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Last Updated on 24.11.2021

We like setting ourselves a challenge here at PlayersBest. This is because we want to help you find the best bookmaker in the universe. Such a challenge might seem outlandish. After all, there are almost as many bookmakers as there are stars in the Milky Way. But we are determined in our mission. As such, we’ll be ranking and rating each online bookmaker that appears on our horizon. Why do we do this? Because you deserve nothing but the best when it comes to sports betting. There are too many bookmakers offering a substandard service. But with our help, you’ll find a bookie that helps you make planet-sized wins.

We want you to know that our search for the best bookmaker will know no limits. This means giving you our honest appraisals of some of the biggest sports betting brands in the universe. But we will also uncover some of the lesser-known online bookmakers. Each sports betting site will have an equal chance of winning our award. This is because these awards are only given to those sites who put on a superior sports betting service. You’ll get a completely honest and accurate picture of how each sports betting brand operates. All of which means that you’ll get the best sports betting experience the galaxy has ever known.

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Why you need to use the best bookmaker to make planet-sized wins

You may already have your own favourite sports betting site. Many sports fans will stick with the same bookmaker for years. This is because there is something reassuring about knowing how a particular sports betting site works. Plus if there’s nothing wrong, then why bother going anywhere else? We have to admit that such an approach is perfectly fine. But we think that there’s plenty to be gained by shopping around. After all, other bookmakers might have better odds for your favourite sport. Plus some betting sites might have bonuses that could give you intergalactic wins. Don’t forget that there’s nothing stopping you from signing up to multiple sports betting brands.

So we are going to try and open your eyes to all of the galaxy’s best sportsbooks. You’ll know that there are lots of bookmakers currently available. For you to have to visit each bookmaker site would take you a long time, so let us do the hard work for you. This is because we have set up our lab where we gather all of the relevant information about each sports betting site. As a result, it gives you an easy way to see how each sportsbook functions. Plus the overall results are pooled together to come up with our expert awards. All of which should help you find the best bookmaker the solar system has ever seen.

How we found the best bookmaker in the universe

Finding the best bookmaker is going to be no easy challenge. After all, most sports betting sites will tell you that they are the best in the business. Plus most of the galaxy’s bookmakers will put on a remarkably similar service. As a result, we had to think carefully about how we ranked and rated each sports betting site. The end result was a rigorous test process that was used to come up with our awards. We developed a series of lab reviews that each bookmaker had to undergo. These reviews treated each sport betting site the same. As such, you’ll get an impartial and fair picture of how every online bookmaker operates.

The final results of our bookmaker reviews were pooled together and analysed by our betting technicians. From this, they were able to draw up an overall leaderboard of how these bookmakers compared. The bookmaker at the top of our shortlist emerged as the clear winner in our search for the universe’s best bookmaker. This betting site has been found to give you a superior way to bet on all of planet Earth’s most popular sports. But we should let you know that we’ll be constantly updating our awards. This means that you’ll get the perfect snapshot of how the galaxy’s best bookmakers are operating. It’s never been easier to find your perfect sports betting site.

Our award for the best sports betting provider in the cosmos

All betting sites will want to get this award. After all, sports betting is hugely popular on planet Earth. While there’s plenty of competition, there could only ever be one winner. Thankfully our pick for the best sports betting site made our choice easy. This is because we were looking for a betting site who could serve up consistently excellent odds on all of the biggest sports. We tested this site on both its prematch and live odds and we liked what we discovered. Plus we should note that this site will give you no shortage of odds boosts and special offers.

Obviously, your online safety is a big factor in our awards. This means that you’ll be able to go with our award-winner and enjoy a legal, safe and fair way to bet on sports. Plus all other trust features will be in place at this betting site. This means that you’ll get access to trustworthy payment methods and reliable customer support. All of which means that you can focus on the important business of putting down your sports bets. We believe that sports betting should be fun and simple. By going with our pick of the best sports betting site, you’ll find your betting mission is so much easier.

Best Sports Providers

The best betting provider for football in the galaxy

We’re all massive football fans here at PlayersBest. It’s been great to see how this has grown to become the most popular sport on planet Earth. Plus we’ve enjoyed seeing how bookmakers are taking account of this fact. This means that all betting sites will be fighting to give you evermore competitive football odds. What’s best is that this competition covers all football leagues and tournaments. From the World Cup to the Premier League, you’ll enjoy some seriously competitive odds. Plus we’ve seen many bookmakers will give you bets for everything from the Bundesliga and La Liga to Serie A and beyond. There’s an entire universe of football bets to enjoy.

All of this competition means that you’ll have your work cut out in finding the ultimate football betting site. But we believe that we have found the best betting provider football fans have ever seen. This is because this award-winning site won’t just stop at giving you competitive odds. Instead, you’ll enjoy some awesome enhanced odds deals and special offers. Plus you’ll enjoy an eye-watering amount of betting markets. So whether you’re betting prematch or live, you’ll find plenty of flexibility with your football bets. While there’s no shortage of football bookmakers, it’s only with our award-winner that your football bets will be taken to the next dimension.

The best betting provider for rugby in the solar system

Looking for the ultimate rugby bookmaker? Then keep it here at PlayersBest. This is because we are determined to find the best rugby betting site in the solar system. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into rugby union or rugby league, as we’re here to help. This is because we’ve developed the perfect process for finding the best rugby bookmakers. Our lab comparison tool can be used to find those bookmakers with consistently excellent rugby odds. This means that you’ll always be able to find the best odds for everything from the Rugby World Cup to the Six Nations.

But we wanted to find those rugby bookmakers who were able to offer something extra. We’ve found those betting sites who will give you odds boosts for all of the biggest rugby matches. This means that you could find some great deals for the European Champions Cup, the Super League and much more. Plus we love those betting sites who even feature live streaming for your in-play rugby bets. Don’t forget that we give special marks to those bookmakers with the widest range of rugby betting markets. All of which means that you’ll find it easy to discover the best rugby bookmaker in the cosmos.

The best betting provider online for cricket

Cricket betting is a real favourite here at PlayersBest. This is because it’s a sport with so many statistics that it’s a delight for our team of betting scientists. We’ll be seeing how each bookmaker caters to this thirst for sports stats. As a result, you’ll get to see how every sports betting site allows you to bet on some awesome cricket betting markets. You’ll find bookies who allow you to bet on things like top run-scorer and most wickets. Plus some betting sites will even give you odds for the method of next dismissal. This explains why cricket betting has become so popular.

But we’ll also see how these bookmakers will serve up special bonuses for your cricket bets. This means that you might get deals for a particular batsman to score a certain amount of sixes. Or you could get a bonus if a bowler manages to get five wickets in an innings. All of these deals can help a bookmaker win our award for the best cricket betting site in the galaxy. Whether you’re betting on the Ashes, the Cricket World Cup or the County Championship, you’ll have a great time at our award-winning bookmaker.

The best sports betting provider for tennis

All decent bookmakers will give you odds for tennis. But only a handful of these sports betting sites have what it takes to win one of our awards. This is because tennis is a hugely popular sport. As a result, these bookmakers will have to do something special to win our award for being the top tennis betting site. It’s not enough just to give you basic bets for the Grand Slam events. We want to see consistently awesome odds for all ATP and WTA matches. Plus we’d expect some seriously major bonuses for everything from Wimbledon to the Australian Open.

We should also note that tennis is perfectly suited to live betting. So our award-winning bookmaker will have to put on a superior in-play betting service. This should give you a chance to enjoy putting down some thrilling live tennis bets. Plus we’d like to see the bookmaker including live streaming of top tennis tournaments. We realise that we’ve set the bar pretty high for these tennis betting sites. But we want to make sure that you make intergalactic wins with your tennis bets. Check back with our awards to find the best tennis betting site in the solar system.

Best Sports Providers

The best bookmaker for US sports

We’re keen to help you find the best bookmaker for all US sports. After all, many sports fans love to bet on anything from American football to basketball. Plus there’s nothing like baseball or ice hockey for some great betting options. As a result, we just had to factor in US sports into our search for the best bookmaker in the galaxy. So that whether you’re into NFL betting or NBA betting, you’ll be well taken care of at our awards.

You’ll be able to take our recommendations to find bookmakers with unbeatable odds for the biggest US sporting events. This means that you could get lots of bonus bets for anything from the Super Bowl to the Stanley Cup. Plus some of these betting sites may have special bonuses for betting on the MLB or MLS. We’ll even find a bookmaker who gives you the widest range of betting markets for the NHL. After all, these sports are hugely popular all the way across the cosmos. Why settle for anything less than the best bookmaker for US sports that the universe has ever seen?

Picking the best bookmaker for the top sports in the universe

Our search for the ultimate bookmaker in the universe knows no limits. As such, we have been careful to factor in every single sport in our search. You’ll get to see the top bookmakers for everything from horse racing to Formula 1 motor racing. We’ll highlight which betting sites have the best odds for athletics, boxing, darts and even snooker. Plus we’ll factor in all of the latest sports innovations. This means that our award-winning site has to have a quality betting service for everything from MMA fighting to esports. After all, there’s an ever-expanding universe of sports to enjoy. So you may as well use the best bookmakers for betting on these awesome sports.

Searching the cosmos for the bookmakers with the best bonuses

We couldn’t exclude bonuses from our search for the galaxy’s top bookmakers. After all, bonuses represent your best chance of making some interstellar wins. So we’ll be letting you know what kinds of sports betting bonus each bookmaker offers. This means that you’ll get an easy way to see where you could get a massive matched deposit bonus. Plus we’ll reveal which bonus bet deals will give you great value for money. We’ll even highlight some top losing bet refund offers that could stop you slipping into a black hole.

Our analysis of these sports betting bonuses will be very in-depth. This is because we’ll put the bonus terms and conditions under the microscope. After all, it’s only by reading the small print that you’ll get to know the true value of these deals. So we’ll be letting you know what you have to do to claim each sports special offer. Plus you’ll discover what you are allowed to do with the bonus funds you receive. This means that you’ll easily get to see which bookmaker has the best track record for its bonuses. It’s never been easier to find the best sports betting bonuses in the entire universe.

The galaxy’s top bookmakers with extra features

Don’t forget that most bookmakers won’t just stop with bets on traditional sports. We’ve seen some interstellar betting sites who even have virtual sports betting options. Don’t forget that many bookmakers will even have lots of their own casino games. This means that you could find that your preferred bookmaker is also the best online casino in the cosmos. As a result, you could play a galaxy’s worth of slots and table games while you wait for that next big sports match.

Plus we have to say that these betting sites aren’t shy with their bonuses. This means that you could even enjoy using the best casino bonus to boost your gaming wins. While this might be overwhelming, you’ll always be given a helping hand here at PlayersBest. This is because we’ll be sat by your side on your betting mission. As a result, you’ll get expert assistance with everything from a sports bet to a spin of the slot reels. Everything you need to make some intergalactic wins with your bets.

Best Sports Providers

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