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Karamba Stellar Online Sports Betting & Casino Review 2021

A cosmic guide to Karamba betting

This is one of my greatest explorations. There’s no doubt that the Karamba bookmaker is one of the most ambitious operators I have ever come across – which is why I’m glad I have all of you to help look through every piece of cyberspace from the Karamba sports betting bonus to the Karamba eSports test to really get to grips with everything this tropical juggernaut has to offer.

As you will see as we break down the pieces which make Karamba so critically acclaimed and beloved by many users, this is an operator with many parts. It can offer different betting experiences depending on how you prefer to bet. Still, there’s plenty to see if you want to find out if this might be the perfect betting destination for you. I think there can be little doubt though that this one betting site that is shooting for the moon.

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Preparing for blast-off into our Karamba review

Today I’m recruiting Earthlings from the lump of grass, mud and water known by your kind as “the UK” to help me explore one of the most intriguing betting operators in the entire cyberspace cosmos. I refer, of course, to the Karamba bookmaker.

They have a great reputation and I’m told an incredibly broad selection of betting options. But with so many superstars in the betting world, the question remains whether they can stand out among such spectacular competition. Are Karamba worthy of one of our coveted PlayersBest awards?

Well, the only way to stop gravity from pulling you down to mediocre operators is by rocketing off on an interstellar investigation. Don’t worry if the cosmos seems overwhelming – you have your captain here to help guide you through.

Karamba Logbook: What happened so far

  • 2005: Karamba is founded and launches online
  • 18.06.2015: Karamba launches on the App Store
  • 29.10.2021: We enlisted our crew to investigate this highly regarded operator

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our Karamba review

When you’re part of my crew, one of the most important things to understand is that the trajectory to excellence is all about detail. You’re lucky enough to have an incredible selection of bookmakers available to you in the UK. And that means that for my space goggles, it’s not enough to be merely good an operator anymore. They have to be exceptional. But how do we know whether one is exceptional?

At the PlayersBest lab, our team knows that the only way of separating the great from the good is by checking every nook and cranny of what makes that operator tick. From the Karamba bonus code to Karamba mobile and everything in between, I intend to leave no stone unturned.

Of course, every great launch needs a sequence to follow to ensure success. That’s why my first duty here is to simply guide you through what kind of services are offered. These are the parameters, if you will, of my sportsbook and PlayersBest casino comparison.

A sportsbook spotted through my telescope 

It’s not much of a surprise to me that the Karamba sports betting offer appears to get less attention than its casino equivalent. Style-wise, Karamba looks very much like it follows the aesthetic of a rather tropical casino offering throughout – and doesn’t change that much when you switch to sports.

However, it’s clear that despite unconventional looks, Karamba takes its sports betting very seriously indeed. There’s a huge selection of sports here, including Karamba sports betting online live betting. You can enjoy not just all kinds of options like football, cricket and tennis, but lesser-known options as well. They also don’t just stick to top leagues, meaning you should be able to enjoy betting on your local team should they be in the lower divisions with Karamba.

You can search through events of the in-play schedule to see what’s available to you right now. Karamba odds look competitive throughout. The only thing missing in terms of what’s available for a Karamba sports betting test is horse racing and live streaming.

In addition, at the time of writing, there were several Karamba sports betting bonus options available. These include a welcome offer of a £10 free bet and free entry into a  £3,000 Karamba Battle tournament. All you need to do to get the free bet is play £20 at minimum odds of 1/1. The tournament is one of many that are available on the site, with rules and criteria changing daily to keep things fresh and interesting.

Other offers include Premier League and Euro Elite daily match battles with a £1,000 cash pool, Beat the Bot competition where predicting five things correctly in a row can win you a £20 free bet, and accumulator boosts for four or more selections.

Vitally, the terms and conditions of these promotions really are outstanding. Of course, I recommend you check them out yourself to ensure you get the most up to date information. But, for instance, there’s no wagering requirement on the free bet, tournaments are made so casual players can get involved in as many instances as possible, and a fourfold bonus for accumulators means it’s well within reach of your average multiple bettor.

It’s a very broad Karamba betting selection for sure, and one which I have no doubt will please many of my fellow travellers.

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A colourful casino capable of lighting up the night sky 

While I would certainly contest, based on what I’ve seen, that Karamba is much more of a jack-of-all-trades than it would initially appear, there can be no doubt that the main event – the sun to the rest of its stars – is the online casino. That’s not just because the casino is what Karamba is best known for. I don’t base PlayersBest reviews on reputation. They’re based on what I can see, and what I can see here is an absolutely astoundingly varied and detailed collection of casino games.

First and foremost, one vital piece of PlayersBest knowledge to better understand online casinos is that a large part of the quality available actually depends on third-party sources. Generally speaking, your operator won’t be making the games you play themselves. This is certainly the case with Karamba casino. Instead, they hire outside software developers to do it for them, so the quality of the games you play relies on those associated names.

Well, what a list for this Karamba casino review. You’ve got the likes of Microgaming, NetEnt, Quickspin and Big Time Gaming. You can even search for the developer you like – and you may need to, considering the vastness of their library. Slots, jackpots and table games are just the start. They have all kinds of weird and wonderful titles to explore, including a deeply impressive selection of scratch cards. Quality titles are found throughout, from classics like Fire Joker and Starburst to brand new releases. This is a site which, like the universe, is ever-expanding.

Perhaps most impressive of all though is their live casino. It’s arguably my toughest Karamba casino test and they blew my expectations out of my space boots with an amazing, high-quality library. This features classics like roulette and blackjack to modern hits like Dream Catcher and Monopoly. It’s a Karamba online casino triumph.

This is before we get to one of my favourite parts of this Karamba casino review: the promotions. They have a massive, planet-sized monster of a bonus with their 100% matched Karamba casino bonus up to £50 plus 100 free spins. Again, there’s plenty of great competitions for you to get involved in, including a weekly £2,000 prize draw and a Play’N Go Dead tournament for up to £5,000, available at the time of writing.

Terms remain competitive even with casinos virtually always having tougher conditions. For instance, the wagering requirement for the welcome offer is 35x, which is significantly less than you can expect from other casinos offering bonuses of a similar magnitude. It’s clear that from top to bottom the Karamba casino offering is aiming for PlayersBest best casino award winning status.

100% up to £50 + 20 Free Spins
Deposit Bonus
Redeem Karamba Bonus

Set your force beams to ecstatic with the Karamba eSports collection 

To be entirely honest, while I thought there might be some eSports options here for my Karamba sports betting review, I certainly was not expecting this. There are quite literally hundreds of eSports markets available to bet on as I conduct this Karamba eSports test.

Not only that, but I’ve repeated my Karamba eSports review on market variety multiple times now and have returned with the same result. There’s loads of leagues to choose from, including great live action from League of Legends and Counter-Strike to the old school Starcraft 2 competitions. It’s not just an addition to your traditional sports section, but is clearly considered every bit as important. What a forward-thinking site – perhaps I should invite them onto my crew.

A partial adventure into the poker cosmos 

Unlike my overview for the Karamba eSports review, I can’t fairly say that poker holds as much importance here. That said, there are three options for a Karamba poker test on the live casino. If you want me to conduct a Karamba poker review on them, I’ll happily say they’re all utterly exquisite.

However, for those of you looking for dedicated poker software which will allow you to compete directly against several other players, I’m afraid this is one part of the Karamba experience report that might let you down.

Lift-off: Get a headstart with our Karamba test

Now you should have a good idea of what’s available from this operator, from the sports betting bonus to a quick look at my Karamba poker review. But – as those familiar with our PlayersBest training guide should know – that’s far from all that’s important in terms of your enjoyment of a betting site.

There are plenty of other practicalities for us to check out to ensure that Karamba offers a wide variety of market and casino game options, as well as offering everything else it needs to be an enjoyable platform on a broader level. Here’s a breakdown of key considerations to find out whether Karamba is worthy of a Captain’s recommendation.

Registration process: One small step for Karamba

Whether you’re interested in the Karamba slots or are serious about sports betting, the first place to begin remains the same. Registration is a two-step process. You’ll begin by hitting the lovely pink “Join” button at the top right-hand corner of your screen. This should take mere moments. All it asks is for you to choose a relevant email address as well as a password.

Do note that this site and all of its promotions have a strict one account per person rule. This even extends to not just email and physical address, but even your IP address as well.

Speaking of addresses, you’ll need to add yours in step two, along with your phone number, date of birth and any relevant Karamba bonus code. It’s nothing out of the ordinary from what I expect here at PlayersBest. Finally, opt in to receive promotions if you wish (I’d recommend it to avoid missing out). That’s all there is to – nice easy process, and no pressure to add funds if you don’t want to, big thumbs up from me.

Securing the bay doors: Ensuring your security

Following registration, the next vital thing for me to check is security. Put simply, whether you’re interested in Karamba sports betting online or any other part of my Karamba review, this is one area I hope all my recruits will agree there can be no compromise. And there doesn’t have to be.

MGA - Malta Gaming Authority
UKGC - UK Gambling Commission

Karamba is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, has excellent encryption to keep your data safe, a fair privacy policy, a great reputation and takes responsible gaming seriously. Everything you need to know about this matter is also made easy to find, with almost everything relevant being linked to at the bottom of the page.

Availability to Earthlings: Payment options and geographical restrictions

The focus of this Karamba test is on UK users, so in terms of geographical restrictions, readers from that stretch of Earth can enjoy everything I’ve discussed here, including promotions. This means too that the Karamba betting tax is based on UK law for customers from that region.

Credit Card
Instant Transfer

Beyond that, it’s important we tackle payment options because if you can’t find a way to add your Karamba deposit, then it may as well be blocked for you. Luckily, there are plenty of options both for deposit and for Karamba withdrawal. You have Visa/Mastercard, Karamba PayPal, Trustly, MuchBetter and paysafecard all available to UK customers. Fees and transaction times are also reasonable for those options. That should be plenty for pretty much everyone, except perhaps those hoping for cryptocurrency options.

Travelling with reduced mass by going mobile

There’s no need to take the biggest rocket in the station with this one, as Karamba is perfectly capable of offering you everything you need, whether it’s on your mobile browser or iOS Karamba app.

Everything appears to be included from its desktop bigger brother as far as I can tell. Some people may initially be alarmed because it’s generally named the Karamba casino app but rest assured, the excellent sports betting selection is also here, meaning you can get to grips with Karamba sports betting while on the go. Our Karamba casino test noted no loss of games or content. The only downside would be a lack of dedicated Android app.

A shiny ship with plenty of rocket power: Testing the design

My look into design is two-fold. The first is the site and app appearance. It has a tropical vibe and I think is rather easy on the eye. If you like your casinos colourful, this might be right up your neck of the Milky Way. But of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I’ll leave that up to you.

The next is technical performance. I found Karamba to be perfectly sound regardless of the many devices I used for my Karamba test. There was minimal slowdown, smooth animations and live coverage throughout. I’d say where it really flourishes in terms of design though is in the structure of the site and app. They have so much to balance here in terms of games and markets, but it does so with an ease that is positively gravitational.

Don’t crash land: Contact customer service

An often overlooked area of the user experience is the customer service – largely because quite often, they’re not used until they’re really needed. Well, don’t wait for an issue before checking out what’s available.

At Karamba, you have both email and live chat support available seven days a week between 8am and midnight CET. And they really do go to the stars and back for you, with responses close to the speed of sound and ones as helpful as my very own mission control.

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at Karamba

Many betting sites which offer as much as Karamba really make that their bread and butter in terms of their selling point. And to be fair, I’d say it’s a fairly good one. Do you want to balance the sports market with the Karamba online casino? Then you have come to the right place – especially when their product remains as consistent as it is. However, they go even further than that.

Something that really stood out to me was the sports market variety – perhaps best exemplified by the awesome eSports selection. Really, it would be reasonable for a site doing so much and best known for their casino to not need any kind of extra eSports test. But so impressive was their selection that it was every bit as good as the traditional options. That variety of eSports certainly makes Karamba stand out from the crowd.

In addition, there’s also great cash out features across their amazing sporting selection. The only thing I’d like to see added would be a bet builder. Beyond that, it was a truly planet-sized surprise.

Another area I really felt Karamba felt unique in was its commitment to crafting interesting tournaments and competition across both the Karamba casino bonus and the Karamba sports betting bonus. Not only are these competitions a great bonus in the sense of pure value but they’re also creative, fun and provide a sense of community. This appears to be Karamba’s focus for their community and I actually think it’s a really effective change of pace.

Ultimately, I’d say that what really has provided them with such outstanding customer feedback is that they manage to balance entertainment with great fundamentals, from excellent customer service to the statistics available across many sporting markets.

Karamba Sports Betting

A cosmic afternoon with the Karamba sportsbook

In this review I concluded that a lot of people would likely really enjoy their time with Karamba – and well, when it came to the Karamba sports betting test, I’m happy to count myself among them. Since this is the first part of my personal Karamba experience report, I think now is as good a time as any to mention that registration and banking were a breeze for me. There are plenty of relevant ways to Karamba deposit and withdraw, from Karamba Paypal to debit card, to give but a couple of examples.

What I really liked about the sports betting wasn’t just the great variety, but the great statistics that were available across many markets. I also found the sportsbook welcome offer – even without any Karamba bonus code – easy to use and an ideal way to get acquainted with the site. As there’s no wagering requirements attached, it really felt like the pressure was off. I could just loosen my astronaut helmet and enjoy.

Plus, I could get even more invested in an easy way through the many great tournaments available. This really brought this side of Karamba sports betting online to life for me and didn’t just provide more ways to win but also gave me a reason to get invested in European tournaments more than I would have otherwise. It’s a great time all round, I’d say.

50% up to £10
Free Bet
Redeem Karamba Bonus
Karamba Casino

Spinning the wheel with the Karamba casino

I absolutely adore table games. That’s why this was my first place to call in my Karamba casino test too – and I was not let down. The table games available on the regular casino were great examples of what the site is capable of technically. But the tour de force for me was the live casino. It’s an astoundingly good selection of games and because the site operates so smoothly, I could really put my rockets to this experience and blast off into a realm of roulette wheels, blackjack tables and spinning wheels of escapism.

I also don’t like to bet a lot – cautious captains and all that – so the fact that the limits were well suited to casual players really helped me out a great deal. Of course, that’s not all that’s found here. I also immensely enjoyed the slot selection. Although my personal highlight, possibly of the whole Karamba casino test was the live casino, you could certainly argue there’s no better example of their excellence than the slots variety.

This is a parade of many of the finest developers in the land, meaning whether it’s big jackpots, great graphics, innovation and creativity or just plain good game fundamentals you’re after, it’s all here. I really cannot imagine anyone walking away from the Karamba casino feeling anything other than satisfied.

100% up to £50 + 20 Free Spins
Deposit Bonus
Redeem Karamba Bonus
Karamba Poker

An excellent addition of Karamba poker

Just to be clear, poker is not the biggest part of Karamba. But in a way, that makes it even more impressive that even in the areas where Karamba has not completely focused, they’ve still ensured nothing falls below their supersonic standards. And indeed, I had a lovely time trying out the live casino poker games. It’s a wonderful addition to a truly mesmerising, engrossing live experience, whether at home or on the Karamba app.

Karamba Esports

Additional eSports excellent: Spacecore approved

I don’t want to go round and round like the Earth’s gravitational spin here so I’ll make this point brief: the commitment to eSports available at Karamba is simply astounding.

What I really enjoyed was not just the variety of specific markets, nor the competitive Karamba odds – great eSport odds can be tough to find, you know – but also the number of games available. It got me invested in titles that I never usually consider. Also, as a captain who has been around the solar system once or twice, the inclusion of that sadly now sometimes forgotten classic Starcraft 2 got plenty of brownie points from me.

50% up to £10
Free Bet
Redeem Karamba Bonus

Karamba review: Conclusion

Well, I don’t know about how all you new recruits felt about this great cyberspace adventure, but I for one am all tuckered out. It’s no surprise really, Karamba is an unassuming giant of an operator, with an incredible amount to offer a very broad net of different kinds of online gamblers. It excels in areas I really didn’t expect, and in terms of focusing on the entertainment aspects of what makes a betting site great, there’s arguably none better.

When it comes to a good betting site – and let’s be honest, at this point there’s no doubt that the Karamba bookmaker is a very accomplished one – I always ask myself how many people I think this particular star system of gambling goodness will appeal to. Well, there’s very few I’ve ever come across that I believe will have the mass appeal of this one, with so many reasons to sign up, not just for casino fans, but so many more.

I absolutely think if you’re interested in a site that gives a little bit of everything with a whole lot of tropical flair, they’re worth checking out.

Karamba Sports Bonus
50% up to £10
Go to Karamba Sports
  • Useful betting statistics
  • Excellent sportsbook offers
  • Wide range of sports markets

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