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Betway Online Sports Betting & Casino Review 2021

Betway knows the way...

Betway is a huge site supplying everything you could want from an online bookmaker. Since its start in 2006, the Betway Group has grown to become a giant in the UK betting market. Today, it covers all major betting interests – great news for anyone ready to make their first wager there. At PlayersBest, we’re always focusing on discovering new contenders for the Best Betting Provider. Betway is a strong contender, as you’ll see when we guide you through the various features and services it offers in our Betway test.

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As eye-catching as a meteor shower

I’ve noticed when people are discussing online bookmakers, the Betway brand always factors into the discussion somewhere. This made me even keener to see how promising the Betway betting experience would be. The first thing I noticed was how simple and effective the home page is. There are six menu categories at the top – five for various gaming or betting areas and one for promotions. You can scroll down to see the welcome deal for each new site area too – the casino, the sportsbook, and more. So, come with me on my journey through the Betway site to see just how big it is – and whether it’s a strong contender for the best betting provider.

Betway Logbook: what happened so far

  • 2006: The Betway Group starts its offer.
  • 2018: Betway expands sporting coverage to include 50+ sports
  • 30 NOVEMBER 2020: We updated our Betway test

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our Betway review

Before we jump into our spaceship and journey around the various areas of the Betway site, we should see whether there are any Betway bonus code opportunities to collect before we depart. Our bookmaker reviews revealed how easy it is to spot the bonus for each area of the site, so let’s see just how good those bonuses are here. It’s reassuring to know we will receive a generous offer no matter what we land at Betway to do. From spinning the slots to betting on the latest horse race, everyone can shoot into orbit with a deal in hand.

We’d recommend exploring every area of Betway before considering opening an account. This should help guide us to the best area – and the best bonus – for our individual preferences. Of course, as a member, we can visit all the areas of the site to take advantage of everything on offer throughout. It’s no wonder we all feel like brave new explorers when we arrive on a site like this one; even without our guides as backup.

Betway sports betting bonus

Part of our sportsbook comparison process involves looking at any bonus to see how promising it looks. Will it scoop any coveted awards? We’ll continue our Betway review by confirming the first deposit match bonus offered to newcomers. The maximum match is £10, and we need to deposit at least that to get the deal. Only deposits made using PayPal or debit card (no credit cards here, as it is a UK site) qualify for this offer. They only ask 1x wagering on this, with odds of 1.75 and over. There are just seven days available from signup to complete the offer.

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Betway casino bonus

No Betway casino test would be complete without exploring the bonus for that part of the site. If this is the shooting star in the Betway collection watch for the 100% bonus on a first deposit of £10 or more. When claiming this at Betway, PayPal or debit card are the only methods to unlock the offer. As always, the terms and conditions are vital to read before we claim. Expect a 50x wagering limit here. That applies to all the offers we check out here. It’s a good rule to learn from our academy (gym).

Betway live & real bonus

And on we go in our lab to the live casino and real game experiences. None of our reviews (lab) would be complete without exploring the bonus for this area. If this is the planet we would like to land on, we can claim our 100% bonus worth a maximum of £50 by opting into this deal. Aside from reading the Ts and Cs, we should explore the different weighting given to various games inside this section. Some games will get us closer to the bonus completion terms than others, so that could affect how we move through the selection from that point. While the bonus applies to live games, there are other titles to find there as well. We’ll delve into that more later in our Betway experience report.

Betway eSports bonus

From real sports to the virtual kind, Betway really does cover everything. If we deposit £10 here, we can get the 100% match up offer. The applicable terms for this portion of our Betway eSports review are identical to the real sporting deal, but as always it is important that we should still read through them before claiming and getting underway with a virtual sporting bet.

Betway Vegas bonus

And on we go, taking in one last bonus before coming into land for the remainder of our Betway lab report. Vegas-style games get their own area on the site, with slots and casino games filling the void. We can opt into the 100% bonus offer here, claiming up to £50 as a result. We can choose from a debit card or PayPal account to claim it, as we would with the other offers that we’ve covered here.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... Betway test

So… is this website going to supply us with everything we will need for our journey around its various gaming and betting areas? The homepage suggests a site that is a breeze to use even when we are in deep space. They’ve achieved plenty, too, with various sponsorships and awards. The latter includes a Guinness World Record for triggering the largest jackpot payout on a slot, awarded in 2016. That jackpot reached into many millions, and the game is still available on the site now.

But we want to know how accessible the site is, how reassuring it is to play there and make whichever bets we wish. Payment methods, finding some help whenever we need it, and how easy the site is to use – these all have major roles to play on this spaceship. Let’s see how it fares.

Betway app potential

Can we use a Betway mobile site rather than being stuck on your computer? Absolutely – and we feel this is crucial to mention in a modern guide (gym) like this. More people than ever want easy access, and the site does offer various apps to use if you want them. There are Betway betting apps for Android and iOS, with links through to download them when you’re ready. They also have a sports app available for both platforms, and a separate Betway casino app as well. This means we can download whichever one has the services you are most interested in. Superb service, with no need to hop from one planet to the next to find what you need either. It’s quick too, thanks to the links they supply to go through to the appropriate app download store.

Signing up for Betway odds, games, and more

Assuming we come into land on the homepage at Betway, we’ll see a signup button in the top right of the screen. It’s always reassuring to see a logical process involved here, especially as we are supplying our information to the site in question. The signup process involves three steps – personal details, our account information, and finally some contact details. These same steps show up even if we select one of the JOIN NOW commands on the home page, involving an offer for one of the areas of the site.

Anyone creating an account must supply all their correct details, as Betway must by law check and confirm the identity of anyone joining. This helps prevent unauthorized use of payment methods or underage use. It may feel frustrating to go through this process, but it should make us all feel more secure. We can also read more about the process and why they complete certain steps by visiting the Getting Started page at the bottom of the site. In fact, it is ideal to go through this quickly before signing up, so we know what is in store for us there.

The minimum age for any member of Betway is 18. Furthermore, as the site is covered by the UK Gambling Commission, the terms and conditions make clear that only residents of the United Kingdom are welcome to sign up and use the site.

Betway deposit and withdrawal options

At first glance, as we stepped aboard this trip into the stratosphere, we did wonder where the banking page was. It seems an unusual omission, but there isn’t one… yet that doesn’t mean we cannot find all the details we need expert knowledge about the topic to write up our sportsbook comparison. Betway has sections on deposit queries and withdrawal queries inside the help section. As a UK-based site, we cannot use credit cards. We can, however, choose Visa Electron or other debit cards. Other methods include PayPal, Neteller, and Rapid Transfer via Skrill. So, while credit cards may have been left in another galaxy, we’ve still got plenty of convenient methods to go with here.

Finding your way around the galaxy

We know there is a host of delights to find at Betway. All the major gaming and betting areas are inside the main menu in the dark section at the top of the site. From there, we can go through to our chosen area in seconds, whether we choose sports, live and real, casino, eSports, or Vegas games. We have also got a fast link through to all available promotions from there. Dipping down to the bottom of the site takes us to 26 other links. It sounds like a lot, but they’re all going to take us to useful parts of the wider Betway site.

Among the important links, we found there are one on bonus terms, responsible gaming, terms and conditions, privacy and security, player protection, and the help area. Those are all vital links we would expect to see on our welcome tour around a site of this size. We can feel reassured we’re in for a safe journey before we take our seat for the trip ahead.

This may be the least thrilling part of our journey around the Betway betting site. However, it’s also one of the most important bits to check out before we play. We can see the UK Gambling Commission logo there, linked through to their active license information. We can also check their verification via the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). All good things to note, and there are lots more here too. The site has a certificate for eCOGRA and supplies links to Be Gamble Aware, Gambling Therapy, and GamStop. Playing on a fully licensed and regulated website is the most important feature of choosing any online casino to play at in the UK. Even though the site is registered in Malta, they have all the correct licenses in place for UK-based players.

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at Betway

Deciding to play at Betway isn’t the toughest part of this journey. The hardest bit is working out which part of the site to head for first. Let’s get into orbit and journey around the various planets as we orbit the larger Betway website.

A Unique Star: Betway Vegas

We don’t need to land our rocket near the Las Vegas welcome sign to experience a slice of Vegas action. It’s available in this section of the Betway site, giving us a chance to dip our toes into slots from major brands including NetEnt and Microgaming. Aside from the home tab, we’ve got nine other sections to visit in the red-hued menu. For example, the jackpots area includes Must Win Jackpots, so if that isn’t a reason to explore the Vegas segment, we’re not sure what is. There is a search facility we can use too, so if we’re looking for something specific, that’s where we can find an easy answer.

Betway Live

Keep it real with some real dealers and games in the live casino. Take a seat for some real roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and craps, along with a few other variations too. We noticed that some of the games crop up in different variants, such as Bollywood roulette, auto roulette, and Live Betway roulette. Over 20 games await whenever we fancy trying a real game or two here. Other sections of this area include tables, retro slots, and jackpots, so we’ve got more than just the live tables as well.

Betway Sports Betting

A Betway Sports Betting Test

The sportsbook is big yet easy to navigate. We’ve got some quick links to popular areas on the left side of the page, including daily horse racing cards, the Premier League, Daily Betway Boosts, and Bundesliga. It’s worth checking out the logos given to each main menu area too – the stopwatch for In-Play betting, for example, and a football for the footie section. If a sport has live options going on, Betway uses a small LIVE logo in white on a green rectangular background, which shows up surprisingly well despite its size.

All sports appear under the quick links, covering major sports such as football, horse racing, tennis, basketball, American football… if we can find the sport somewhere in this galaxy, chances are Betway has a space for it. The same LIVE logo appears next to all relevant sports when something is happening at that moment. A panel appears at the top of the sportsbook as well, changing between four promotional offers. We can see the welcome offer there, along with news of the opt-in Free Bet Club.

One appealing element of the Betway sports betting online service is the presence of Build Your Bet. We know that we cannot always rely on seeing this on other sites, but they’ve included it in their corner of the stratosphere. Even better, it is available before a match or event begins as well as in-play, so we’ve got all the options we could want. We also approved of the Responsible Betting panel in that opening area, giving us more details about how we can bet responsibly and stay in control. It’s nice to see they haven’t tucked that away out of sight.

Navigating our ship to the sport of interest and placing a bet is simple. We just need to select the odds to see them pop up on our bet slip. This contains a number in a green circle to tell us how many wagers are on that slip. Enter the stake and the estimated return (if things go our way, of course) appears on the slip as well. All nice and easy even for beginners.

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Betway Casino

A Cosmic Betway Casino Review

Even without the Betway casino app, we can easily explore all the areas of the casino online. If each category represented a planet in our solar system, we’d find all the usual suspects there with no unusual omissions. Slots take the stage here, with other game types including roulette and blackjack. They also include a Vegas-style section with yet more games to check out. However, with NetEnt and Microgaming titles forming a star-studded collection to explore, we won’t fall short of shooting for those stars.

To show just how varied the slot collection is, we can easily pick out some famous titles many players will have heard of. Cleopatra, Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, and Mega Moolah (the title famous for dropping some of the biggest jackpots in the galaxy) are all in the collection. There are others too, though, such as Final Furlong, which ties in nicely with the sportsbook offered elsewhere. Betway confirms that their collection consists of over 450 titles and counting, so finding something to suit your mood is simple enough.

It’s also worth mentioning that unlike many other casinos we might visit, Betway offers a few unique titles. Just as certain features are unique to certain planets, such as Saturn’s rings, for example, so certain slots are unique to Betway. You can try the Nevada Nights slot game to see what we think of that to start with. Whichever slots we choose, we’ll find plenty that qualify for the penny slot title. Even these have some other wagers to choose from though, as it is unusual to find a fixed wager per line or per spin. Settling on our budget before we all take this trip into the Betway casino universe is important, as we’ll see how far we can stretch it. It may go a lot further than we’d suppose, taking us many light-years into slot gameplay (or indeed the other casino games found there).

Finally, accessing the games online is simple whenever we would rather play on a computer. Conversely, visiting our favourite games on an Android or iOS device is easy too, albeit swapping to the touchscreen controls that make this version of the Betway rocket launch into our supernova gaming experience. One final thing to mention is the lack of poker here, which some players may or may not miss depending on how they approach their casino gaming. The closest we can get is just over a dozen or so video poker titles – more like a mix of poker and slots.

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Betway Esports

Putting Betway Esports to the Test

Since we visited the sportsbook area of the Betway site before we reached this part of the menu, we noticed the similarities. This is nice because it makes our trip through this part of the galaxy far easier to complete without taking any wrong turns. The major difference is that while the sportsbook takes on a green colour scheme in the menu and in that area, eSports uses purple. So, the live events appear with LIVE inside a purple rectangle instead of a green one. Beautifully easy to get the hang of and a straightforward way to dive into the eSports area without getting lost in the outer reaches of space.

Of course, the quick links here take us to some different areas, focusing on some of the most popular topics and games for eSports wagers. League of Legends, Dota 2, Starcraft 2, Rainbow Six, and Overwatch can all be found in this nest of delights. Interestingly, our bet slip (accessed in the top right of the menu area) still contained our sportsbook wager, which we then cleared to explore the new options in the eSports area for our Betway test.

The changing panels reappear at the top of this section, focusing on the welcome offer we mentioned earlier. We also spotted a Matched Free Bet opportunity, some eSports selections, and a weekly free bet chance. Below that, we have the various areas we can easily shortcut to using the tabs supplied. We’ve got popular, live now, boosts, coupons, and all eSports there. Boosts and coupons always make a good spot to start at because you can find deals there we may not spot anywhere else. We also liked seeing an introduction to eSports, ideal for those who are new to this and want to learn more about the various sports covered in this area.

As with the main sport area, we can look at live events or upcoming events to get the latest odds. Selecting them instantly adds them to our bet slip, which pops up on the right of our page. This clearly displays the nature of our bet, the odds, and has a space for us to enter our stake. Based on that, the estimated return comes up on the screen. We liked the identical design to the sportsbook with a different colourway to define it – it’s an easy way of figuring out where we are and does away with the need to learn a whole new format for a different part of the site too.

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Betway betting FAQ

🥇 How good is the Betway sportsbook?

Betway is one of the largest names within the sports betting industry but that doesn’t mean their service is best on the market. You might find that the reputation a company holds is only due to their numerous years on the market. When we browse through each sportsbook offer, we determine if the reputation manages to meet the quality of service that is expected from an online sportsbook. Our world-class review structure here at PlayersBest has been put to the test and you can find out the results of each bookmaker right here on our website. Head to our page to find out more.

💭 What do I need to open a Betway account?

If you have found the best bookmaker for your online wagering needs, you will have to go through the registration process before your account is able to complete wagers. This registration process is completely unique to each service provider and whenever we review them, our team makes sure to run through the process to find out if there is anything tricky while registering. You can find our expert opinions on Betway and how you can go about opening your account. Visit our website now for information like this and more.

🏉 Can I bet on any sport with Betway?

Most of the bookmakers on the scene today will provide coverage of the popular sporting markets, but you might find that some of them try to focus their service towards one specific market. There are also less spectated sports that provide interesting betting fixtures and it’s always a benefit to have these available. While we review a bookmaker, we take the time to determine the quality of the sporting markets that they have available. Before you commit to wagering on a new market, be sure to have a thorough understanding of sports betting strategy

🧾 What documents do I need to verify a Betway account?

With each service being different to the next, you will find that the documents they need to validate your account can also be quite different. While we browse through the service offer, we make sure to determine what documents you will need to get started with Betway. These usually involve identity verification and a proof of address but we will provide you with the specifics in our detailed reviews. Head to PlayersBest now to find information about Betway and every other topic within the sports betting world.

🔐 Is Betway secure?

The online world has become increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks and plenty of customers have been taken advantage of by cyber criminals. Online service providers will now include a variety of security measures that are put in place to keep your account and personal details safe. This is usually done using encryption methods and segregated storage of customer funds. While we have conducted our reviews, we have taken this factor into consideration and detailed our findings of each service. You can find out more by visiting our website here at PlayersBest.

Betway Review: Blast into Betway Utopia

When I realised how much Betway had rolled into their site, I was concerned about whether the design would stand up to presenting me with that much information. I need not have worried, though. The simple and clear colour choice for each area of Betway made it simple for me to see where I was and which games or sports I was looking at – real or otherwise.

It’s also fast. I did wonder whether the site would slow down because of all the areas and content there, but it was far quicker than many others I’ve visited and reviewed. Light years ahead of most others, in fact. It’s also nice to see I can get online and visit them whenever I want to. Having the iOS app on my smartphone made life easier too. I think many casino fans and sportsbook fans are going to rate Betway as highly as I did.

Betfred Sports Bonus
300% up to £30 + 30 Free Spins
Go to Betfred Sports
  • Excellent sports betting bonus
  • Physical betting stores across the UK
  • Huge sportsbook

User Reviews for Betway

4/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. Tons of choice

    Esports and Vegas join the casino and sportsbook segments I was expecting, and while I probably wont use the esports bit, Vegas looks good. Lots of bonuses as well which i always love to see.

    They default to sports promos and then ask you to log in to see anything.
  2. Seems good but doesn't have what I'm after

    I’ve used Betway for a while now. It has a really nice website and has good options for most sports, but is lacking in Formula 1, which is my favourite sport!

    Formula one racing just has betting on the race driver and team winner. I'd be looking for other bets, such as podium forecast betting, or qualification betting. This has led me to look elsewhere which is dissapointing. If they added those types of bets that would be great!
  3. A Great betting experience made easy

    Being quite the cynic at heart I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy the betting sites were to navigate. It was great to be able to switch between my desktop computer and mobile app that worked just perfectly. The odds are competitive too, which will make me come back for more.


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