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Slotomania Reviews 2021

Is Slotomania Legit?

One million coins available for new members… that’s a bold offer that is out of this world. My Slotomania Casino review shall cover every aspect of this social casino, revealing why it claims to be #1 in this area.

I loved the imagery on the landing page, highlighting characters and features from some of the slots you can play there. A quick scroll reveals free slots and games to play, with entertainment positioned as the most important feature. I was impressed by how informative that page was too, supplying details of this trip into an unusual and relaxing universe.

Prepare for plenty of Slotomania free slots

That’s the crux of this intergalactic offer. I usually prefer the entertainment element of online slots to the prize potential, so Slotomania ticks an important box for me. I still wanted to see a site that was easily accessible and enjoyable though, and I’m delighted to confirm it gets plenty right along the way. With both classic and video-based slots on offer, you’ll see games that suit your preferences no matter what you prefer to play. I’ve researched the site in as much depth as you’ll find in our Borgata review. We’ve forgotten nothing. Board this spaceship today to find out where this social casino can take you.

Slotomania Logbook: What happened so far

  • 2010: Parent company Playtika launches.
  • 7. NOVEMBER 2011: Slotomania officially launches.
  • 8. JULY 2021: We updated our Slotomania test

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our Slotomania review

Any new planet deserves proper exploration from the beginning. The title of this social casino suggests the focus is indeed slot games. The quickest of glances through the titles you can see before signing up does confirm this. With many of our online gambling site reviews, we find other casino games we can play, but here we’re aiming for the biggest and boldest mix of slots to play socially. That may disappoint some looking for table games and video poker, but the site name does suggest we are in for an otherworldly collection of slots here. The website still deserves the closest scrutiny though, especially if you’ve never visited this corner of the gaming universe before.

As we guide our spaceship through the slots collection, we can see many themes and ideas. Some titles get sequels too, such as Farm Fortune II, so if a slot is popular, there is a better chance of seeing more related games released as well. Some involve high limits with your coins, but the site clearly marks these with a HIGH LIMIT star. One of the best points I found was that Slotomania Casino covers all the top themes. These include seagoing slots, fantasy themes, Halloween, Irish luck, and ancient Egypt. I suspect they’ve looked at paid casinos and made sure they’ve added games they know players would like to try.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... Slotomania test

Let’s explore this planet further as we progress through its various features. If you’re familiar with regular casinos, you may think this is going to be identical, albeit with no purchase necessary to play. However, there are some differences, so let’s embark on our journey through this site to find out where those differences lie.

Any license information or geographical limits to think about?

We can begin this part of our Slotomania casino review by checking for small print at the foot of the site. This reveals the age limit is higher than you may expect, coming in at 21 years of age and over. It makes it clear that the Slotomania games are for amusement and entertainment. There is no opportunity to scoop real prizes here, nor can you assume that by doing well with a social casino, you’d perform the same if you switched to real games on another site.

As for geographical limitations, the terms of use link near the foot of any page takes you to the parent company site, Playtika, where you can read more. I suggest you do that as you usually would with a regular casino. All our reviews cover the importance of this, as we saw when compiling a review for our BetAmerica rating. The only information relating to geographical location refers to banning countries that currently have trade controls in place with the USA. Other than that, you’re free to play.

The signup process and how to complete it

You can choose to sign up to the site via Facebook or email. If you choose the former, you’re sent over to Facebook to log into your account. With email, you just need to add your email address and password and then move to the next part of the process. When you are connected, you can begin to explore the games and decide which ones you’d like to play first. While the email option is fine, linking with your Facebook account does make it easier to watch for coin bonuses and other deals there. Millions of people have already liked their page and it shows many posts, giving you plenty of information about deals, bonuses, and offers.

Can you play on mobile devices as well as computers?

You can, although this isn’t immediately obvious when you visit the site and look around. However, a quick search for ‘Slotomania app’ online did reveal links to the App Store for iOS users and the Google Play store for those using Android devices. Both are highly rated and offer the chance to buy in-app purchases if desired. If you do download one of the apps, you can tap on it to go through to the mobile version of the site. This does make it easier to visit and play whichever slots you fancy whenever you are in the mood for doing so.

No need for any payment details

Don’t forget this site is a social casino. This means the intention is for players to enjoy and play the games without depositing anything. However, I did spot a ‘payment terms and conditions’ link at the bottom of the site. This took me back to the parent company, Playtika, website, to read a full page of advice on that topic. It does mention in-app purchases that you can make while playing the game on those devices. This clearly states that all sales made via the apps are final. Your performance within any of the games – not to mention anything ‘won’ – is not withdrawable. This is a social casino and while you can buy more coins to play with, you won’t be able to withdraw any of them.

There is still a need for responsible gaming info though

You can see this link along with several other important ones at the bottom of their website. Once again, we find ourselves transported to the Playtika planet to read more about their approach to this topic. They begin their responsible gaming information by confirming they have created all their games with entertainment in mind. Furthermore, they go on to state – quite clearly – that the coins and chips used in their games have no real value in the real world. You cannot cash out any prizes, nor can you convert those chips or coins to currency you’d use daily.

They then move on to cover ways to play games responsibly, along with explaining some of the signs of behavior that could suggest a problem with excessive gaming. I was impressed by the detail on this page, especially as the site only offers slot game play for entertainment. While this is the case, some people may progress to real play at other casinos. It is always important to lay out the features of a responsible gaming policy, no matter whether the casino is a social one or a real money one. I’m pleased to say Slotomania social casino covers this aspect beautifully.

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at Slotomania

When I landed at Slotomania Casino, I immediately spotted an access link to the left of the page. This reveals various accessibility options – something I don’t think I’ve seen on any site before. This gives you a chance to choose a screen reader, voice commands, smart navigation, and keyboard navigation among other things. You can also adjust the color and/or content to make it easier to view. This was impressive – it confirms that Slotomania Casino wants to make sure everyone can access the Slotomania free casino games. At PlayersBest, we have reviewed many sites, including those with sportsbooks, and asked many questions, such as is 888 legit. Rarely have we been able to describe the accessibility options for a site that go into as much depth as these do. This alone makes the social aspect of this casino even more powerful. Everyone is welcome.

I should also mention those coins and how to earn them. Can you pick up promotions here, just as you might look for a Borgata promo code if you were visiting that site? The landing page invites you to join and receive one million coins to play with. Remember that you cannot withdraw anything as a real prize, and you can only use these coins to play the available games. Look for the free coins link at the top of the site too, just to the left of the site logo. This page reveals there are multiple ways to collect more coins each day. You can attain new levels, earn bonuses, and follow the site on Facebook to watch for other coin bonus opportunities too. It’s a nice way to tie this social casino website into Facebook, which does make sense.

Reach new levels to access more games

This site could easily give you access to all the games in one go. However, it doesn’t do that. Instead, it stands out by providing you with lots of games to start with, while limiting access to others until you reach specific levels. Once you get to a new level, you’ll find more games open for you to play. I love this aspect as it does keep you coming back for more. If you read the details for a game that catches your eye, you’ll see the level mentioned in the ‘features’ area of the review – the one that has bullet points involved. It might say the game is available from Level 2 or 3, for example.

To give you another example, one game I looked at – Queen of the Desert – revealed that you could play it if you reached the Onyx Room from level XXX. There doesn’t appear to be a list of which games appear in which levels. The games you can view without logging into an account on the site are not always introductory games. However, I like this aspect as it keeps things interesting – you never quite know what’s happening next or which games may unlock.

Slotomania Social Casino

Navigating the Slotomania free games area

In this portion of our Slotomania Casino review, we’ll cover the Slotomania online experience you can expect to have at the site. When you arrive, you’ll see you can connect to the site via email or Facebook. Signup is straightforward, but before you do that, you can find out plenty about the available slots you can play on the site. There are a few tiny menu areas at the top of the page, including one that says free slots games. You can choose from Vegas and video slots or go through to a guide explaining how to play slots – ideal if you’ve never played online before. I’d recommend reading that if you can.

I chose the default slots link and found more options on the next page. I could sort by date, the newest games added to the site, or go for the A-to-Z list instead. The date option is the default in this case, with all available games listed below the introductory blurb on that part of the site. The site shows each slot game as roughly a circular image, complete with the title. I couldn’t find any other Slotomania casino games available; I spotted Go Bingo, which looked promising, but accessing it revealed that it was also a slot, merely one that was based around a bingo theme. Unusually, the new games didn’t get a label, but they were still quite easy to find by selecting the new menu option.

If you want to know more about a slot game, you can select it to see a screenshot on the next page. This also gives you lots of info about the title underneath, including such details as paylines, wilds, scatters, and features such as free spins or bonus elements. I checked a few random titles and saw screenshots of each of the special icons in play too. This is ideal if you want to look around for a while first, as you get a far better idea of the potential of each game. The screenshot gives you a great taste of what’s in store, while you get a list of high-paying icons and low-paying icons along with the important feature-triggering ones.

There were around 66 slots displayed in the slots area, but the site has over 160 in all. To see the full range, you need to sign up to use the site, but remember this is free and does not require any deposit. I can tell you there are Slotomania slot machines on virtually every conceivable topic in the universe. You can begin with one million coins when joining, with various other ways to earn them as well. This is where the social part comes into play – there are deals on social media, along with a chance to claim daily bonuses and pick up more coins from quests.

When you read the overview for each game, you can see how many coins you’d receive for finding various successful combinations of icons on the reels. For example, the Queen of the Desert game offers wild pays, where three symbols trigger 150 coins, four would give you 1,500 coins, and five earn you 10,000 coins. You can then continue playing with those prizes or use them for other games instead.

Slotomania review FAQs

❓What is Slotomania?

At PlayersBest, we are always aiming to uncover the latest online casino sites; for real money stakes or social gaming opportunities. For this reason, we have compiled an extensive list of these sites and included comprehensive reviews of each. Read our latest review of Slotomania to find out what the site entails.

🃏Does Slotomania offer table games?

As the name suggests, there are certainly a number of slot games on hand. However, it’s always a good idea to find out the extent of the gaming library. If you enjoy playing table games, then it’s important that the site you sign up with has such games on hand. Read our latest Slotomania review to find out about the current game portfolio.

📱Can I use a Slotomania mobile app?

Our latest reviews at PlayersBets are always eager to uncover the unique features of a site. Mobile apps may not be in short supply anymore but finding an operator with one of the best mobile gaming apps is a little more tricky. Read our Slotomania review to find out more about a possible app.

💻Can I contact Slotomania support online?

Creating an account and playing online games is the crux of the matter. However, it’s also important to know how to get in touch with these platforms in the event that you experience some sort of issue. If you don’t know how to do so, you may find the entire experience to be rather dreadful. Read our Slotomania review to find out exactly how you can contact them.

🌎Is Slotomania based in the US?

There are a number of offshore sites that do not have ties to the US but still provide online gaming platforms to residents. Many of these sites are not to be trusted and this is why we suggest finding those sites that have some affiliation to the US. To find out more about Slotomania, head on over to our latest reviews right here at PlayersBest.

Slotomania Casino review: Conclusion

I should give top marks to this casino for including accessibility features, plenty of sensational slot games, and lots of potential to access new levels and rooms too. Slotomania social casino doesn’t offer real prizes, so it must offer another reason for you to return to play more on this social planet. And it does a fine job of getting that just right. Its huge Facebook following is also worth pointing out, especially as they regularly update their page with news, offers, and bonuses to help you pick up more coins.

If you’re not worried about trying to claim any real cash prizes and you simply want to enjoy and appreciate some top slots online today, the Slotomania social casino is one of the leading ways you can have the experience you are looking for.

User Reviews for Slotomania

4.33/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. Top casino for endless action and non-stop fun!

    I make it a point to visit Slotomania at least once or twice a month just to treat myself to a superior level of entertainment. Slotomania has one of the largest slot collection online IMO. The daily bonuses and promos are a cherry on top.

    Other reviews mention the lack of table games, but as a lover of slot machines, this doesn’t bother me at all.
  2. Really good slots

    Was getting bored but found some games here and a stack of free coins to get started with so very happy.

    Wish the games loaded faster but that might be my phone
  3. So great to play against friends

    I love slotomania, it’s great for playing against my facebook friends and its really easy to get enough coins to play with without having to buy them. There tons of games as well, my favourite is Halloween thrills

    I wish I could play more games without having to move up the levels first but it's not too hard to move up anyway

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