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Betdaq Online Trading, Casino & Sportsbook Review

Betdaq – navigate around this star and explore with ease

Finding your way around a site as big as Betdaq could prove challenging – yet it doesn’t. Even if this is your first time visiting this constellation, you’ll easily find a path to take to your favourite sportsbook and casino features.

Casino players and sports bettors alike will enjoy finding their way to the impressive features at the Betdaq bookmaker and casino destination. We’ll orbit this planet to discover its navigational delights, casino games, betting opportunities, and more. Don’t miss our full Betdaq review here, guiding you through the stars to the brightest one of all.

Betdaq lays out everything on the homepage

The nerves can arrive when I arrive on the homepage of any site offering casino, sportsbook, and numerous other features. Becoming lost is a risk whenever I visit a new planet. Yet Betdaq didn’t let me down… far from it, in fact. The clear white backdrop was the perfect counterpoint to a gorgeous purple colour scheme, leading my eye to each major area of the site. It’s a busy page, yes, but not one that posed any issues even from the first time I cooled my rockets and came in for a safe landing. With the navigational element taken care of from the start, I soon realised that Betdaq had much more to look at in detail. If you’re ready to take a trip to Betdaq, I can guide you through my experience here. No moonrock was left untouched in my intergalactic quest to bring you the answers to all those questions I’m sure you have. Are you ready?

Betdaq Logbook: what happened so far

  • 2000: Betdaq starts its offer.
  • FEBRUARY 2013: Betdaq becomes part of Ladbrokes PLC
  • 28 MARCH 2021: We updated our Betdaq test
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Exploring the main menu

We’ll begin here as it is important to understand how we can find our way around the Betdaq website. We land on the exchange page, which looks like a standard sportsbook yet is not. We’ll touch on that in a special section later in our review, along with exploring the Betdaq bookmaker potential and casino area. However, we can see that the purple strip along the top of the website gives fast access to all the major areas of their site. Underneath this, we get a second menu – a relevant submenu for the area we’re in. Once we get this straight in our mind, we can swiftly head for any area were most interested in. Now that we’ve clarified that, we’ll guide our spaceship toward other major areas of this Milky Way of delights.

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our Betdaq review

Every area of the Betdaq website benefits from top quality navigational and design elements. Our advice when touching down at the site is to spend a few moments looking around. It’s easy enough to find whatever you need, no matter what information you’re looking for. That was certainly our experience. There is no need to find a map of this constellation to gain immediate understanding of where we are and how to get to our destination. We won’t waste any rocket fuel trying to find anything we may be looking for. We’re going to take you through many other vital areas of the site now, starting with one of the most intriguing areas of all… the promotions section.

Credit Card

Our Betdaq experience report for bonuses and promotions

Finding the promotions is as easy as we imagined it might be, having already spent some time wandering around this planet by the time we looked more closely at them. All existing promotions appear on the same page, each one displayed in its own panel, giving basic details about the deal along with an image or two. A yellow button displays a MORE INFO message, inviting us to select that to read more about anything of interest. If any of the offers needs you to use a Betdaq bonus code, the code will appear at the top of the next page for that promotion. We can then copy and paste from there to make sure we get the correct code every time.

Let’s look at the Betdaq sports betting bonus for new players. This is a ‘Bet £10 Get £10’ offer. When we place a £10 wager on the sportsbook or exchange, we will receive a £10 free bet in return. The initial bet must be for odds of 2.0 or greater to qualify and must be placed within 14 days of opening our account. Deposits via bank card are required for this offer. All terms and conditions are clear, numbered, and appear underneath the main info for the offer. They have a similar offer for exchange virtuals, using a different promo code, as we discovered when selecting that offer. This is simpler in that they give us the free bet if our qualifying £10 bet loses. Again, full details appear underneath the deal.

We failed to come up with a Betdaq casino bonus, sadly, although we did see a £1 million slots prize draw event when we visited. This ran for a limited period with one entry to the weekly competition for each £10 played on the qualifying games. The promo information included the titled games to play each week. We’d still recommend checking before signing up though, in case this changes.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... Betdaq test

There are several areas we count among the most important when conducting our Betdaq review. Nothing makes it into our reviews (lab) without thorough research. Top of our pre-flight checklist for safety reasons is the security and licensing area. We guided our ship towards the bottom of the site so that we could confirm the information we needed. Betdaq comes under the LC International Limited company.

They are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Their licence number is given and is clickable, so we can visit the official government website to confirm the validity of that licence. They are also registered to operate in the Republic of Ireland and once again, we can confirm this by selecting the relevant licence number on their website. They end this section by adding their licensing details for people outside Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland, as these are given by the Government of Gibraltar. Finally, we spotted links to BeGambleAware, GamCare, the UK Gambling Commission, and GamStop, so they really do cover all the bases and are super clear in their licensing responsibilities. It is a promising and reassuring sign at this early stage.

Exploring other crucial areas of this constellation

We can see that navigation is beautifully handled at Betdaq. It takes seconds for us to find the sportsbook, the casino, or other areas from the main menu. However, we want to be sure we can also reach other important areas of the site, such as the help section, information about payments, and so on. We’ll cover those in this section of our guide (gym).

Payment methods available at Betdaq

The first thing we spotted was a selection of payment methods at the bottom of every page:

  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

We are aware that credit cards cannot be used by UK-based players, so anything bearing the MasterCard or Visa logo must be a debit card. Since we could not find a banking page, we headed for the FAQ at the bottom of the site to see what else we could learn about Betdaq deposit and Betdaq withdrawal options.

The minimum deposit amount across all valid methods is £10. Maximum limits vary according to length of membership and passing all necessary security checks. We also need to choose a deposit method that makes sense for withdrawals, as the same method must be used for both. This means that if we use Betdaq PayPal to deposit, we’ll need to withdraw to PayPal too.

Responsible gaming information

This is accessible in two ways – either from the dedicated link at the bottom of the website or via the help area by selecting that from the top of the site and then choosing responsible gambling from there. Either way, there is a long page devoted to this topic within the help section. We’ll cover more of the help area shortly too. Their responsible gambling page includes plenty of information on topics such as:

  • Time out
  • Self-exclusion
  • Reality checks

They also supply lots of links to useful sites including GamBlock, Gamban, BeGambleAware, and GamStop. Dunlewey Services also appears as an option for those in Ireland. We were impressed at the scope of the assistance and support on this page. They also cover underage gambling further down, offering recommendations for parental filtering of computers to prevent this from happening. NetNanny and CyberSitter are linked to from there, along with Better Internet for Kids, which explains more about net filtering and invites players to test it.

Is Betdaq available on mobile platforms?

Yes, we found a mobile option in the main menu, which took us to a page giving all available options for the Betdaq mobile experience. There are links to Google Play and to the App Store, where we can learn more about the available apps for the exchange and sportsbook areas of the site.

We also can text BETDAQ to the numbers given on the site for Android or iOS apps. Judging by some of the screenshots offered, the apps also give access to the casino games, as those appear on one of the images shown. The design looks impressive too, especially when we consider the sheer amount of information given in each area of the main Betdaq site. They’ve used that same navigational magic to make their mobile apps just as user friendly, even to first-time travellers.

Seeking help within the constellation of Betdaq

Even with the giant amount of information and features at Betdaq, we may occasionally have a question or need some assistance. This is an area some sportsbooks fail on, and we have conducted a casino comparison where one site has rocketed ahead of another in this area. So, how does Betdaq fare?

We are delighted to confirm that this part of the site ranks just as highly as all other parts we have visited so far. We’re happy to include it in our academy (gym) as a helpful site. If we have a query about using the Betdaq online casino or any other area of the site, we can select help in the top right corner of the site. This opens a separate window for the Betdaq Zendesk help area. There are three areas to explore:

  • Terms and conditions
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Responsible gambling

Selecting the FAQ area took us into another page listing some of the top queries they receive. Best of all, we found a search box at the top of the page. We used this to experiment with a few search terms, finding that it worked best with just one or two words. For example, we looked for ‘deposit’ when we wanted to learn more about banking at the site. If we couldn’t find what we wanted, we tried a similar word, such as banking in this case. We found this technique worked well and would recommend it. When we got stuck, we had the purple HELP logo in the bottom right corner, offering live chat to find a faster answer if required.

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In orbit: Discover the possibilities at Betdaq

The next part of my review saw me turning attention to the services Betdaq offer, with a particular focus in the following areas…

Betdaq Sports Betting

Shooting for the stars in the Betdaq sports betting universe

If we select the second option from the main menu, we find ourselves in the heart of the Betdaq sports betting arena. We liked the popular links area at the top of the left-hand menu column here, as it includes some of the most heavily visited areas at present. This included horse racing, soccer, and tennis on our recent orbit of the site. Below this, we saw a sports heading, below which were 18 sports to visit, with politics added to the bottom of the list for good measure.

Selecting any sport from the list gives us the events for that sport in the middle of the page. There may be more than one location or event, in which case matches for each one will appear in the relevant section. We can collapse any section that isn’t of interest, allowing us to adjust the page appearance to suit our needs. A nice touch that makes life easier. We can also check today’s fixtures, matches, or racing, as appropriate, by looking for that option in the left-hand column. We can then see a list with the event starting first appearing at the top and then going down in time order.

It’s also easy to get various wagers for each match or event. Selecting it takes us into a page for that match, giving us various odds and potential outcomes. Some sports will have more potential bets available than others. For example, a forthcoming snooker match only offered odds for each player to win. In contrast, a tennis match offered those odds along with set betting outcomes, so there is more variety in some cases than others. All sports offer outright betting though, so if you want to try your luck on those wagers, you’ll always find something to go with.

With some sports, there may be events taking place in different countries. It’s still easy for us to get to our destination though. We selected horse racing, then chose the UK, and then selected Ascot from the three available horse racing venues open for racing that day. The default display for odds at Betdaq is decimal odds. There is an option to switch to American odds or fractional odds though. While some websites allow this without logging in, usually by accessing a dropdown feature on the homepage, we must log into our account to make the change at Betdaq. When we do this, our new selection will stay in place until we change it. It’s easily done in the My Preferences area or by going to the Event Card Options area.

100% up to £10
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Betdaq Casino

Discovering the Betdaq online casino

Third on the menu to look at in our lab report is the Betdaq online casino. We loved the landing page for this area as it had a casino home menu to the left of the site. We noticed how that left-justified menu followed us around as we switched sections. It made life easier for us as we immediately knew where to look for the information we needed. In this case, it gave us 12 areas to explore. Next to it, in the middle of the page, we saw a highlight in each of those 12 areas. It’s a great introduction to the Betdaq casino, especially on our first visit.

As we touched down on the site, we looked at the casino game total – 193 games. This is far smaller than we’ve seen at other sites, yet it does reach into all the most popular gaming areas. These include table games, jackpot games, slots, arcade games, and even a couple of virtual sports. We can either select ‘see all games’ at the top of each of those sections or go into the menu to choose the game type we want. One element we liked was that the game total in each area is clearly shown. There were 55 new games at Betdaq casino, along with 54 arcade games, 10 table games, and 60 jackpot games. Betdaq has some exclusives too, with 16 exclusive slots including titles such as Aztec Gold, Eye of Hathor, and Mega Cars. We noticed that the exclusives usually dealt with some of the most popular slot themes.

A major part of our Betdaq casino review is to test how well the site adheres to laws and rulings. In this case, as the site is on offer for UK players, we should not be able to view the game or try a demo version without being a member of the site. Each game offers a Real Play command underneath a snapshot of the game logo. If we select that option, the site takes us to a login popup screen. This also displays a signup link if we wish to join at this stage. This is reassuring as it is another sign of how reliable and responsible the website is.

We think lots of players will like the jackpot area, as this has three sets of jackpots available – 250k jackpots, 150k jackpots, and 100k jackpots. While we couldn’t see a list of software developers included in the casino area, a little knowledge of the stars took us a long way here. We saw Age of the Gods: Athena vs Ares from Playtech. We also spotted Fluffy in Space and the original Fluffy Favourites slot from Eyecon. Another big title was Cash Noire from big-name developer NetEnt, so we certainly have lots of variety within that game area. It certainly stands up well as a contender for the best online casino.

Betdaq Poker

What is the Betdaq exchange?

This is a feature we rarely if ever see at any sportsbook site in this galaxy. Yet travelling to Betdaq gives us the possibility of using their exchange along with other areas of the site. So… what to expect? What is the exchange and how do we use it? When we arrive in the exchange – the first menu area on the site – it looks much like the usual sportsbook. Yet there is a crucial difference, and it is vital to know what this is before we think about using this Betdaq betting service.

The idea is that players can place bets against each other rather than directly with the site by using the standard sportsbook. That’s where the exchange name comes from. It includes in-play and virtual areas, just as the regular sportsbook does. We would recommend double checking that you’re in the exchange before using it, as it would be easy to get mixed up with the sportsbook (and vice versa). We also recommend visiting the FAQ section and searching for exchange, as this reveals many common queries relating to using this part of their site.

The easiest way to begin is to back a selection being a winner. The alternative is to place a lay bet, which would bet on another selection turning out to be a losing one. Betdaq takes a small commission from each winning wager, based on the profit seen on that bet.

Betdaq Esports

Mapping out some Betdaq virtual sports

While Betdaq offers plenty of live sporting action and upcoming events in all kinds of sporting arenas, there is another planet we can land on whenever we visit. Even if our favourite matches, events, and head-to-heads are not yet beginning, we can always find some action in the virtual sports arena. We cannot give a Betdaq eSports review as there are no events in that part of the stratosphere – no DOTA 2, League of Legends, or Call of Duty. However, we do have plenty of virtual sporting action. We can select the virtuals option in the sportsbook submenu to find them.

In the main panel of the page that we arrive on, we can see a series of sports spread across the top. Underneath, there is a screen showing players and odds, and below that, we have the times for the upcoming events in that sport. For instance, we looked at virtual horse racing events on flat ground, which gave us a list of runners, coloured jerseys, and odds. When the race began, we could watch on the screen to see what happened. Other sports in this virtual area include greyhound racing, horse racing over jumps, football, and cycling. We suspect other sports might occasionally pop up too. The quality of the images in each race is impressive, so it’s an ideal way to enjoy a wager or two while you’re waiting for the real thing to begin. Bets appear below the screen and selecting one transfers it to the bet slip as usual.

Betdaq sports betting FAQ

⭐ How does Betdaq work?

Betdaq offers a strong platform for anyone looking to make some bets on various sporting events and occasions. There is a sportsbook and an exchange area, so it is important that you explore each one and understand the differences between them before you think about making any bets at Betdaq. It is unlike most other sports sites out there today.

🆕 Do you pay commission on Betdaq sportsbook?

Betdaq is the site of choice for many sportsbook fans online today. There is a lot to take in when you visit Betdaq for the first time, and questions like commission are common among lots of visitors. Fortunately, PlayersBest is well placed to give you the benefit of our extensive knowledge about the website. Be sure you check our review before pressing ahead.

🆗 Is Betdaq any good?

It’s simple to spot lots of online sportsbooks you might wish to use. Betdaq is just one of many. So, how can you tell whether Betdaq is ideal for you to make sports wagers at, or whether you should go elsewhere? You can find the answers you need by reading each part of our intensive and in-depth reviews at PlayersBest today.

✨ How do I withdraw from Betdaq?

There is nothing more exciting than having reason to make a withdrawal from Betdaq. It means you have placed a bet and won, so you have money in your account that you would like to withdraw. There are various methods you can use, and the process and timings may vary from one to another, depending on how you want to go about doing it.

✂ Are there any Betdaq sportsbook promotions?

Sportsbook promotions give you the opportunity to make a deposit and get something extra for doing so. This might be a free bet, a deposit offer, or something else related to sportsbook betting. Betdaq offers a large website with many areas relating to sports betting, so it is a good idea to explore further and look for bonuses and promos before any deposit you choose to make.

Betdaq review: Conclusion

Narrowing down my favourite parts of the Betdaq site is a tough ask. The navigation is beautiful and made my trip easier even on the first visit. The site sits comfortably in our awards (lab) for this alone. The format and appearance of the sportsbook, casino, and other areas is always logical too, helping support the immense range of features Betdaq offers. I think you’ll like the Betdaq betting experience, from the Betdaq app potential to the odds given for all events. This site has more than a little bit of action for everyone, which does confirm that it is out of this world to use.

Betdaq Sports Bonus
100% up to £10
Go to Betdaq Sports
  • Popular sports available
  • Various wagers for each match or event
  • International events covered

User Reviews for Betdaq

4/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. Didn't understand it

    I liked the nice webiste design and layout and it seemed like there was loads to bet on. Good welcome bonuses too

    I don't understand the exchange at all and some of the betting odds are 'make offer' but it doesn't explain what it means or what to do at all. I clicked on tips and it just took me to a sort of blog. I need to learn about exchange and then will probably come back
  2. Nice bookies, even nicer cashback option!

    First and foremost, I really do love the purple design for the website, it offers something different and almost regal about it!.
    Secondly, it is really great to see bookies giving support to the customer, so the promo for cashback is a really great addition to the website.
    I also really enjoyed the various options for betting on the ponies, including the virtual races for continual action.

    This is a really good site alround and one I would deffo suggest to a mate.
  3. Neat cashback offer

    Although I do like live dealers on casino websites, this one is my new favourite. The welcome bonus is amazing and i can play from my computer and my phone on the go or even on the Tube. Starburst is my fav game, but there are sooooo many more to choose from if that gets old.

    Nothing bad about this site.

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