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Bet365 Online Sports Betting & Casino Review 2021

Blast Off with Bet365 Today!

Bet365 is perhaps the best-known sports betting sites in the known universe. And that’s why it should come as no surprise to you that Bet365 Betting has won multiple Awards with us here at PlayersBest.

 And why’s that? Let’s explore more below in our Bet365 Review

How Bet365 Made it to the Top

As well as their sports betting platform, which is among the most famous in the world, there’s also the Bet365 Casino app – which is absolutely not to be missed. The Bet365 sports betting online platform began its life right here in the UK back in the year 2000, thanks to entrepreneur Denise Coates. Since then, Bet365 betting has quite literally exploded – experiencing its own big bang of sorts! As a result, you’d now struggle to venture anywhere in the world without seeing an ad for the famous Bet365 Bonus Code and other offers.

In this expert Bet365 sports betting review here in the PlayersBest Lab, we’ll also take a look at the bingo and poker offers as well as exploring the reasons why we think that Bet365 is home to the best online casino in the gambling galaxy!

Ready to join is on this mission? Then strap yourself in and prepare for blastoff into the Bet365 Betting Universe!

£100 Bet Credits
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This is Your Captain Speaking: My Bet365 Betting Journey

When I first set off on my own Bet365 journey I had, like most of you, already heard of this colossal global brand that had dominated the gambling galaxy. However, I prefer to look past branding and reputation to see if the engine matches up the rocket’s dazzling exterior. What initially grabbed me was the Bet365 sports betting bonus and the plethora of sports betting options on offer. That’s not to mention the Bet365 odds, which definitely are some of the most competitive here in the UK, if not the wider world!

And that’s not all…there’s the Cosmic Casino as well!

Bet365 may be better known globally as a sports betting brand, but trust me when I say, Bet365 is not just a one-trick pony – far from it! As my Bet365 Casino Review will later note, the selection of games on offer is comic – as are the bingo and poker platforms. True, Bet365 might not be an intergalactic giant of the online casino world, like they are in the world of online sports betting, but what they do they do well.

Bet365 Logbook: what happened so far

  • 2000: Bet365 is founded in Stoke by Denise Coates.
  • 2015: Becomes the shirt sponsor of their hometown team Stoke City.
  • Present-day: One of the biggest and well-recognised betting brand in the world

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our Bet365 review

As the sportsbook was the first online platform launched by Bet365, and remains the flagship product, it’s only right that I kick-start this review with a Bet365 sports betting guide and review. As part of this, I’ve conducted my very own fair & impartial Bet365 sports betting test, to help you discover why Bet365 remains one of the most popular options for punters like you and me both here in the UK and across the world!

Bet365: A World Apart from the Rest

So just what is it that sets Bet365 lightyears ahead of the chasing pack? In all honesty, there’s a whole galaxy of reasons I could list here. However, if I had to choose my top 3, I’d narrow it down to choice, odds and offers.


Firstly, choice, because of the plethora of sports betting markets and diverse range of sports on offer. Secondly, odds, because they offer some of the best and most competitive odds on the market – including best odds guaranteed on all UK & Irish horse races. And lastly, offers, because of the range of bonuses available with Bet365. You see, it’s not just welcome offers you’ll find with Bet365 – oh no! As well as loyal customer bonuses, you’ll also find early playouts, sports specials and much, much more!

A Whole Universe of Fun with Bet365 Betting & Casino

As well as having all of the bigger hitter sports that you’d expect from a top-level bookie, Bet365 also offer a range of niche sports as well. Starting off with what I know most of you want to hear, the football and horse racing options are fantastic – as are their options for other sports including rugby & cricket. If you’re more of a fighting fan, you’ll find plenty of combat sports options including boxing & MMA. Basically, if there’s a fight that’s been officiated anywhere in the world, you can be sure Bet365 will let you bet on it!

For those of you who are fans of sport favoured across the other side of the Atlantic, you’ll find all major North American sports leagues, including the NFL, NBA, NHL and plenty more. You’ll also find betting markets on smaller sports including bowls, table tennis and badminton. And for the Irish, you can take a punt of Gaelic sports including GAA and hurling. Fans of the virtual universe can enjoy a decent selection of esports markets, which I’ll tell you more about a little later on in our mission.  Of course, those who prefer to fly around casino galaxies will also be kept well-entertained during their stay on the Bet365 mothership. We’ll give a fair overview of this a little later on in our journey.

£100 Bet Credits
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Bet365 A Gambling Odd-yssey

I can tell you with confident absolute confidence that Bet365’s team works tirelessly to ensure that their odds are some of the most competitive on the market. As a sports betting tipster and self-confessed football fanatic, I almost tire of having to choose Bet365 as my recommended bets odds provider week in, week out. On top of that, their live betting odds are kept right on top of, their cashouts are fair and, as every good UK sportsbook should, they offer best odds guaranteed on all UK & Irish horse races.

The Bet365 Bonus Big Bang

No matter how big and universal a betting brand is, it’s essential they have a star-bursting welcome bonus to help entice new customers. Fortunately, Bet365 have just that with their valuable sports bonus, which offers you the chance to grab a 3 figure sum in bet credits. The equally astounding Bet365 casino bonus ensures slot fans aren’t left out. The only problem you’ll have with the Bet365 welcome offers is that you can only choose one of them!

Looking beyond the welcome bonus…

You’re probably every bit aware as I am that any betting site worth its salt should have bonuses and offers to keep everyone happy – punters both new and old. Bet365 will keep you happy as you continue to bet and play. For example, a personal favourite of mine is the regularly early payout specials offered on Premier League and Champions League bets.

Now, let’s prepare for lift-off as we navigate our way to the main Bet365 hub.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... Bet365 test

The Bet365 Test: Safety First

While an operator of Bet365’s universally renowned reputation, this section serves a little more than a formality, so I’ll keep it brief. Despite its stature, some of you may still be wondering if Bet365 is 100% safe and legit – and quite rightly so. Many other big names have gone down in the face of scandal after all. I can assure you, however, that has never happened with Bet365 and is never likely to. They are licensed by a number of top tier regulatory bodies, including the UKGC, have excellent security measures and are committed to fair & responsible gambling.

So now that we’ve done the safety checks, let’s get ready to launch your Bet365 Betting Experience!

Reporting for Duty

Registering an account and launching your Bet365 betting experience could not be easier! Nevertheless, I’ve decided to clarify how it’s done with this step by step Bet365 guide. Without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can blast off on your very own Bet365 mission:

  • Report to base

Firstly, head to the website or download the Bet365 app. then, click Join which should be found on the top right of the desktop website, or at the top of the app.

  • Join the crew of gambling galaxy astronauts

Next up, fill out the quick and easy registration form with your details and create your username and password

  • Verify who you are

Prove your not a shape morphing alien by providing ID or something to verify your address. Note: You won’t always be asked to do this, but I was.

  • Top up your engine

Now make your first Bet365 deposit with your desired payment method.

  • Get ready to launch – blastoff!

Claim your Bet365 welcome bonus and blast off on your very own mission into the gambling galaxy!

Been lucky enough to win?

Then complete your Bet365 withdrawal before landing safely back down on earth!

Fuelling your engine: Bet365 PayPal payments & more…

Fuelling your engine (aka funding your account) is one of the most important things people ask about before signing up to a new betting site – and I imagine you’re no different. For all of you classic voyagers out there, Bet365 do still accept payments with all major credit and debit cards, as well as from good old fashioned bank transfers.

However, I personally wouldn’t recommend funding your account this way. There’s nothing exactly wrong with it, it’s just that there are now so many ways to fund your betting accounts without giving your bank details to the merchant, keeping them safe from the universe’s hackers. I’d personally recommend using an epayment method to do this, such as PayPal. There are other alternatives, however, Bet365 did recently expel Neteller and Skrill from its payment universe. When it comes to Bet365 betting tax, UK laws apply.

Leaving the mothership: The Bet365 Mobile App 

For those who like to conduct the bulk of their gambling away from the mothership of the Bet365 website, you’ll be happy to hear that the Bet365 app is available on both iOS and Android platforms, the bet 365 mobile site also mimicking the desktop version of the site perfectly. Once again, the sportsbook is at the forefront here as the Bet365 betting software within the app is intelligently designed and works seamlessly. When it comes to the casino, games can be played with or without having to make a download – good news for those of you who need to keep that valuable space on your phone!

Ground Control to Punter Tom: The Bet365 Customer Service Test

When the ship malfunctions, it’s vitally important that any navigator of the gambling galaxy is able to report to base easily and efficiently. As you might very well expect, I found Bet365’s customer service team to be more than efficient. Like most online betting operators, the Bet365 mission control team can be contacted via three main channels; live chat, email and telephone.

Where Bet365 is head and shoulder above the rest is with the dedication and training of their global customer service team. Use the live chat or call them up and it’s easy to tell that their customer service agent has had training that’s more akin to retail than gambling – something you just don’t get with smaller online sportsbooks and casinos in this world. To make it better, you can contact Bet365 24/7 through all 3 channels. If you have a small problem or question and are looking for a quick and easy answer, I’d recommend using the live chat. And yes, in case you were wondering, it is real human Earthlings at the other end of the chat, not some space-age robot!

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at Bet365

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, sports betting really is what Bet365 really excels at. Below, I’ve tested and reviewed some of the extra features and details that make the Bet365 betting experience that little bit better than most others in the galaxy.

The Bet365 Bet Builder

First on the agenda is the Bet365 Bet Builder. This feature gives you the ability to create your specialist bumper bet through their existing bet types – it’s truly out of this world. While many other betting sites in the known universe have tried (and some even succeeded in replicating the bet builder, Bet365 have copyrighted the name, meaning their Bet Builder is totally unique. As well as being unique in a galaxy of samey stars & planets, the Bet365 bet builder is, for me, the best tool of its type – and necessary for every dedicated and creative sports betting punter!

So how does it work? Let’s take a look…

The Bet365 Bet Builder How-To Guide

To use a cliché, using the Bet365 Bet Builder isn’t rocket science. Nevertheless, I’ve once again provided you with a hand step by step guide to detail how you can get the best out of this feature in just 4 easy steps.

  • Select your match

First of all, select the fixture, match or race you want to bet on, then on the Bet Builder button, which you’ll find on the header of your Bet365 betting slip.

  • Begin building your bet

Now, the time has come to start actually building your bet by adding different bet types and selections. To do this, click on the tab entitled Add Selection, which will then give you the Choose Market option via a pop-up. Here you can make the first selection of your bet.

  • Repeat, repeat, repeat!

For here on in, you can repeat these steps to and make up to 5 selections to create your very own unique bet. For example, let’s say you select a Premier League football match between Liverpool and Arsenal, you could create a bet predicting a Liverpool win with 4 exact goals, both teams to score, Liverpool to win both halves and Salah to score first. Once your bet has been built, Bet365 will calculate the odds for you and away you go – now on to step 4!

  • Place your bet and prepare for liftoff!

Now that all of your selections have been added and you’re happy with your bet, you can officially place it, pay and watch the game in hope it comes in. It’s one small step for man, one potential big leap towards a decent winning payday!

Early Payouts: Shoot for Mars, get paid when you reach the moon

Pretty sure I’ve already touched upon it earlier on in our mission, but Early Payouts is perhaps my favourite thing about the entire cosmos that is the Bet365 betting experience. Quite the statement, isn’t it? I’d agree, but I don’t make such claims without good reasons.

So why do I love Early Payouts so much?

Early Payouts are my favourite thing about Bet365 for two simple reasons:

  1. Early payouts is an excellent betting feature
  2. Bet365 offers such a diverse range of early payouts.

And how do Early Payouts work exactly?

If you didn’t already know, I’m sure you’ve managed to hazard an educated guess, as the term Early Payouts is somewhat self-explanatory. In essence, Early Payouts with bet365 provides you with the opportunity to get your full bet paid out before the end of the game, should the conditions be met.

Don’t Confuse it with Cash Out – It’s Much Better Than That!

Now you could be forgiven for thinking that Early Payout is just a like-for-like timer to replace Cash Out, but there’s a key difference that makes Early payout much better. Cash Out is a popular feature that you can find in almost every online sportsbook worth considering these days. What Cash Out does, is provide you with the option to cash out if your bet is up before the game is over. However, when opting to cash out, you have to accept reduced odds from the original bet, which varies depending on what stage in the game you’re at and how likely the situation is to change. What Early payout gives you, however, is the option to have your bet paid out in full, at the same odds you placed it at, before the game is finished.

What types of Early Payouts are offered?

Bet365 makes Elry Payouts available on a range of sports, leagues and bet types – with some offers even being made available on longer-range bets. For example, using a personal favourite of mine in football, there is the Early Payout Offer if the team you’ve backed goes 2 goals up. When it comes to longer-range bets, Bet365 sometimes offer Early payouts on League winners if they go ahead by 10 points or more.

Bet365 Sports Betting

Bet 365 Sports Betting Online, Live Betting & More!

Live Streaming & In Play Betting

The last two stops on our Bet365 mission saw us have a close encounter with two of my favourite features that are unique to Bet365. However, I’m sure you’re also dying to know what the live streaming and in play betting are like. After all, this is a feature that almost every online sportsbook has in some shape or form – but only the very best manage to do it well.

Bet365 definitely falls into the category of those who managed to do it well. Even for a sports betting trend of their universal stature, I think you’ll be mightily impressed by the range of streaming options Bet365 has available to its funded account holders. The amount of rights they have for horse races and all European top-flight leagues is simply out of this world if you ask me. To use the live streaming service, you just need to be logged in, have a funded Bet365 account and have placed a bet within the last 24 hours.

When it comes to placing in play bets, Bet365 comes close to being top of the pile. Although in play betting with Bet365 offers fewer bet types than pre-match betting, the in play odds are perhaps the best I’ve seen around. I’ve raved about the quality of Bet365’s odds before, but they really do put the work in here.

£100 Bet Credits
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Bet365 Casino

The Classics: My Bet365 Casino Test

Our Bet365 casino test starts here. The range of games on offer in the Bet365 casino may be more modest than some of the other larger competitors. But they do say that size doesn’t always matter – and that’s definitely true with the Bet365 casino app. While their sports selection is vast, the focus of the Bet365 casino is undoubtedly on quality – and they don’t half deliver. In some cases though, size does matter, and you’ll find that to be the case with the colossal jackpots to be found in the Bet365 Casino.

100% up to £25
Welcome Bonus
Redeem Bet365 Bonus
Bet365 Poker

The Calmest: My Bet365 Poker Test

If you’ve got the knowledge required, then you’ll love Bet365 Poker – playing in the online universe means your poker face isn’t required! Full-on seasoned poker players might prefer a dedicated poker-only site, but given that poker is the 3rd offering from Bet365, it isn’t half bad. If you’re an all-around gambler that wants to bring poker, sports betting and casino gaming all under one online roof, then my own Bet365 experience report suggests this is the place for you!

up to 365€
Deposit Bonus
Redeem Bet365 Bonus
Bet365 Esports

The Future: My Bet365 eSports Test

I promised you a Bet365 eSports Review and here it is – so let’s mission onto the most space-age offering from this gambling giant. It’s fair to say that some of Bet365 fellow sports betting veterans have remained stuck in the past since moving online. That is to say, despite offering space-age technology that’s at the cutting edge of the betting world, they’ve struggled to embrace new sports to bet on, including esports.

I’m pleased to inform you that, while Bet365 might not exactly live up to the standards offered by dedicated esports betting platforms, their esports betting markets are more than adequate. So if you’re a traditional sports punter who’s recently added esports betting to your arsenal, then you’ll do more than just get by with the Bet365 mobile app here.

£100 Bet Credits
Redeem Bet365 Bonus

Bet365 betting FAQ

⏩ Is Bet365 good for betting?

Bet365 is a website offering sports betting to online bettors. There is plenty to learn about it before you decide whether to use it, and you’ll see whether it is good for betting when reading our comprehensive Bet365 review at PlayersBest today. It is the ideal way to find out how to place wagers on your favourite sports along the way.

☝ Do Bet365 do free bets?

One of the most popular promotions you might see at many online sportsbooks involves a free bet. You sometimes see this as a welcome offer, while it may also appear as a promo for existing members of the site. This means it is important to look for Bet365 free bet opportunities, as you never know when they might appear.

⚡ How do I use my free bet on Bet365?

If you find a free bet to use at Bet365, make sure you read the full terms and conditions for the wager before using it. This helps you work out the process of using it and whether there are limitations on it. Since free bets are not always that common, it is important to be sure you don’t miss out by not using it in the correct way.

⚽ How do I bet on Bet365 football?

Football is one of many available sports you will find in the Bet365 sportsbook. There are many events and teams represented in the football section. You can find the latest football matches lined up to keep track of and bet on. You will also see odds on future matches and potential outcomes for a league or other competition. Full details are at the Bet365 website.

✅ How does Bet365 sports betting work?

Sports betting is straightforward to do online rather than going out to visit a betting shop. At Bet365, you can access the sportsbook to see all kinds of popular sports, alongside some that are less popular. With great coverage, the latest odds, and a streamlined site design, placing bets on sports at Bet365 is easier than many players assume.

Bet365: The Cosmic Conclusion

So as you’ve probably guessed by now, I’m going to round up my Bet365 Review on an astoundingly positive note. However, in doing so, I’m also going to summarize the points as to why I think you could seriously benefit from joining this operator. And I’m going to detail why I’d recommend it to different types of bettor.

If you’re solely a sports punter, then there’s not a lot that needs to be said – Bet365 definitely is for you. This is especially true if, like me, you love your football and horse racing. The Early Payout offers and the Bet Builder are worth signing up for alone, in my opinion, but the odds are what really tops things off. The resources Bet365 put into their pre-match and in play odds just can’t be matched by a smaller operator.

Bet365 isn’t just a sportsbook, however, and the casino, poker room and bingo all form a part of what makes Bet365 great. All in all, if you’re a well-rounded gambler, then you can’t go wrong with Bet365. Rather than look at the four aspects as four individual planets, I’d say that they make up four areas of one colossal, multilayered planet that is Bet365.

So if you like the sound of that, sign up today my friend!

Bet365 Sports Bonus
£100 Bet Credits
Go to Bet365 Sports
  • £100 Bet Credits bonus
  • Useful Bet Builder tool
  • Handy early payouts feature

User Reviews for Bet365

4/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. Super design puts you straight into the sportsbook

    In-play right in the middle of the page so I know where to go for the latest live events. I like the casino too, along with all the other menu areas – I’ve even been known to try some bingo, although I don;t have the skill for the poker. Good to know its there though.

    Too much choice haha, the casino keeps me busy when my favourite sports aren't happening.
  2. Solid go-to

    For sports options it’s a good site. Has most of the sports that you’d want to bet on. The mobile and desktop website are both good. Easy to see what games and sports to get on, along with the odds.

    It feels a bit run of the mill for me. Not much that stands out. As a betting option you can’t go wrong, but the experience could be better
  3. Best betting Bookmaker in the UK

    The site is super easy to use and has a really nice range of sports, running bets and live sports streaming. You’ll only need one account to play both casino and sports games and the live dealers are simply tops. What’s even better is that there are no distracting ads and banners, so my choice is 100% my own!


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