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Rivers Casino Review & Rating 2021

Rivers Casino Reviews 2021 - An Outer Space Oasis

I’ve seen a lot of casinos in my time, but not one that quite reels me in like Rivers Casino. I’m all for innovative operators that move out of their comfort zone to offer players an unparalleled gaming experience.

Rivers hit the bull’s eye in this regard with its out-of-the-box features starting with the impressive wagering conditions. If ever you want a casino that approves your withdrawals within minutes, seconds even, you might want to linger on this Rivers Casino review a little longer.

Innovation aside, the clean and uncluttered gaming interface also saves you a navigation headache. But more on than later in this comprehensive Rivers Casino review.

Comprehensive Filters, But Is There Game Variety?

The Rivers Casino games lobby immediately jumps out with comprehensive filters to quickly locate and sort different games. Is this a marketing gimmick, or the game variety really does warrant such navigation tools?

Well, in our experience, each time you notice that many filters on a casino site, the logical assumption is there are thousands of games to explore. It turns out Rivers Casino is spot on with this approach since its games are certainly in the four-digit realm.

And the only way you can zoom around the celestial platform from one game to the next is with the help of filters.  You may, however, need a Rivers casino bonus code to dive in risk-free.

Rivers Casino Logbook: What happened so far

  • 2019: Rivers Casino rebranded and changed its name from SugarHouse Casino.
  • JUNE 2019: Rivers Casino in collaboration with Rush Street Interactive launched BetRivers, a mobile sportsbook.
  • 17 JUNE 2021: We updated our Rivers Casino test.

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our Rivers Casino review

It’s easy to work with an aerial view image or simply gloss over the river surface and claim to know what’s underneath. Just as we did with our Ocean Casino review, for the purposes of this Rivers Casino review, we had to don our SCUBA diving gear and explore what the operator has to offer.

As you know, several key elements make an operator stand out. Our sole mission in this Rivers Casino review is to help you differentiate the operator from the rest. We do this by uncovering hidden aspects relating to things like security protocols and the Rivers Casino sign up bonus. For instance, is there any Rivers Casino bonus code? Yet another vital aspect of our review; Is Rivers Casino legit?

Of course, the mentioned are mere splinters compared to what we’ll largely cover about the operator altogether.

Does this Sports Betting Section Defy Gravity?

As we hinted before in our Rivers casino review, the operator launched its mobile sportsbook in 2019. Now, if you look at the physical gambling establishment, luxury and sophistication embody the state-of-the-art bookie. So, does Rivers infuse the luxurious element into the online sportsbook too?

Quite frankly, unless live sports betting studios are on the cards, it’s difficult to glamorize a virtual sports betting site. But what we can rather focus on are the sportsbook’s design and functionality.

To even pass off as a sportsbook worthy of any attention, the type of sports, matches, and leagues involved must be top-notch. The sports betting section of the Rivers Casino review points to how the operator positively maintains its street cred, or should we say space cred. How? By including several classic sports such as football, tennis, and basketball played in major leagues.

The operator seems to have no challenges nailing the variety aspect but goes on to include a well-rounded selection of betting markets and betting options. But as you know, each time an extensive selection of sports, betting markets, or betting options are available, how to navigate the site becomes the prominent concern. Our Hard Rock Casino review shows just how we’re particular about website navigability. This time around, we’re impressed by how, by including several navigation filters, the operator tackles this challenge.

Functionalities aside, the sports betting bonuses are among the best on the market. And you don’t need a Rivers Casino bonus code to access most of the promos.

Rivers Casino — Center of the Solar System

Now, I’m taking a leap of faith and speaking for many players here when I say an operator’s casino section usually steals the spotlight. I’ll even take it a step further by pointing out how slots are undoubtedly the crowd’s favorite.

With that said, it would appear the casino games section of the operator, particularly slots, is indeed the star of the show. We’re big on variety. And any operator that avails thousands of casino games is deserving of a gold medal in our books.

Of particular importance though, are the types of games on display. That’s why we tend to scrutinize the game categories with a fine-toothed comb to ascertain if slots, table games, video poker, and live games make the cut.

Again, that’s only the first step. The exact titles on offer interest us, more so, the software developers behind the games. From what we’ve gathered in this Rivers Casino review, the operator not only includes the mentioned quintessential games categories but also ropes in leading software studios to create them.

I don’t know about you, but my experience in online gambling confirms how there’s a close-knit relationship between the quality of games and studios involved. Not to mention how this directly influences your gaming experience. My conclusion is the casino’s games will appeal to a sizable audience looking for entertaining titles with engaging gameplay, and flexible betting limits. The only thing stopping you from accessing these games is an initial deposit and Rivers Casino bonus code.

Rocket Fuel — The Rivers Casino Sign Up Bonus

I might be going out of orbit, but I’d like to believe for most players, this has to be the most important part of the Rivers Casino review. You won’t have a hard time tracking down the Rivers Casino sign up bonus.

Once you land on the casino homepage, a captivating slideshow displaying the Rivers Casino sign up bonus grabs your attention. If by any chance you miss the welcome package, and that’s a strong if, you’ll do well by clicking on the Promotions tab.

The operator helps lift off new players into orbit with a 100% first deposit match bonus of up to $250. So, say you deposit $100, the operator matches your deposit to leave you with $200 to get cracking.

Like any responsible gaming astronaut launching into the operator’s gambling space, there are few terms and conditions, or should we say spaceship standing rules, to keep in mind for a successful launch. The bonus comes with a Rivers Casino bonus code required to activate the welcome bonus. Simply type in 250MATCH, and you’re ready for launch.

Once you apply this Rivers Casino promo code, it takes 48 hours for the operator to credit your player account and set you off on your gaming adventure.

We’ll probably need a drum roll first to announce how this bonus comes with 1x wagering condition. We’ll explain why in detail a little later. Also, not to be obvious, but it’s worth mentioning that you can only use this bonus code once. Attempt to insert the Rivers Casino promo code several times and you forfeit the offer.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... Rivers Casino test

Once we dived into the Rivers Casino review, we didn’t just swim from bank to bank, letting the current determine our movements. With astronaut-like discipline, we stuck to our flight plan.

Several elements come to mind when we think of what gives an operator its relevance. When we put together the Tipico Casino review, these elements included the game and bonus selection. You’re likely to find more or less the same features in most casinos, such as the infamous Rivers Casino promo code. But what differs is how an operator structures them.

With that being said, the following features make or break any casino, and we sought out to explore each one in detail.

Landing On a New Planet

We always like to explore an operator’s registration process to ascertain whether or not its signing up is a nightmare. Several things deter players from signing with any operator. A complex registration is one of them.

We are happy to report that registering with the casino is a breeze. Click on the glaring Join Now button displayed in orange, a difficult color to miss. Fill out the required information on the contact form, and you’re in.

The operator requires standard information you’d expect from any casino to confirm your identity. Less than a minute is needed to register your account. Make your deposit, enter the Rivers Casino bonus code, and kickstart your celestial gaming adventure.

Earth to Rivers Casino Space Station

Exploring the operator’s galactical gaming space is a liberating and exhilarating experience, I would imagine. But I would also like to believe, an adventure of the magnitude isn’t without a few bumps along the way.

Now, if you find yourself stuck floating in space, River Casino is quick to throw you a lifeline with its multiple customer support system options. A live chat platform is on standby. Or you’d like to receive detailed instructions on how to jumpstart your spaceship? In such cases, you can drop a quick email.

In a perfect universe, we’d much rather the support team rotated the orbit round-the-clock. But with River Casino, support is limited to between 9. 30 am and 2 a.m.

Universal Payment Options

The operator’s payment processing systems are as liberal as the vast game selection. To accommodate many gamers, the casino puts forward a milky way of exclusive payment methods.

In addition, the banking options here allow for deposits and withdrawals, even if you’re playing from a different planet. An operator that doesn’t adopt a take it or leave it approach by giving you the autonomy to pick and choose your preferred payment method quickly wins our vote.

Be that as it may, prudent gamers need assurance that the available payment options are reputable. Let’s just say this Rivers Casino review confirms how the operator delivers well in that area.

Mobile Planet Rover

Most operators only allow players to explore their products from their mothership. At Rivers Casino, you can unfold a mobile rover and enjoy the sights from wherever you want on the ground. 

Firstly, the operator boasts an exclusive mobile app that you can download from the respective Android or Apple store, depending on your device. Once you have the casino app on your device, the sky is the limit regarding the functions you can explore.

The operator throws in a few app-only exclusive offers. Also, you can access functions like games, the Rivers Casino sign up bonus, the Rivers Casino bonus code, and the support team easily via your mobile planet rover.

Sight for Sore Eyes

For a casino that’s been around for an entire decade, you’d be amazed at how modern and refreshing the interface is. Judging from the river and water theme the operator has got going, it’s apparent there’s nothing random about the new name.

Blue is the main color dominating the casino interface, which doesn’t come as a surprise. Although, once you transition to the games section, a white backdrop takes over. That’s a smart move, we might add since it allows the colorful games to pop vividly.

Several drop-down menus characterize the interface to help you sift out what’s what. Overall, the color semantics balance out well to give an engaging gaming platform.

Licensed to Explore the Cosmos

So, is the operator licensed to transport human life? After being around for just over 10 years, we can quickly conclude that luck has nothing to do with it. Scroll right down to the bottom of the page to retrieve the licensing information. Sure, it’s in small print, but the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board license number #110298 is there for all to see.

You’ll have to explore the operator’s website a little further to find out the security protocols in place. But rest assured, the site does use SSL encryption to keep your sensitive data private.

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at Rivers Casino

Space exploration is always a matter of breaking barriers. The Rivers Casino sign up bonus is a great start. But as part of our review, we sought out to discover all the ways in which Rivers Casino is charting a contemporary path.

Not to be dismissed as just another ordinary operator failing to effectively compete with new-age casinos, Rivers instead sets the pace for its peers. Thanks to its forward-thinking approach, it easily becomes a benchmark when paired against industry rivals.

The following progressive features stood out for use, as they’ll certainly do for you too.

Human Touch in Outer Space

RNG games, though once groundbreaking for the longest time, are sadly now the past. To most players, such games are much like viewing planets via a telescope. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather enjoy a live gaming experience reminiscent of physical casinos. Our Rivers Casino review confirms how the operator heeds this progressive call by bringing the outer space experience closer to home with a range of live casino games.

You don’t need to step one foot out your door to be privy to this larger-than-life gaming experience. All you need is your laptop or mobile device, a secure internet connection, and, of course, lots of zeal to explore the live dealer games.

Once you’re all set up, you get to log into several engaging studios from leading developers and interact with human dealers. The result is a riveting casino gaming experience.

Zero Gravity — 1x Wagering

By now, you should know that I’m not one to throw terms like trendsetter lightly when conducting gambling reviews. But in this case, this Rivers Casino more than proves how this operator isn’t your average gaming destination. It might offer familiar features like the Rivers Casino bonus code, but it doesn’t end there.

Let’s enlighten you a bit. If you take the time to research the typical wagering requirements offered by most operators, two-digit numbers pop up.

River Casino takes a drastic approach and steps out of the usual bonus terms and conditions by attaching a 1x wagering requirement on some of its bonuses. How’s that for trendsetting?  For those who might not know the significance of this mind-blowing rollover condition, I’ll break it down for you.

Where you have to wager your casino bonus, including any wins several times with most operators before you can withdraw, once is all it takes here. 

Refuel Mid-Air with RushPay

Rivers Casino once again proves why it deserves the ingenious hat where creating innovative features is concerned. In my opinion, the quickest way to win the heart of any gamer is if you speed up the withdrawal process. Rivers does just that, thanks to its clever RushPay Feature.

Given its 1x wagering conditions, you’d expect the casino to drag its feet when issuing out payments. But not Rivers. Instead, it chooses to approve withdrawals almost immediately—within seconds—after you submit them.

The operator aims to process withdrawals within 24 hours, all things being equal. To enjoy this innovative feature in all its glory, be sure to submit the necessary identification documents.  The following are the main aspects that stand out with this feature.

  • Over 80% of withdrawal requests are approved in real-time.
  • Players can instantly see how much cash they can withdraw.
  • You can optimize your withdrawal requests.
Rivers Casino Sports Betting

Discovering Life and Water Beyond Earth — The BetRivers Sportsbook

As part of our Rivers Casino review, we came across a very interesting tributary in the extraterrestrial water body. Sports betting buffs need not create accounts at other betting sites just yet. If you thought the Rivers Casino sign up bonus was space-age material, the sports betting package will blow your ship from space.

BetRivers is still a relatively new bookie, part of the Rush Street Interactive brand, which encompasses Rivers Casino. Although you’ll find a decent selection of sports and markets here, a lot more are still popping up on the daily. The available betting options include basketball, soccer, golf, MMA, tennis, football, cricket, and the Olympics. As we hinted in the Rivers Casino review, punters can expect to receive a generous welcome package. There’s also plenty of joy for existing customers.

First Impressions — Is this Planet Habitable?

On the right sidebar, a newsfeed stream scrolls through a list of recent winners. So, if you need extra motivation to place your first bet, just channel these planetmates’ good fortune. To the left side of the screen, you can check out a list of the available sports and leagues. A search bar is available to quickly locate your favorite betting option. Smack on the center of the sportsbook, we checked out the various promotions on a scrolling banner. Another strip menu with minimalistic icons allows punters to quickly navigate to different sport betting markets. The bulk of the page is taken up by odds for impending events for different sports. Lightning-quick website loading times made exploring this planet as enjoyable as with the Rivers Casino review.

What Lifeforms Lie Here — Betting Markets and Software?

While Rush Street Interactive provides other betting options, most of which made the bulk of our Rivers Casino review, the sportsbook is arguably their best offer. The bookie covers over 25 sports categories, with each covering several leagues and countries. Punters, therefore, never run out of potentially lucrative betting options. Apart from popular sports like tennis, cricket, boxing, and more, you can also dabble in obscure sports like lacrosse and darts.

You won’t be able to use the Rivers Casino sign up bonus to wager on these, but the UFC 263, MLB, NHL, NBA, and NCAA leagues dominate the BetRivers arena. I was torn between wagering on the outright tournament winners, totals, scorers, handicaps, match, and other critical match events. But being a simple space traveler, I settled for simple match winner bets. While I waited for the match outcomes, I wasn’t just twiddling my thumbs. BetRivers has a live streaming service that allows punters to follow the action live and enjoy the rollercoaster rides that precede bet wins and losses.

Rivers Casino Casino

Will We Be Building New Settlements at Rivers Casino?

Although it’s still a relatively new player on the online casino market, Rivers Casino sure looks like an industry pioneer. That’s probably because the operator has been active in land-based betting for quite some time. While I was deep in the Rivers Casino review, dedicated mobile apps ensured that I could freely roam around and place a few well-timed bets.

The Rivers Casino website puts forward its best foot with a sleek and straightforward design. In an almost poetic consistency to the river, water, and life theme, a blue theme elegantly rests on a white backdrop. Amber accents highlight hotspots, such as the Rewards, Support Chat, and, more importantly for many players, the Promotions links, where you’ll get the Rivers Casino promo code.

After claiming the Rivers Casino sign up bonus, I enjoyed all the gaming I could take for the day. The ongoing promotions, however, restocked my energy reserves and I explored further into the new planets. Having seen similar promising landmarks in our early Party Casino review which turned out to be accurate, I’m definitely going to be one of the early inhabitants of Rivers Casino.

Roam Free with the Mobile App

Punters who prefer to roam free and discover new lifeforms can enjoy online slots, table games, and live gaming options using the Rivers Casino app. The fully featured app is available for iOS and Android devices. With this nifty app, you’ll be able to access the same online casino games as you would with the desktop site. Once you install the app, you can add a shortcut to your device home screen for 1-tap access. Making your first flight with this app is as easy as 123. Just as casino players use the Rivers Casino promo code using their smartphones, you can also claim the ongoing casino promos on the fly. Intuitive menus ensure that you don’t have to stray too far from home to access any betting or banking options. I have to say, it was hard not to fall in love with the mobile gaming option.

Rivers Casino review: Conclusion

Few casinos stand out when we discuss tangible progressive features. Forget the familiar sign-up offers or Rivers Casino bonus code. Their unconventional wagering condition easily makes Rivers one of the best casinos on the net. Couple that with the live games offering that brings the out-of-space live gaming experience right to your doorstep. I won’t even dwell on the innovative RushPay feature that allows you to withdraw your winnings within seconds. Its brilliance speaks for itself.

These and other innovative strategies have just made rounding up this Rivers Casino review a whole lot easier. With most casinos being all talk and action, Rivers spectacularly walks the talk. It proves that if you do aim for the moon and launch with the right crew, you’ll land on the stars. And for that, a 5-star Rivers Casino rating is well deserved.

User Reviews for Rivers Casino

2.5/5 – 2 User Reviews
  1. I’ve seen better casinos

    Rivers casino has all the games that I love and more. I ended up exploring keno and bingo. Although, I later found that there are other online casinos with more games, Rivers casino games were okay. The sportsbook didn’t impress me much. I was looking forward to better odds and more sports to bet on.

    What always disappointed me the most, was that I always had to wait longer than usual to cash out. And customer support wasn’t always responsive.
  2. Generic Casino

    Daily virtual credits.

    The casino is very generic, just like every other Casino4Fun platform out there. very basic, very boring.

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