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Skybook Review & Rating 2021

Is Skybook Legit?

There’s something about the name Skybook that just grabs me. It’s full of endless possibilities, like staring through a telescope into the great beyond. And it would appear this is a sportsbook and casino which is more than starry-eyed.

They’ve been around for more than 20 years and have had an absolutely cosmic reputation this whole time – which is no small accomplishment. I’m as excited as I’ve ever been before any mission to see just how they’ve managed to tame the beasts that are time and space and come back with a consistently loved betting site.

Endless Opportunities in our Skybook Adventure

What strikes me as we begin our voyage and the rockets are powering up for this Skybook review is how it appears to be like a hybrid of the many things which make the classic operators so beloved, while also charting out new territory. I can see clearly, without needing to step off the bridge, that there’s already an incredibly broad international set of sports markets to match the more traditional American options. It’s a delightful combination – one I hope to find more of in my investigations.

Skybook Logbook: What happened so far

  • 1998: Skybook is licensed and starts its offer.
  • 2018: Skybook celebrates its 20th anniversary
  • July 2021: We updated our Skybook test

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our Skybook review

When it comes to exploring the cyberspace cosmos – especially when you’re part of a crew that prides itself on providing the most in-depth gambling reviews known to mankind – it’s all about preparation. That’s why, before we set our rockets to direct towards Skybook, we should first understand the kind of atmosphere within their cosmos so we know how best to investigate.

I’ll start this by breaking down a set of key ranges for the Skybook review. These are our main points of investigation, and how we’ll break down our examination into a Skybook review which takes every spec of space dust into account.

The Skybook sportsbook

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that our first Skybook review probe point should be focused on the sportsbook. This is the first thing advertised when you land on the page, and thus takes center stage in importance. And it’s great news for Earthlings who want a betting site which provides something from all corners of their planet because Skybook is quite clearly an international affair, while never losing sight of its routes in the United States.

You can find soccer from the other side of the world just as easily as you can enjoy the latest college basketball odds, in a well-designed sportsbook full of stats, detail, and competitive odds. There’s even a dedicated racebook, which should satisfy even the most discerning horse racing fan. All of this is enhanced by several promotions, which includes progressive free play tournaments, cash rebates, referral bonuses, and more.

The Skybook Casino

I’ll shift gears on the bridge now and move over to the casino for our Skybook review, as it’s clear that it’s not just in terms of betting markets where this operator likes to be considered a jack-of-all-trades. Their virtual casino offers a multitude of slots from all across the universe.

It’s clear that the finest software developers have rocketed here to provide their services, leading to a varied, high-quality selection. This is also true for table games like blackjack and roulette: both or which are available virtually or through their out-of-this-world live casino.

The icing on this interstellar pudding is their excellent casino specials and casino bonuses – of which one example went to the moon and back, offering 500% for casino customers.

Other Skybook products

Finally, there’s a dedicated lottery section. This really shows that while Skybook does indeed reach for the skies when it comes to international options, they remain true to their traditions like the Annual Space Core Barn Dance – which you’re expected to attend as part of my crew, by the way.

There are also some poker options in the virtual casino. However, I think it’s fair to say that it’s a part of the casino at Skybook rather than being a dedicated product in itself, where you would be able to play against other people, for instance. That said, I’ve seen many computer-generated poker games in my time exploring the cosmos and these look like very solid examples. It’s just important to note they’re not positioning themselves as poker being their key focus.

We’d say similar things about eSports. They’re part of the sportsbook and I’m certainly happy to see them represented, but they haven’t dived in and made them their main priority at the time of writing. That said, I have been impressed, again, by the international reach of Skybook when it comes to these markets.

Overall, it’s an excellent range of options in terms of betting markets and casino games. They’re backed up by fine-looking promotional options, and a level of detail that will be hard for Earthlings from the stretch of land referred to as the USA to beat looking elsewhere. It’s a great first impression for sure: one I hope they can back up as our sensational investigations dig deeper.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... Skybook test

Now we know what our journey is going to look like – give or take a meteor or two – it’s time to see how it actually handles in practicality. A ship could look ideal on paper and then when you take it out for a spin, you find out the controls are all wrong, the engine is half dead and before you know it, you’re stuck in a moon crater. It’s similar to betting sites. You have to look a little deeper and perform a few more tests to see if it really lives up to expectations.

This section then is all about the user experience. In other words, how well do I think the site operates for the average person, and could I recommend Skybook to any old cadet, or would it require some expertise? Vigilance is a vital part of this Space Core, so I’ll be breaking this part of our Skybook review into several sections, so you can find out exactly what to expect when you put the pedal to the metal.

Registration: How do I sign up?

If you can’t even get your helmet on, you’re not flying anywhere. Similarly, if registration is a nightmare, we may as well not lift off. Luckily, everything here at Skybook is nice and simple, with just a few straightforward details needed, such as your name, email address, and phone number.

Service: Is Skybook legit and easy to use?

One issue I had is that I couldn’t find out which states in the USA Skybook are available. Other than that, it would appear to be available wherever it would be legal to bet online. It’s also very widely available across the world, and customers can easily find out if it’s available from their home country from the registration form. Their Curacao gaming license is reflective of this international appeal and is easily found at the bottom of the screen.

Their customer service is great too. Beyond the Help sections and the overall ease of use, there’s also an email, phone and live chat service that’s available between 10 am to 10 pm Pacific time.

Payments: How can I fund my account?

One thing I really appreciate – whether it’s a Skybook review, Sugarhouse review, or BetStars rating – is payment details being readily available. It makes your captain’s job easier and makes the site more usable.

The banking section at Skybook outlines the deposit methods available, which include Bitcoin, Litecoin, eWallets, the BOSS Revolution Money Transfer App, ZPAY, CashCode, MoneyPay, Person to Person, Checks, Bank Wires and Credit Card. It also includes everything from minimums to transaction times. It’s clear too – from the efforts that have gone into making this process as simple as possible, to the selection of options involved – that Skybook aims to be available easily to as many people as possible.

Credit Card

Mobile: Can I bet on the go?

At the time of writing, I can see no mobile app from the bridge. However, the site is accessible through your mobile browser. I’d really like to see a dedicated app though, as it would enhance the accessibility of an operator that has clearly made that a priority.

Skybook AG may not be traditional in many ways, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less accessible from a design perspective. Is Skybook legit when it comes to making sure as many people as possible can use their site? Absolutely. Part of the reason I brought up the lack of clarity in terms of individual states is they do such an amazing job explaining pretty much every other element of their site that it stands out. Because, like the best ships, there’s so little that could be improved design-wise.

Skybook is a joy to use, to navigate, to bank and place bets on. I never felt lost, no links ever broke and nothing ever felt slow or unresponsive. When I’ve asked in my crew’s previous travels questions like “is William Hill legit?”, a look at their design really helped make it clear we were talking about the real deal. When I ask ‘is Skybook legit?’, I come to the same conclusion.

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at Skybook

There are a few different things that I would say makes Skybook AG unique. Now, to be completely clear, there’s nothing here that I would consider a totally new innovation. Nothing this old cyberspace captain could look upon with new eyes, like a Martian meeting a Plutonian for lunch. As we know, they only eat breakfast together. No, but what it does is merge a bunch of really classic ideas with lots of cutting-edge concepts.

There are no tools specifically that are brand new here – rather it’s the use of already great ideas which makes them excel. When you look at Skybook, it would appear, on the face of it, to be a very traditional bookmaker. And that’s no bad thing. Many of the best operators in this cosmos stick to what brought them success in the first place. Here, it’s seen in that wonderfully inviting design, the many sportsbook stats, simple yet accessible promotions, a general focus on the useability and its lottery section, to give but a few examples.

In other words, this is the kind of betting operator that no one should feel lost out in space using. But, this is mixed with a truly international betting markets selection and banking options such as cryptocurrencies which really send this one out into orbit. That means you can enjoy all those classic, accessible qualities, while also not having to worry about boundaries that are typically in place.

I know I’ve already talked a great deal about accessibility in this Skybook review, but it’s that which is not only exceptional at Skybook, but what makes Skybook AG truly unique. I think there are some areas they could reach out a touch more – their Twitter could be more active, for instance – but based on customer feedback and the sheer level of entertainment value they provide to all kinds of people, I’d say they do a much better job of building a betting universe than many others.

SkyBook Sports Betting

An otherworldly day out with the Skybook sportsbook

I understand that as your captain, many of you look up to me. As such, you don’t just want a Skybook review, you want to know how I found the operator personally. Well, let’s start with the sportsbook. First off, getting onto the site was incredibly straightforward. It took minutes at a leisurely pace. I’m very experienced in investigating betting sites but I don’t imagine it would be much different for even the most inexperienced being from any planet.

The sportsbook was perfect for me. I really enjoy European sports, so the selection there was ideal and the detail I could find for the games assisted me in making my decisions. I imagine it would be very much the same regardless of which sports you’re into and that would certainly appear to be the case, based on my research.

Placing my bets was as simple as a couple of clicks and using promotions with relevant bets was also made incredibly clear. Like a Fanduel promo code, a bonus is only good if it’s easy to use. I won’t tell you whether I won or not – that’s the captain’s private affairs – but I will say I had an excellent time with an absolute sunbeam of a betting site.

The only area I’d like to see truly expanded upon was eSports. But all the other telltale signs were excellent. The customer service, for instance, would please pretty much anyone on this side of the Milky Way, and the way banking and design is handled, again, clearly puts the user journey first. And what a journey it was. Based on my research on customer feedback, it appears my experiences were quite typical in their excellence.

SkyBook Casino

The captain’s casino adventure

As you likely know cadets, I’m quite a busy man. Parades, battles, which means that I can’t always get to my computer in order to enjoy some of my favorite casino games. That’s why it’s so important that many of the great casino options at Skybook are available on mobile – which I can confirm is every bit as fun on the small screen.

In addition, I’m quite a fan of table games. Perhaps it’s just my old school military training, but for me, a pack of cards has the capacity to be as much fun as anything in the right hands. It would appear that Skybook agrees with me, as there’s plenty of action in that regard. There are even some poker options, even though they’re not a dedicated poker site.

Plus, I found the limits to be reasonable, meaning that the entire experience was very accessible. I think there may be some people who would like some flashier titles, but, as I’ve said in this Skybook review, they can be a rather traditional bookmaker. For fans of that kind of style like me, I think they’ll find everything they need right here.

Skybook review: Conclusion

I don’t think I’ve come across many operators that are more aptly named than Skybook. They truly do go beyond the stars in terms of their ambition to not only be available to as many people as possible but to be the right choice for as broad a set of Earthlings as possible. Not only is Skybook legit, but it is so for many more people than even many household names can manage. This, of course, includes its availability to US players.

This is a real hidden gem of a betting site. There’s so much more inside than initially appears. Just look at the incredible amount of stats and sports deals for a perfect example of how Skybook tightrope walks expectations from casual and expert fans alike. Back all that up with banking options that can appeal to traditionalists and cryptocurrency converts and this one is getting a big thumbs up from a very happy captain.

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