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Betfred Stellar Online Casino & Sports Betting Review 2021

Blast off into Betfred

Betfred are one of the most successful bookmakers in the UK and beyond. They have shops all over, turn over billions of pounds and employ thousands. They’re one of the pillars of the British betting scene, an absolute juggernaut online and on the high street. The question for Betfred betting then is whether they can live up to that hype and those expectations.

An unexpected mission

It was tough not to come into this Betfred review without any preconceived notions. Most of them were very positive. Betfred betting has an excellent reputation, but they are also known as a rather traditional choice. The former notion, I found to be warranted. However, on the latter point, my expectations were blown out of the water.

Betfred is more innovative and has a broader appeal than I think many people are giving them credit for. To find out how – and if they could be right for you – hop on board into my spacecraft and get ready to explore this cosmic bookmaker.

Betfred Logbook: what happened so far

  • 1967: ‘Done Bookmakers’ (previous name of Betfred) opened first shop in Salford
  • 2004: ‘Done Bookmakers’ changed their name to Betfred and went online
  • 26. OCTOBER 2020: We updated our Betfred test

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our Betfred review

One of the things I always like to do at PlayersBest is to break down exactly what constitutes our mission log for these reviews. There are lots of different things which go into making an operator great. This is especially true if they’re good enough to be considered for one of our awards for best betting provider in the solar system.

It also shows you the lengths I go to ensure that any recommendation I provide is put under the tightest possible scrutiny. I don’t just tell you if a site seems decent: I check out those credentials in every vital regard for our Betfred experience report. I also consider who this bookmaker would be right for. We’re all individuals with our own needs and preferences. Consider this me giving you the co-ordinates – you also need to decide which betting planet has the right atmosphere for you.

The first star: preparing for the Betfred sports betting review

No matter how much Betfred’s betting universe expands, I imagine they’ll always be best known for their sportsbook offering. I suppose then, my job is to see whether they live up to the hype.

There’s a lot of different elements which go into making a good sportsbook and getting a recommendation from my bookmaker reviews. Variety is, of course, vital. This means variety not only of sports but also of leagues and markets. So long as they can maintain a level of Betfred odds quality, then I’m very much of the opinion that more is better.

Obviously, to you though, all that matters is the sports you’re interested in are covered. However, I don’t know what those may be. So, from my perspective in this Betfred sports betting review, I must take a ‘more, the merrier’ approach.

Speaking of variety, the sportsbook is probably the most packed part of any betting site. This means that the design must be strong from a structural point of view. Otherwise, it’s quite easy to get lost in the vastness of its space. Technical design is also vital for the live betting experience. I’ll also be checking out any Betfred sports betting bonus options.

Some things are, of course, universally important. These include things like customer service, banking options and security, to give a few examples. There’s also any relevant Betfred casino bonus options, poker options, or any other bonuses. I’ll be speaking about these more generally.

A cluster of casino considerations: How to approach the Betfred casino review

I don’t want to spoil anything about the casino review. However, I will say that it’s immediately obvious that it’s far from an afterthought or a mere add-on. There’s far too much here for that to be the case.

Once again, variety is a huge factor here, as more games – and indeed more software developers – means a wider variety of experience. Think of the games as the planets and the software developers as the galaxies. The more of the latter, the more scope there is for the former. I’ll be looking for the likes of slots, table games, scratch cards and bingo, to give but a few examples.

Obviously, it’s possible you’re only interested in slots, for instance. Some casinos focus in on one thing, and that one thing may be exactly what you’re looking for. I wouldn’t consider this a flaw in the same way I would a lack of sports betting markets. Instead, I would be more inclined to consider this a target audience and creative direction when it comes to a casino. In other words, I could recommend it but only for a specific audience.

Quality is also paramount here – not just in terms of being random and fair but also for the quality of experiences they offer. I’m talking about the creativity in the play and aesthetic design, and how smoothly the games operate. This is especially vital when it comes to the live casino. I’ll also be looking out for a range of player limits, so as many people as possible can utilise the betting range they’re looking for.

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Planet poker: what to consider for a Betfred poker review

You may think, considering this is one game where the casino can have thousands of variants, that this would be comparatively simple. That’s not the case, as the sheer popularity of this game makes it a tough task to keep things running smoothly.

Firstly, it requires a platform and software capable of maintaining games between all those different people. There’s also the need for a huge amount of variety, as a good poker site needs to appeal to a huge range of skill levels and budget. I also really appreciate any efforts to create a sense of community and to make it more accessible to beginners. The latter point also includes promotions, which although not as universally expected, have become a vital part of the fabric of great poker sites.

It’s also worth pointing out at this juncture that Betfred betting deserves credit alone for simply having all of these different options. It wasn’t so long ago that each of these forms of betting were considered very much their own solar systems. The fact they’re doing so much in itself is worthy of praise.

With that said, the competition is such that this level of variety is no longer hard to find. Like water on the moon, it’s less of a surprise than it once was. That means in order to be considered among the best out there – and to be considered for our coveted awards – it’s not enough to simply be good at a lot of things. A site must now be exceptional at them.

How to tell if their eSports can eclipse the rest: a Betfred eSports review

No new star in the betting stratosphere shines quite as brightly as eSports. For many, this is the future of sports and betting. That said, some operators seem reluctant to get on board. That is why the eSports selection gets its own focus, away from the usual sportsbook. Not only does it have the usual importance of any sport, but it has its fans that want to bet on these markets, and its presence, therefore, has a generally positive impact of any similar example.

On top of that, I also view it as a really useful reflection of how forward-thinking the site is. Quite frankly, if at this point, they completely lack any eSports, I pretty much view them as behind the times. They need to hit a wormhole and join us in the future.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... Betfred test

Those four pillars represent key betting types that I’ll cover as part of this review. However, there are some specifics which really apply to everything equally. They are like a team of suns powering the betting planets, vital to life on each. While the importance of different betting types often comes down to preference, that is not generally the case here.

As I said, for the purposes of the Betfred experience report, I have to take a ‘more is better approach’ to ensure the offering here suits every users’ potential tastes. However, things like security and licensing, or decent design affects pretty much everyone regardless of those preferences. These are areas where Betfred betting needs to absolutely interstellar.

First steps on a brand new planet

As you’d likely expect from a bookmaker with the experience of Betfred, the registration process is made as easy as possible. While this is always important, I think it’s especially so for a bookmaker like Betfred. Their high street presence and broad appeal means they’ll have a more casual audience than others. Ease of use is therefore vital to their ability to enjoy what the site has to offer.

All you do is hit the green ‘Register; button and fill in the relevant details. These include account details like your username and password, and personal information like your name and date of birth. Required contact details include your email and phone number. This is also where you can add your security question. You’ll also add your address just using your postcode. This is a perfect example of how ease of use is clearly at the forefront of their mind.

Finally, you can choose your settings. This includes your currency and preferred marketing settings. This is also where you can add any promo codes. And that is it! It’s hardly rocket science!

Which lifeforms can utilise this operator?

In terms of who can use Betfred betting, I’m afraid to say it’s only available (according to my chats with customer service) for players from Great Britain, the Republic of Ireland and Gibraltar.

Speaking of customer service, they’re available firstly through the Help section. There’s plenty of great information here and from their responsible gaming section to the terms and conditions, they explain themselves very well. This includes any new Betfred bonus code you may need.

That said, I know that no matter how thorough a Help section, sometimes you need a little personal help. We all need to call ground control every once in a while. I utilised their live chat a bunch of different times and it never took longer than 10 minutes to get answers, even at peak times. Not only that but the responses I got were always thorough, helpful and well-considered.

Their services are also available to a wide variety of people in the sense that the limits here are very broad throughout. In other words, you don’t need to be a high roller to play here, but there’s scope to accommodate if you are.

A safe betting course

You can also feel secure in using their service. They’re licensed by the Gambling Commission in Great Britain, as well as the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. In addition, they have extensive responsible gaming advice and practical measures to show they’re living up to their responsibilities.

Similarly, they utilise age verification, with documents such as passports and driver’s licenses being used to verify your identity. Plus, the data provided here and elsewhere is protected through an extensive privacy policy and encryption technology.

UKGC - UK Gambling Commission
Nevada (US)
Colorado (US)
Iowa (US)
Arizona (US) Department of Gaming

A milky way of payment options

The following payment options are available at the time of writing: Betfred PayPal, Neteller, Bank Transfer, Skrill, Paysafe, debit or credit cards, and the Betfred shops. Full information on all of these different options can be found on the site itself.

The minimum deposit amounts tend to be between £5-£10, except for bank transfers: these come with a minimum Betfred deposit of £85. This is obviously a pretty big distinction, meaning that this payment method is only useful for higher rollers. In terms of speed, the e-wallet options are your best bet. However, they come with their own promotional restrictions. For a balance, debit cards will be right for a lot of people, with reasonable timeframes and good accessibility.

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In orbit: Discover the possibilities at Betfred

Take Betfred mobile wherever you may land

Betfred might be seen as more of a traditional bookmaker, but they’re lightyears ahead in terms of technical proficiencies. The Betfred apps – available on iOS and Android – are truly excellent. If the aim of a great mobile betting Betfred app is to perfectly shrink the desktop option to the small screen, then this is a mission accomplished.

It has a great intuitive design and a monstrous amount of content. In fact, there’s so much here, they had to split the Betfred casino app and sportsbook into different products. Even bingo gets a dedicated Betfred mobile option. It’s a decision that has clearly paid off, as I didn’t notice any significant loss of content and the customer reviews speak for themselves.

The view from up here – a look at Betfred’s design

I couldn’t help mention design in the mobile section but it’s well worth its own discussion here. Looks-wise, Betfred might not be going where no man has gone before. However, they make up for that in sheer efficiency.

From a structural point of view, their no-frills approach pays dividends. That’s a huge positive for our sportsbook comparison. They also have just enough flair to make sure that other areas like the casino and poker sections pop. That said, some may prefer more audacious casino design. This though, is a matter of preference, not an objective flaw.

Speaking of objective, I don’t think anyone can really doubt how good they are when it comes to technical performance. Essentially, they appeared to me to be flawless, with NASA approved levels of technical excellence. If they were a rocket, they would be a smooth ride with no turbulence.

Betfred Sports Betting

Setting our satellite on sports: Betfred sports betting test

With so many amazing operators out there, it can be tough to stand out – even when the bookmaker in question is excellent. Indeed, having looked at many betting operators over the years, I absolutely view Betfred betting to be exactly that.

The variety of sports markets here is a good place to start. In terms of sports covered, they have a whole universe of betting opportunities. It’s not surface level either. They especially excel when it comes to depth. As an example, for football, they cover everything you could hope for, including the Premier League to lower La Liga leagues. This is consistent across all of Betfred sports betting online. The structural excellence here is more than capable of pulling off all these markets in a simple way, which is vital for a great sportsbook.

It also generally makes it a more accessible, open and welcoming betting world. Not everyone wants to utilise a Betfred withdrawal option online. That’s not all when it comes to sports betting Big Bangs though, as their Totepool options also make them a serious innovator in these kinds of markets. Both of these elements for me are what makes Betfred’s sportsbook truly stand out.

In addition, the Betfred sports betting bonus selection is absolutely out of this world. Check out the terms and conditions for full details – our knowledge section can give you some context in this regard – in order to fully understand what’s being offered, including any relevant Betfred bonus code information. That said, I’m happy to say that from their ‘Get £30 in bonus bets’ to their Acca insurances, daily price boosts, and plenty in between, the Betfred bonus selection holds a consistently high standard.

Betfred go a little further than other betting providers and even allow you to bank in-store and utilise those funds online. This absolutely bridges the gap for a lot of people – especially, I think, people who enjoy sports betting. I personally know people who enjoy betting in-store and banking is often a reason why. With this innovative banking option, Betfred have opened up their world-class online sportsbook to a whole new audience.

All this is enough to make Betfred stand out. It puts them in unique company. However, it doesn’t make them unique. For me, what really stands out is actually how they crossover with their high street presence. The fact is that a lot of people still like going to betting shops and placing their bets in person. Having those shops there generally expands the scope of the site.

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Betfred Casino

A casino comet of gaming goodness: Betfred casino test

Often, it’s tough to find reasons why a particular betting section stands out from others like this Betfred casino test. That’s just the nature of markets that are so overwhelmed with competition. It’s like finding yourself in the middle of an asteroid field. Making your way through without at least bumping into a few, is tricky. It, therefore, says a lot that I actually think Betfred’s casino has a few different things that make it so special.

First off, there’s the exclusive games Betfred betting provides. Alongside their astounding amount of casino options in general – which even includes a totally separate Vegas and Bingo section – they find the time to craft something entirely new for their players. Once again, this is not instead of all the wonderful slots, tables, jackpot and other games available, but rather alongside them.

These exclusives include the thrice daily numbers game the Nifty Fifty, which is filmed every day in their own studios. It also includes the Fred’s Numbers Game, which takes place on Wednesday and Saturdays. On top of that, there’s new games added daily and exclusives on their Vegas section.

Plus, the exclusives don’t just stop there. Betfred not only partners with some of the best live casino developers in the world but they also provide their own offering too. Just so I’m clear, none of these are lip service. Betfred betting aren’t just providing exclusives but truly world-class exclusives.

The other way in which Betfred betting stands out here is through its excellent promotions. Now, casino promotions – sometimes fairly – have a poor reputation. I’ve certainly come across many casino bonuses that are completely out of orbit for most people. Often, they simply represent bad value. Thankfully, that’s not the case with Betfred betting.

The welcome bonus gives you free spins for a £10 Betfred deposit. The free spins acca is also excellent, as are the HotStepper Jackpots. These offer real, tangible value for casino users. It;s a shame that this is rather unique but unfortunately, some other casinos are still in a bit of a black hole in this regard. For more information on this and a whole lot of other subjects, be sure to check our lab section for many relevant articles and guides to help you contextualise what Betfred offers and whether they’re right for you.

50 Free Spins
Free Spins
Redeem Betfred Bonus
Betfred Poker

A planisphere of poker considerations: A Betfred poker test

Poker can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, operators often need time to build a user base. On the other hand, people are reluctant to get involved without a wide variety of bustling tables to choose from. The thing which really makes Betfred’s poker platform really worth your consideration is a symptom of their past success.

You see, before they ever had a poker section, Betfred were already immensely popular. What this meant is that they hit the ground running. They were full of rocket fuel and ready to go. They had momentum, and since then, things have just gotten better and better. As I went on Betfred poker, I was overwhelmed by the abundance of choice. In terms of games, tournaments and betting limits, the scale is absolutely massive. And like I said, this is an ongoing process. Like the universe, their poker options are ever-expanding.

I don’t want to undersell the events of Betfred here. While they certainly had a huge advantage in having that user base to begin with, they’ve really capitalised on this. They’ve provided excellent software, things like Twister Sit & Go, and that dizzying selection of tournaments in general.

They’ve made everything as easy to understand and to use as it could possibly be, therefore, fostering that casual audience base. They also made it detailed enough to still attract expert users. In other words, they’ve given people every reason to return and indeed, for more to join. The abundance of choice is no accident. I’d say that even though you could argue they had a head start, it’s a headstart based on their excellence elsewhere.

So, in a nutshell, why should you pick Betfred poker over all the others? The sheer amount of choice there, and because that choice makes them perfect for users of all preferences, skill levels and wallet sizes.

Betfred Esports

Extraterrestrial eSports: A Betfred eSports test

Betfred’s eSports offering does indeed look rather typical at first glance. In all honesty, I was initially a little bit let down. That’s not to say that anything they offer here is bad but because I am so used to Betfred excelling at this point. They see the limits of their universe and demand, like any adventurer, to go ever forward.

That was until I checked out the actual markets available. It became clear that once again, they had gone above and beyond. For instance, in a CS:GO match between Olej Napedowy vs Cyberwolves, there was a huge amount of interesting markets. Not only were their general winners but also 1st map winners, two-way odds, Asian handicaps and more, as just a few examples.

This wide selection was also backed up by excellent Betfred odds and its availability with the other sports promotions. Right now, eSports is in a transitional phase to where we can expect the level of market variety to increase to a comparable scale of traditional sports. It’s clear that Betfred are ahead of the curve.

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Betfred betting FAQ

1️ Is Betfred a quality sportsbook?

With so many service providers being available on the market, you need to ensure that you have signed up with a high quality one. The newcomers to the industry usually can’t keep the pace set by some of the bigger names but you might find that they offer the best sports betting bonus to attract customers to their service. We take the bonus into account alongside a number of other factors that are relative to a sportsbook quality. You can find out all about the Betfred service right here on our PlayersBest website and the information is available, free of charge.

❓ What do I need to open a Betfred account?

While you sign up with an online bookmaker, you will find that there is usually a list of details that need to be submitted before your account is opened. There will also be a number of documents to submit and you might find some unique requirements within each bookmaker service. No matter the case, our experts have thoroughly ventured into each service to determine exactly what you will need to get your account up and running. Visit our website now at PlayersBest to find a large range of information relative to the sports betting industry.

🎯 What sports can I bet on with Betfred?

Every sportsbook will have their own sporting markets that are available. These markets usually include the traditional favourites within each service but sometimes you will find that some more niche options are also available. It is always advisable to have a wide range of markets available to you so that you can have more opportunities to try and place that winning wager. If you are considering the Betfred bookmaker offer, be sure to read through our comprehensive review to find out exactly what they have available to meet your online sports betting needs.

🤔 Are Betfred odds good?

With all of the markets that are made available, there will always be a range of quality related to the odds that are provided. These odds are determined independently by each bookmaker as they try to determine the probability of an outcome within each market. With their own calculations being made, you might find that the odds available with some of them are simply better than others. While we review a bookmaker, we ensure to check the industry standard of a specific fixture’s odds and then compare the odds that are available with each bookmaker.

🗝️ Is Betfred safe?

Whenever you are dealing with an online service that requires transactions, you need to consider the safety of the service itself. Bookmakers make their website safe by including encryption methods within their service. This is important as it is the only defense between cyber criminals and your personal data. While we conduct our reviews, we take this into account to determine our sportsbook comparison. A close look is also taken at the licenses that each bookmaker has managed to provide as this provides our team with an insight towards the legitimacy of their service.

Betfred review: Conclusion

There are so many things that Betfred does well that I initially wondered how to decide what to highlight in this conclusion. Then I realised that was exactly the point. As great as the individual parts are, they make an even greater whole.

Betfred are a fantastically diverse option – not just in terms of sheer markets, but in every regard. Their design is approachable yet detailed. The poker section is the perfect example of that. They offer e-wallets but also let people pay in-store, meaning you can enjoy what Betfred has to offer no matter your level of comfort with online payments. They explain themselves beautifully, have consistent competitive odds and have so many betting options that it’s hard to imagine anyone missing out.

Often, I’ll say that reviews are identifying who this bookmaker is right for. In the case of Betfred betting, it’s an absolutely huge amount of people. Many sites will claim to be an everyman, but few can pull it off quite this spectacularly. They shoot for the stars and find themselves glittering.

Betfred Sports Bonus
300% up to £30 + 30 Free Spins
Go to Betfred Sports
  • Excellent sports betting bonus
  • Physical betting stores across the UK
  • Huge sportsbook

User Reviews for Betfred

4.5/5 – 2 User Reviews
  1. Beats the high st!

    Much prefer this site to visiting my local Betfred shop. I’ve got all the sports I can handle, along with casino games, bingo, poker… there’s almost too much choice. Particularly like Fred’s Picks in the games area :)

    Haven't found much to complain about... other than how long it takes to go through the entire site to find my favourite games!
  2. The complete package

    Really simple website design, which is great for the casual user, like me! Great welcome offer for the first time user as well. Also really like how it shows which broadcaster is showing the game! I’d give it 6 stars out of 5 if I could!

    Refer to the title, complete package!

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