdown: What you can expect - Red Lion; more like lame lion

The lack of options available in the Red Lion casino will probably keep you tied to the earth’s surface. Whether you are a slots-loving novice, a table games guru, or a sports betting enthusiast, you’ll walk away disappointed. Being a casino buff myself, I immediately ran over to the casino games section when I landed on the homepage. So, in this review, I will focus on that first and then make my way to the sportsbook.

An uninspiring casino lobby

This platform has a dismal selection of casino games. Of these, slots are the main constituent.

I would like to have some top picks I recommend you try but they all suck. From here, you’ll end up having to sift through yet more lame titles in order to try and find anything compelling. Don’t bother. It’s not how online casino experiences should be in this day and age. An offshore site with no appeal in terms of casino gaming. On to the sportsbook…

Lame betting options in the Red Lion Casino Online

Done with online casino games, I then took the sportsbook for a spin. Even before lift-off, I could see that there were barely any options here. After floundering about, I then saw the Red Lion Casino in all its lack of glory. You will have just a few basic options from football, tennis, bowls, and fencing. However, without a practical design, there just isn’t the same feel to that of top-notch sportsbook lobbies.

Navigation across the sportsbook isn’t exactly a breeze. It reminds me of walking in space with no gravity to pull you down. If you suddenly become untethered, you’ll be in a world of hurt.

Other options – Exploring dismal uncharted territories

I am more of a slots/blackjack/sports betting guy. So, I rarely go to other sections of the casino when I play. But you see, when reviewing the Red Lion casino, I had to put aside all preferences and handle the business at hand. This meant exploring other areas with which I am not familiar. I accepted the challenge and got down to business.

However, there’s just not that much to see here. Plus, you’re constantly worried about being flagged down by US authorities. It’s not wise to use an offshore site in the US as you may well face legal trouble in the process. Without any real reason to be using an average site like Red Lion Casino, I was eager to continue my mission and get it over with.

Some of the worst bonuses in the solar system

No casino experience is complete without bonuses.  My assessment of the bonuses showed that this site is definitely not leading the pack. Just check out my other online gambling site reviews, I am sure you will agree. Some have even called these offers too good to be true. Which is true. Below, I’ve outlined the bleak deposit bonuses at Red Lion Casino.

  • First deposit 400% deposit match with impossible wagering conditions
  • Second deposit 150% deposit match with scary wagering conditions
  • Third deposit 200% deposit match up with terrifying wagering conditions

You can supposedly collect this bonus with an initial deposit that is way too high, and by using the bonus code, Welcome1.

I won’t blame you if you begin to wonder, is the Red Lion casino legit; just as I did when I asked, is Tipico legit? But such is the nature of the industry in which it operates. You need to lure new customers at all costs. What I can tell you is that Red Lion Casino is not legit. This follows that the latest bonuses are no more than a desperate ploy to get new customers to sign up. Avoid this site.

Lift-off: Cosmic failings in the Red Lion Casino test

The games and bonuses in the Red Lion Casino failed to impress me, but I have been reviewing casinos long enough to realise that there is more to a gambling site than this. Many housekeeping matters need to be addressed before you can sign off on an intergalactic adventure full of fun and enjoyment. Here, I will consider the registration process, payment options, and the mobile app.

Registration – Before you lift off remember that this site sucks

No one likes lengthy registration processes. They are a waste of time; time that could be better spent playing casino games. That’s why l rate casinos highly that makes registration effortless. So, how does Red Lion fare?

You need to make your way to the homepage. For the purposes of this Red Lion Casino online review, I simply typed in the name of the casino in my search engine. It was easy enough, but on my first try, I got results for a land-based establishment also going by the same name. So, I had to include the online at the end.

Once on the site, I saw the red sign-up button; it’s in the top right-hand side corner. This gives you access to a separate form in which you need to fill in your details. But, the point is that you shouldn’t be creating an account with an offshore site like this. These operators will do anything to get more explorers onboard. I recommend that you find a more transparent and reliable gambling ship. There’s simply no need to go through an entire crash-landing with an illegal site like this.

Payment options – Fueling up for the trip to a dismal betting site

You can’t have a casino gaming experience without payment options; without your fuel to give thrust to your engines. Even if you get a no deposit bonus – it’s not available here by the way – you will still need to wager it to collect your earnings. Red Lion offers a few payment options – most of which are dodgy. The site says that you can use Visa, MasterCard, Amex, bank transfer, or coinspaid, but chances are you won’t be able to use these options from the US. If you are looking for a site with secure crypto payment options, you need to look further than Red Lion. The reason this site includes crypto payments is due to its illegal status in the US. In order to bypass federal laws, it accepts payments via crypto so as to avoid any regulatory oversight. You’ll just end up putting your own money at even more risk in the process.

Most of the options you have here provide instant deposit processing although it’s not worth the risk. You will supposedly enjoy fast payouts, with Red Lion claiming to send your money within 24 hours, but this is a TOTAL LIE. After all, this is after the 48-hour hold required for account verification. Plus, payouts are rarely processed within 24 hours. So make sure that you avoid using Red Lion Casino.

Mobile app – Experience lame gaming on the go

Whether you are in outer space or sitting on your couch at home, mobile gaming is one of the joys of playing casino games. You have all the benefits of playing on a desktop site, and also the advantages of taking the action with you anywhere. I was expecting a native app download for the site, something that would need to be installed on your Android or iOS device. But low and behold, there’s no dedicated app here. Thus, you’ll be left trying to navigate across the mobile-optimized browser version. A painstakingly-slow experience and one that doesn’t bode well for any online gambling operator.

In orbit: Only the worst possibilities await in Red Lion Casino

There isn’t a lot more to look forward to at the Red Lion Casino as this site sucks. However, my review of the site unearthed something that I found perplexing. The casino lists live dealer games as one of the offerings in the main games menu. To my surprise, I was met by the bonus slots collection. Imagine how something like this would affect the Twinspires rating if it happened there. The problem being that any additional offers from an illegal site should always be met with skepticism. It’s never clear what these operators’ agendas are.

Sitting in on live games – More disappointments here

The live games are only available for account holders with funded accounts. You have a very small selection of live dealers in the lotto games lobby. Here you can come and actually sit on the action even without an account. However, all you’ll be exposed to is a gaming opportunity on a scam website.

What’s worse is that you’ll find that these games are far less popular than the live games found on top online casino sites. Therefore, you’re constantly losing out. I urge you not to sign up with an offshore gambling site such as Red Lion. There are plenty of licensed US operators to choose from!

FAQs and support – Don’t expect help from this untrustworthy site

When embarking on a voyage, it’s always good to have a place where you can stop and ask for directions. This rings even truer if you are new and it’s your maiden voyage. The operators at Red Lion don’t seem to understand what players need. They identified the most common pain points but failed to create a concise FAQs page.

I noted in my Red Lion casino online review how relatively short the document was. It is unlike what you would find if you read my Fanduel review.  Now, this is just one example, but big FAQs are generally the trend. So, when I saw the approach taken by Red Lion, I was immediately disappointed. The FAQ page simply isn’t helpful. Plus, you don’t even have additional support options except for an online form. This isn’t good enough in the 21st century. Offshore sites are always vague and unwilling to resolve customer issues.

Struggling with the odds format in the sports lobby

You need to make sure that the dials are properly calibrated before the flight. A wrong reading in mid-air can send you plummeting back to earth, and render the entire mission a complete loss.

The odds numbers were listed in American odds by default. Now, having played for a long-time using decimals, I find them easier to use. So, I tried to change the setting to suit my preferences. However, simply being able to change an odds format was certainly not an easy feature here. Thus, Red Lion Casino has failed to make even the simplest tasks easy.

Crypto paying options – Futuristic but a sign of a scam site

Cryptos are being promoted as the currency of the future and many gamblers have taken to it. I would have been surprised if I had not seen some crypto-related payment service.

Players here can use Coinspaid to use the crypto payment options. Bitcoin, for example, has a presence here. However, as outlined above, you will simply be taking part in shadowy practices that have no place in the regulated market of online gambling in the US. It’s best not to get caught up in the hype and avoid this betting site.

Red Lion Sports Betting

Sports bets that will make you go cosmically mad

The sportsbook only plays host to only a limited number sports betting markets; retrofitted with some niche markets, too. However, I found the virtual games and lotto lobbies to be totally dull. I don’t normally play these games, so the fact that it wasn’t inviting was even less appealing. Red Lion clearly doesn’t know what it’s doing when it comes to creating a decent sports betting experience.

There is simply no incentive to get stuck in with an offshore site that isn’t capable of providing an adequate sports service. You’ll end up having a below-par experience all the while worrying that you may be caught by state authorities. Simply put, I recommend you sign up with an established (licensed) online operator.

Red Lion Casino

A dismal casino experience

On my recent visit to the Red Lion casino online, I was taken aback by the limited range of gaming options on offer. I envisioned a Curacao licensed casino would be smaller, and boy was I right! Red Lion hasn’t invested the time or effort to cultivate a proper online gaming experience.

There are a handful of slots and table games that come from some of the worst software suppliers. Keep in mind that the best developers do not want to be associated with illegal gambling sites. Therefore, you’ll find that offshore sites always have insufficient gaming options that lack quality and depth.

Red Lion Casino FAQs

🔍Is Red Lion Casino available in my state?

The US has some tricky gambling laws to follow due to the fact that states make their own laws. That is why our review takes the time to analyze what states currently allow their residents to play on the Red Lion casino site. You’ll know for sure if the site is available in your state after checking out our review. Here’s a hint: Red Lion Casino has no US license and cannot be trusted.

❓Is Red Lion Casino safe enough to use?

Just because an online gambling site is available for you to use, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they do enough to protect your data. Our review of Red Lion Casino will let you know what safety and security protocols are in place on the site to protect your data from being stolen. To be fair, Red Lion Casino isn’t even licensed in the US so you cannot really trust this site.

🎰What slots are available on the site?

The best online casinos in the US will have plenty of slots available for players to choose from. We test to see if Red Lion Casino can be considered as one of these casinos as we review their range of slots titles on the site. However, remember that Red Lion Casino isn’t regulated in the US and therefore it cannot be trusted. 

💳What is the maximum deposit limit?

We not only let you know what deposit methods are available on the Red Lion Casino site but we also take you through what the maximum deposit limits are as well. If you are a high roller, then this part of our review will be particularly relevant to you. Just remember that Red Lion Casino is an illegal gambling site in the US.

⚽Can I bet on sports as well?

If you are an online gambling fan that likes to mix casino gaming with some sports betting then you’ll want to know if the platform offers you the chance to bet on sports as well. Our review of Red Lion Casino will show you whether or not you can bet on sports as well as play your favorite casino games on the site. Don’t forget that Red Lion Casino doesn’t have a US license so you’ll get no customer protection here.

Red Lion Casino review: A catastrophic anticlimax

The Red Lion Casino is one of the worst all-round online gambling platforms on the net. It attempts to focus on variety, instead of specialising on just a single niche. Yes, the cosmos is full of niche gambling sites – platforms that do great in one area but entirely ignore others. The problem with Red Lion Casino is that it isn’t even capable of doing one thing properly; so why try doing several?

I also looked at the bonus offering on this site and carefully considered how it compares with other lucrative bonuses such as the BetMGM promo code, and it was an absolute train smash. I mean, why on earth would you go to the effort to claim a bonus from a site that doesn’t guarantee your safety? I implore you to use the latest reviews at Playersbest to find a trustworthy, and licensed, online operator for all your gambling needs!

User Reviews for Red Lion

2.67/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. A complete ripoff

    I think Red Lion has one the best architectural built I’ve ever come across in my years of gaming. However, it seems like this is the only thing going for the casino.

    Their customer support is poor and takes days to respond. Their gaming lobby drags when you access the casino using mobile devices. I tried the game on my phone several times with the same outcome. If you’re lucky enough to strike it lucky, the operator will use all the tricks in the book to withhold your funds. I think it’s better to just stay away from Red Lion.
  2. Good all round experience

    This is a good place that had slots I wanted to play and the extra bonus meant I could play for longer. Didn’t look too much at the sports stuff so don’t know about that but really good if you like casino stuff.

    No app for my phone
  3. Lots of untapped potential

    Since the launch in 2020, I’ve been itching to play at Red Lion. So, I recently sign up and was offered a welcome bonus on the spot. Thankfully, I managed to get my funds in real time. On top of that, there’s an option to access all this and more on mobile devices.

    At the end of the day, I found the game selection to be limited. Red Lion doesn’t reward loyalty which is a red flag. The withdrawal section is also in need of some improvements.

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