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Slots N Bets Review & Rating 2021

Is Slots N Bets Legit? No!

WARNING: My interstellar Slots N Bets review found this to be an illegal gambling site. But keep reading to see why you should AVOID THIS SITE and play at a legal sportsbook or casino in the US instead!

Is Slots N Bets legit? Hell, no! My Slots N Bets review found this site to have zero US licensing and it’s 100% untrustworthy. Plus the sports betting odds suck and the casino games are unbearably lame. But that’s not the worst. Take a look below and see why Slots N Bets could be the worst gambling site in the universe!

One of the most dismal betting sites in the cosmos!

Slots N Bets is a little different to many gambling sites you may have come across and it’s much worse too. The casino site features game developers you might be unfamiliar to many of you, plus it lets you make deposits with a cryptocurrency I’d never even heard of! Its online sportsbook is like most sports betting sites I’ve come across, and it also had some kind of customer support although I didn’t actually get an answer from them. It’s a relatively new online gambling site which means that it might have a few things to work out. The lack of US regulation will be a big no-no for many people and so you should definitely read the whole of this Slots N Bets review to see why you should not use this site.

Slots N Bets Logbook: What nightmares happened so far

  • 18. December 2015: Slots N Bets sets out its (confusing) terms and conditions.
  • 01. June 2021: Slots N Bets launches its poor soccer betting promo
  • 01. July 2021: I updated my Slots N Bets test

Countdown: Cosmic disasters in my Slots N Bets review

Get cosmically bland sports bonuses at Slots N Bets

Slots N Bets has a pretty lame sportsbook and you can get a dodgy welcome bonus for starting your journey. I signed up to Slots N Bets for the first time and found that I could get a deal that would match my first deposit by 100%. This meant that, in theory, I could start betting on sports with double the amount of money. While this sounds good, the 20x wagering requirements were way too tough, and the fact that I could only clear this bonus by betting on odds of 1.80 or more meant that I would never get anything back from this deal.

Don’t pick up a black hole of a casino bonus from Slots N Bets

Things get even worse if you’re looking for a bonus for casino gaming. This is because Slots N Bets has a bonus that will boost your first deposit by 200%. It’s pretty rare to find a casino  bonus this big and I thought that it looked like a great offer. But this was before I read through the small print of this deal first. This is because it contains 50x wagering conditions that are going to be impossible to fulfil within the 10 day time limits.

Some of the worst promos in the galaxy

Slots N Bets has plenty of dismal bonuses that should be avoided. But the worst had to be the cash back bonuses. These could allegedly give you up to 30% cashback on your losses. This is pretty essential if you’re anything like me! However, I found that these bonuses didn’t do as they said they would. Plus Slots N Bets has some of the worst promos for the biggest sporting events in the solar system. There was a dismal deal that gave you money back if there was a draw on at a big soccer tournament, but only if the impossible betting criteria was met. So be sure to avoid clicking on the Promotions tab!

Lift-off: Is Slots N Bets safe enough for your space journey? Nope...

Checking Slots N Bets for your interstellar safety

You should never sign up to any online gambling sites that aren’t regulated in the US. Doing so would mean that you’d get little in the way of customer protection. So I was pretty disappointed to see that Slots N Bets didn’t appear to have any US regulation or licensing on its site. I took a look through the brand’s terms and conditions and even did further research online, and failed to find any indication that Slots N Bets is licensed in any country.  As a result, I’d definitely hold off signing up to this site until it gets full US regulation. After all, the last thing you want to do is to sign up to an ‘offshore’ site.

Complicated betting site not suited to new space cadets

The bad news is that the Slots N Bets website is hard to navigate around. There are some tabs for all of the betting options but it’s not too easy to do things like switch languages, change the odds and so on. More bad news is the fact that the links for different gambling options didn’t always match up with what they were supposed to lead to. After all, the live casino tab just led to slot games, and there were an awful lot of slot games under the table games tab. I should also note that there’s nothing in the way of any kind of Slots N Bets app at the moment. So if you want to play on your mobile, you’ll have to fire up the Slots N Bets site from your browser, or even better, skip this site completely.

Slots N Bets has a very limited number of payment options. These include cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and bank transfer. I also saw that you can make crypto payments with something called Coinspaid, although I have no idea what that is! Bear in mind that crypto betting sites are hardly trustworthy as they only take crypto payments because no US bank would come near a rogue gambling site.

Can Slots N Bets make withdrawals at lightspeed? No, it can’t

Once I’d finally managed to claw together some winnings, I was ready to make a withdrawal from Slots N Bets. I found that it made it automatic to get paid back to the same payment method I used to make a deposit. Surprisingly, there weren’t any fees, and I finally managed to get my winnings paid back after a long period of time. It looks like some of the other payment options might take even longer for withdrawals, but this is just because of the alleged ‘security checks’.

Hardly extraterrestrial customer service at Slots N Bets

I was disappointed to see that Slots N Bets has barely-there customer support. It might look like you can simply get in touch with a customer service agent just by clicking on the little speech bubble in the bottom right of the homepage but the truth is quite the opposite. Beyond this live chat option there is also an email address listed in the ‘Contact Us’ section. I also found that there was a FAQ section, although this was way too brief to be useful. The customer support at Slots N Bets is available ‘around the clock’, although I didn’t get an answer no mattered when I tried!

In orbit: Quantum nightmares in my intergalactic Slots N Bets review

Step into the next (terrible) dimension with virtual sports betting

So what do you do when there aren’t any sports to bet on? Try some virtual sports betting! Slots N Bets has a modest number of virtual sports games that cover everything from soccer and basketball to horse racing and greyhound racing. To be fair, it’s no substitute for the real thing, but I guess it’s nice to have the option if you like an inferior form of wagering.

Make microbe-sized wins playing lotto games

Clicking on the Lotto tab reveals a bleak picture of games that included dubious options like keno, along with lame options like War of Elements. It’s something that you don’t find at too many online casino sites and so I have to give Slots N Bets some credit for surprising me with how bad it could get. Plus, these games come from some dodgy gaming studios so that you should skip these games for now.

Dismal site for crypto space travellers

I have to admit that I’m no expert on cryptocurrencies, and so I was skeptical to find that Slots N Bets takes crypto payments. You can even pick up a crypto bonus that will boost your first deposit by 500%. This is easily one of the most tricky bonuses that I’ve seen, as the 40x wagering conditions that cover both your deposit and bonus make it a total nightmare to get anything back from.

Slots N Bets Sports Betting

Stratospherically lame bets on all major and minor sports

One of the lamest NBA betting sites in the solar system

I’m a big fan of the Atlanta Hawks, so I simply had to see what kind of bets Slots N Bets were serving up for my favorite NBA team. There was a big game between the Hawks and the Bucks coming up and I noticed that Slots N Bets had pitifully few betting options. These barely went beyond regular money line bets, and I had a bleak time exploring bets on the spread, totals and so on. You could barely bet on halves and don’t look for bets on whether there would be an overtime or not. The other major downer was that there could have been more player props which are essential for most basketball fans.

Infinitely poor football odds found here

It was in that weird NFL preseason time when I carried out this Slots N Bets review. But that didn’t stop me doing a quick comparison between Slots N Bets and a big online sportsbook for its football bets. I basically compared all of the odds for teams like the Chiefs, Buccaneers, Packer and the 49ers to be the next Super Bowl winner. What the odds comparison told me was that Slots N Bets put on way worse odds compared to the other sportsbooks. Sure there might have been some more variance for some of the outsiders, but it shows that Slots N Bets cannot put on some seriously competitive football odds.

Inferior bets on all sports in the known galaxy

So far I’ve been concentrating on US sports in this Slots N Bets review. However, this sportsbook does a tiny bit more than just give you odds for the NHL, MLB and so on. I found that it actually had bets a small amount of other sports. It looked like Slots N Bets has a handful of odds for big sports like football, tennis, golf and rugby. But this sportsbook looks like it could be worth avoiding for esports and MMA fighting. The only other notable omission was the lack of horse racing bets. All in all, a small and unimpressive sports betting platform.

Don’t put down any interstellar live bets at Slots N Bets

I’ve found that live betting can be a great way to squeeze a little more value out of betting on even the most one-sided encounters. So I was disappointed to see that Slots N Bets barely lets you bet live on top sports like tennis, basketball, baseball, and or even table tennis, beach volleyball and badminton. Plus you won’t find any kind of live streaming at Slots N Bets, but you do get a fairly lame graphic visualizer. These can actually be pretty handy at letting know which team is dominating a game so that you know where to put your live bets down, but this one was pretty useless.

Slots N Bets Casino

No planet-sized wins at the Slots N Bets casino

Some of the lamest slot games in the universe

There’s nothing like some online slots gaming for making that intergalactic mission all the more relaxing. All of which makes the Slots N Bets casino a bad stopover on your journey. This is because the casino has some pretty weird and lame online slot games. I was sad to see none of my personal favorites here, and there were plenty more worse games I hadn’t had the misfortune of seeing before. I’m not sure how much thought has gone into games like Sunny Bikini, but I guess that there’ll be some low-complexity lifeforms out there who like this kind of thing.

Table games found nowhere else in our solar system (for a reason)

While slot games are fun, they can get a bit same-y after a while. All of which means that you’ll probably want to know what table games are at the Slots N Bets casino. I found that there were a small amount of variants for those iconic table games like roulette and blackjack. But the weirdest part was that there were a few different baccarat games here. This has one of the most generous house edges of all casino games, and so I spent plenty of time playing baccarat mini and VIP baccarat only to find that I lost every time. My only other criticism was that the table games were lumped in with the slot games so they weren’t always too easy to find.

Cosmically weird games found at the Slots N Bets casino

One of the most disturbing things about the Slots N Bets casino is the fact that it has lots of games that you won’t find elsewhere – for good reason. I haven’t seen too many online casinos with games like Super 6 before, and I was also perplexed to see there are games like keno and bingo here. To be honest I wasn’t too sure what games like Fortuna and Karaliski Turtai were all about, and it shows Slots N Bets is a subpar operator who’ll do anything to try and appear different. Much of this variety of gaming choice is probably down to the casino game developers featured at Slots N Bets. I hadn’t heard of dodgy developers like Allwayspin, KA Gaming and Bbtech before, so I’m guessing they are behind some of the more ‘idiosyncratic’ gaming choices.

Searching the cosmos for live casino games

I got pretty excited when I saw that there was a Live Casino tab on the Slots N Bets casino site. After all, these games are supposed to give you an immersive way to play against a real-life dealer. However, when I clicked on the tab, I found that I was greeted with little more than a selection of slot games. I’m sure that this is more than just a website glitch, and it’s one more reason to avoid this site.

Slots N Bets review FAQs

🎰What is the variety of casino games like at Slots N Bets?

If you are an avid casino gaming lover then you will no doubt want to make sure that you have access to a decent range of the best slots titles. The best online casinos in the US will generally offer that to you, but we make sure that Slots N Bets do as well with our detailed review on their casino section. Here’s a hint: it doesn’t and the whole casino site sucks. 

⚽Can you bet on sports as well?

There are plenty of online gamblers out there who enjoy some downtime with the online casino before heading back to place a few bets on their favorite sports teams. The best online gambling sites in the US will typically have a sportsbook available in addition to their casino section. Our review of Slots N Bets takes a closer look at the site to see if they have a sportsbook to use. Sadly it’s an illegal gambling site and should be avoided.

📵Is Slots N Bets legal in the US?

Something that is of the utmost importance to our team here at PlayersBest, is making sure that you know exactly what sites are legal in your state. That is why our review of Slots N Bets takes the time to analyze what states currently allow residents to use the site legally. We found that it’s 100% illegal to use this site from the US. 

❓Who are some of the software providers on the site?

It’s all well and good to have plenty of casino games available on the best online casinos in the US but if they are not provided by the best software developers in the industry then what are they really worth. Our review of Slots N Bets picks apart the available games to see what software developers have provided them. We only want our readers playing the best games out there and sadly Slots N Bets had nothing of any value.

📱Is there a mobile version of the site?

Having a mobile app or at the very least a mobile version of a site available to you can make your sports betting and casino gaming so much better. It’s always useful knowing that you can place a quick bet while on the go or kill some time with some slots while you are waiting on the bus. Our review of Slots N Betz gives insight into whether or not there is a mobile app for you to download right now. Just remember that this is an illegal gambling site and should be completely avoided. 

Slots N Bets review: Cosmically bad findings in my Slots N Bets review

I think that Slots N Bets has made a dreadful start with its online gambling site. After all, it’s got lame sports odds and some pitiful casino games. It’s also clear that Slots N Bets has got plenty more to work on. The lack of US regulation is a big no-no and I couldn’t find any online gambling regulation for any other countries. All of which makes it hard to recommend Slots N Bets. Don’t worry though, check out our Xpressbet review or you may prefer to read the Twinspires rating to see what proper gambling sites look like.

However, it doesn’t stop there. This is because it has absent customer support, no evidence of any encryption technology and, as I said, some mediocre sports bets and casino games. So I’m hoping that Slots N Bets works on getting that all-important US licensing and it’ll need to do much more before I recommend that you sign up to this site. So pick a legit sportsbook or casino from my  online gambling site reviews rather than wasting your time here!

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