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Spreadex Online Sports Betting & Casino Review 2021

Spreadex spreads its charm across the galaxy

Spreadex has proven the quality of its spread betting offer since it began in 1999. I soon realised it covered 16 major sports, alongside many casino attractions. Finding my way around was simple.

With in-play sports, spread betting, fixed odds, and a full suite of casino games, Spreadex aims for the stars and lands among them with confidence. If you’ve never been to this corner of the galaxy before, my Spreadex experience report will bring you along for a fascinating ride. Let’s head to the PlayersBest Lab now to get the facts.

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Spreadex offers tons of info in a compact design

I’ve always thought awards tell us plenty about the quality of a sports betting and casino site. I can certainly include Spreadex in our best sports betting site awards, as they’ve received plenty over the years for their spread betting offer. Yet they’ve compiled tons of games within their casino area too, so it’s clear they’re not just focused on one area as a Spreadex bookmaker. Here, though, I’m going to make sure you know about the customer service, mobile accessibility, licenses, and everything else as well. Prepare for our journey into the beyond in the PlayersBest Spreadex test.

Spreadex Logbook: What happened so far

  • 1999: Spreadex starts its offer.
  • 2017: Named Spread Betting Operator of the Year at EGR Awards
  • 9. FEBRUARY 2021: We updated our Spreadex test

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our Spreadex review

It soon became clear there were plenty of sights to see in our interplanetary exploration of the Spreadex website. Digging into all the corners, exploring all the features… it all takes time and we’ve made sure we devoted plenty of that to our review. Spreadex offers spread betting and regular fixed odds betting for sports, along with a casino packed with slots above all else. We’re covering all those features – and many more – right here for you.

Let’s begin with navigation. A site as large as Spreadex could make it harder to find our way around, but that’s not what happens upon arrival. Instead, we can see the three main areas of the site right at the top – sports, casino, and financials. We are concerned here with the sports and casino offers, so we’ll cover those in turn later. It’s enough to say here that the site design makes it simple to move from one to another at any stage.

First, though, we should cover other vital features every reliable bookmaker and casino should offer. The top menu is simple, giving us a submenu of areas to visit that changes depending on whether we’re in the sports or casino sections. As we scroll partway down the page, we see an extras column on the left when we’re in the sports section. This includes areas such as:

  • Get started
  • Help & support
  • Terms and agreements
  • Contact us

We’d recommend that anyone visiting the site for the first time should begin there. Those links take us to plenty of informative pages, covering many of the questions that might appear as we begin our journey around their online universe.

Contacting the Spreadex team

We evaluate all sites that go through our bookmaker reviews in terms of customer service, so let’s see what the contact area can offer. Having discovered where to find the contact page via that extras menu in the sportsbook, it takes a second to hop across to that page. Upon arrival, we find there are separate contact areas for the different parts of the site. This is great because it makes it easier to head straight for the right team. They’ve got a sports trading room, a separate one for the financial trading room, and the main customer service team. Clarity and accessibility are two words we can certainly use in this area of the site. A feeling of trust is there from the start.

The sports trading room has a Freephone number for UK-based members. They also list their full Freepost address and an email address. The sports trading hours are 24/7, while the customer services hours are between 8am and 5.30pm seven days a week. However, in every case, we can go through to someone with a question by using the live chat in the bottom right corner of the screen. We didn’t need to enter an email or any login info either. There is a space to enter a question to begin the live chat. We can see from all this info that it’s possible to tick the box next to the accessibility question of our Spreadex review. It’s important here to note that Spreadex responds to questions from non-members. Anyone curious about signing up who has questions first can get the answers easily enough.

Additional help and advice

We were impressed by the help and support area, listed among the other extras we already mentioned. This includes FAQ sections for sports, mobile casino, technical topics, and account queries. We also realised that we could position our cursor over the help and support tab in the menu on that page and see all the available options that way too. This is another example of how navigating the giant universe that is Spreadex is far easier than we suspected it would be. Once we looked through all the topics included in these areas, it became clear that we may not need to contact them at all. That’s a positive sign for a site that is already making a strong impression.

Licenses and reliability

We shouldn’t zoom through the atmosphere around any site like this without first checking its legitimacy. Spreadex Ltd is confirmed to have authorisation for spread betting from the Financial Conduct Authority. They’re regulated by the FCA as well. Meanwhile, they are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom. The UKGC has granted them a licence, and the account number is confirmed as 8835. This covers their fixed odds and casino offerings. There is also a clear note near the bottom of the website that confirms the site is only available to those aged 18 and over. Of course, they’ve also been around for over 20 years, so that tells us they’re not a short-term operator. They’ve built up trust and established themselves as a leader in the industry.

As with all other entries in our guide (gym), we recommend would-be players and bettors check the full terms laid out by a website like Spreadex. The terms and agreements are accessible via the bottom of the page. One section covers the sports, fixed odds, and casino offering, so it’s vital to check this out before boarding the spaceship to soar toward some real action at Spreadex. That page also covers risk warnings, customer agreements, and the privacy policy. It’s wise to spend a few moments checking through all that information before signing up to be a member of Spreadex.

UKGC - UK Gambling Commission

Their approach to responsible gambling

It took a while to find the information on this. We often land our exploratory ship at the bottom of a website, where we most often find links to responsible gambling pages. At Spreadex, we spotted links to problem gambling support at GamCare, and the GamStop link as well. However, when we steered our way into the terms and agreements page, we found a responsible gambling link there. This revealed far more in-depth details about many topics, including these:

  • Timeouts
  • Self-exclusion
  • Casino reality checks
  • Maintaining control

It’s a comprehensive area that takes a responsible approach to their position in the industry. It’s packed with many useful links, details, and suggestions for making sure players stay on the right side of responsible betting. They’ve also added links to Gamblers Anonymous, Gambling Therapy, and Gamble Aware. The degree of clarity here is impressive and reassuring.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at... Spreadex test

Whether we are conducting a casino comparison or comparing one sportsbook with another in our testing lab, we need to consider bonuses, site accessibility, and banking facilities. We’ll cover all those in this section. PlayersBest typically covers all the features players want to read about. However, we also cover all the crucial areas that aren’t as exciting yet are perhaps most important of all. Here we go.

Discovering the Spreadex bonus potential

Whenever we land on a new planet offering sports or casino betting, we usually see a promotions area somewhere in the main menu. That’s not the case at Spreadex though, so we had to dig a little deeper when looking for this specific type of moon rock. While on the sportsbook page, we looked at the extras menu on the left side of the screen. This included a section on promotions, so once we found this, we were rocketing quickly toward some answers on this topic.

The first bonus to mention is the Spreadex sports betting bonus we found while steering a path around the mobile site. This offers up to £300 cashback or an iPad when we open a Spreadex account and place £300 worth of spread bets on qualifying markets in the first 28 days of membership. Anyone qualifying under those terms can then choose which option they would prefer. The terms also state that qualifying wagers totalling less than £300 will receive matched cashback to that amount. The terms state that cashback is assumed for those reaching the £300 limit. A member wanting the iPad must either phone or email the team to request the iPad instead. We should also say that we found the same deal while exploring the account opening offers at the main casino. This means it is available no matter how someone accesses the site when signing up.

What about other bonuses for established members?

That promotional page reveals other offers players can grab if suited to them. For example, we found a spread-free betting offer. This required players to place three spread bet wagers for their qualifying markets inside 10 minutes. If this requirement is met, the fourth bet will be counted as the midpoint of the bet instead of the top or bottom of the range. This isn’t a free deal, but it does give bettors access to the midpoint for betting, which wouldn’t normally be possible. We liked the fact that Spreadex gave an example of this underneath details of the offer. This makes it easier to work out how to benefit from the spread-free approach.

The site also has a refer and earn programme. This works in much the same way as other referral programmes. Recommending the site to others who go on to sign up is the first step. They need to quote your name and postcode when receiving a call from the accounts team while setting up their account. If they meet the terms for that offer, placing five qualifying wagers on sporting events at £2 or more each time. Moreover, the winnings or losses from each bet must be £20, otherwise they won’t be valid.

If all the terms for that offer are met, the referring member would receive a spread bet for £100 Total Goals. This would be available as a free bet option appearing on the bet slip at that point. The site lists the full terms and conditions for this, with numbered points to make it easier to work out what’s required to meet the conditions. It’s clear and in readable print too, rather than being the dreaded small print.

How to make a Spreadex deposit or withdrawal

Many members might want to use an e-wallet, perhaps using a Spreadex PayPal service, for example. However, the payments information makes it clear that no online wallets are currently permitted. They do give us a clear list of acceptable payment methods to use at the site:

  • UK debit card
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Cheque
  • Direct debit
Credit Card

Some of these may surprise some people, especially those who are used to signing up and depositing with an online wallet method. Players choosing a card method must register online or by phone, not via a smartphone. They also charge a nominal £1 fee for depositing less than £50 a time via any card method.

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at Spreadex

Spreadex app possibilities

Gaming on the go – and making a sports wager via a smartphone or tablet – is becoming more commonplace. This is something Spreadex is clearly aware of. When we were on the main sportsbook page, we looked at the links at the bottom of that page and found invitations to download Spreadex apps. The iOS app is a sports betting app for iPad and iPhone. These apps have excellent reviews from current users, although we noticed they did not include casino access. They do, however, include multiple features such as Bet Builder, live streaming, spread betting, and fixed odds betting prices.

A similar app is available for Android too – free to download and offering all the features seen in the iOS app. Once again, though, there is no sign of a Spreadex casino app, nor of it being part of the sports app. So, casino players are restricted to playing on their computer or via the standard URL on a mobile browser. Both the iOS and Android apps offer secure login via a PIN.

One final important point to note is that Spreadex also offers a mobile site for its sportsbook. The link for this version appears at the bottom of the standard sportsbook. If we visit on a tablet or smartphone, we therefore must check the bottom of the landing page to find the link. This enables us to see the best layout for the device we are using. We then found the main menu links at the bottom of our screen, including the login command and the bet slip.

A pioneer of virtual sports

The virtual sports sit at the far right-hand end of the menu in the sports section of the website. When we visited the Spreadex bookmaker, we found a handful of available e-sports to choose from:

  • Football
  • Horse racing
  • Greyhounds
  • Motor racing
  • Badminton
  • Table tennis

These could change depending on upcoming events in the eSports arena. However, we could easily switch between spread betting and fixed odds for each sport. The site lists the match markets below the screen showing the live match in the selected sport. The graphics are superb for these virtual sports. This is something we quickly noticed while writing our Spreadex eSports review. We could also see a live countdown to the next match starting if there wasn’t a live one happening. This is an active part of the website and one of the best approaches to virtual sporting events we’ve seen.

Spreadex Sports Betting

Navigating around the Spreadex sports betting offering

Our Spreadex sports betting review begins here. The landing page gives us a look at the sports arena as it stands now. They display current in-play matches to the left of the page. We can select anything that catches our eye to go into a dedicated page for that match. One of the most impressive things we should include in our academy (gym) is that the stats on each match or head-to-head are huge. They update live too, so it’s easier to check where we might wish to place a bet.

The Spreadex betting offer also covers a universe of popular sports. Basketball, football, cricket, tennis, snooker, and greyhounds all make it onto the list. We even spotted politics in there, along with e-sports and virtual sports, so we get a superb mix of action in all these fields. The most popular sports appear in the menu, with dropdown panels popping up for horse racing and football. These panels show the next races and most popular matches where relevant. It’s simple to start looking at some Spreadex odds before placing a bet.

Spreadex offers both fractional and decimal fixed odds betting. We can switch between them using the dropdown control on the far right of the sports landing page. This option is tucked away underneath the virtual sports part of the menu. Below that, we have a live streaming facility, available to logged-in players. This is limited to certain sports and events, but it’s great to see it. Navigation is always easy at Spreadex too, thanks to the sharp black headers for each individual section. We also saw a logo next to each sport or match. So, for example, tennis matches get a tennis ball, and the horse racing gets a horse and rider galloping along.

When we go into a specific sport to see whether we’d like to place a bet, the Spreadex betting format gives us plenty to look at. It’s simple to switch between spread betting and fixed odds using the toggle buttons supplied. We can bet on outright markets, along with guessing the outcome of a match or part of a match. In the case of football, for example, we could guess the total corners, who will score in the match, and how many goals are scored in the total time. There’s plenty of variation with the bet slip always appearing on the right of the screen. Considering the amount of information poured into this page – the equivalent to the controls in a spaceship, you might say – Spreadex has excelled at making sure it all makes sense. It’s great to look around and settle in before placing that first bet.

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Spreadex Casino

Landing on the Spreadex online casino planet

It doesn’t take light years to reach the Spreadex casino offering. We can spot it as one of the three parts of the site showcased at the top of the landing page. Upon arrival, we can start exploring this part of the Spreadex universe by glancing across the five main menu areas:

  • Popular games
  • New games
  • Slots
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack

We then see the sports and financials areas included at the far right of those options, separated by vertical lines. This means it is easy to return to those if desired. For now, though, we’ll hop into our spacesuits to take some steps into the casino. It’s time to find out whether this is the best online casino we can hope to visit. Early signs are promising too, given the new game displayed at the top of the page and plenty more great titles promoted beyond that.

The Spreadex online casino takes us through over 60 games on that first page. We can select any of them to play from there too. However, we are prompted to log in via a popup box before we can begin. This confirms that the site sticks to the rules laid down by the UK Gambling Commission. No demo titles are playable until a player has signed up and confirmed their identity and that they are of legal age to play. If someone hasn’t signed up yet, the signup link is at the top of the casino page.

The games seen on that first page are among the popular games on the site. We recognised lots of titles too, including Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, Ozzy Osbourne Video Slots, and Arcane Reel Chaos. A little detective work revealed that many of their games come from industry leader NetEnt. We counted 94 slot games in that section of the Spreadex casino. NetEnt does typically include demo versions of their game. These should be available to logged in players if curious to explore further before betting on them.

We then spotted a small yet well-formed collection of three roulette games. Small it may be, but it covers American, European, and French roulette. The range of bets here goes from £1 per play, reaching a maximum of £5,000. That means most budgets ought to fit with these titles. Meanwhile, the blackjack area has just one game to offer. This covers bets of between £1 and £500. As for betting on the slot games, the titles on offer give players a spread of wagers from a penny per payline up to several pounds. Some have scope for far bigger bets than others. Fortunately, it is easy to check which ones are more expensive before we play.

For tips on casino gaming, head to our training centre to update your knowledge on all the best slots and table games.

Spreadex sports betting FAQ

✋ How do I bet on Spreadex?

If you are visiting Spreadex for the first time, you’re going to have some questions on how you can bet on the site and use its many features. It’s different from certain other sites you may have visited. Fortunately, you can trust our experienced team at PlayersBest, delivering a comprehensive review of Spreadex so you can see how it all works and how to place your wagers.

❔ How does Spreadex work?

Spreadex has become well known among those looking to bet on popular sports, along with those that are not as well known. Finding your way around the sports betting area is your first task, although this is easy to do and brings you plenty of knowledge about the site. You can learn more about how it works when you read our site review too.

⚾ Can I get Spreadex sports mobile?

Are you using Spreadex on your computer or would you rather know how to use the site whenever you’re out and about? Our PlayersBest site digs into all the facts about Spreadex, including site usage and whether you can expect to use it in different ways. We’ve got the latest details about mobile access and other topics as well.

⚽ Should I read a Spreadex sports review?

One of the best ways to find your path around any sportsbook is to read some reviews about it before you use it. Our Spreadex sports betting review gives you facts you can trust, and that’s something PlayersBest is known for. You can make sure you get the lowdown on the site before placing your first sports wager. We go into many other areas of the site and its usage as well.

⛳ Are there any Spreadex fixed odds for sports betting?

Odds come in many types, so you should know how you can bet at Spreadex before signing up for an account with the site. The PlayersBest team knows how to look for various odds and how to understand the odds types and possibilities in each sport. If you want to know more about Spreadex fixed odds betting and other kinds, our review tells all.

Spreadex Review: Conclusion - An excellent betting adventure

From the Spreadex online casino to the sportsbook, it’s clear to me that the team behind this site knows what they’re doing. It’s organised, sensible, chock-full of information, and reliable to use. Even on my first visit, I found it easy to look around. Far better than feeling as if I’ve been cast adrift in outer space.

When I landed on their homepage, they laid the sportsbook out in front of me. Within one click I was in the casino, while retaining the ability to move around easily. They’ve got the best slots and all my favourite sports too. Perfect.

Spreadex Sports Bonus
100% up to £35
Go to Spreadex Sports
  • A universe of betting options
  • User-friendly betting interface
  • Trusted since 1999

User Reviews for Spreadex

4/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. Free iPad but credit option is dangerous

    Can’t believe that on staking £300 you could opt for either £300 cash on your account in addition or an iPad. Wow!

    Really worried about credit option - could apply for credit, get £300+ limit and that qualifies for the iPad but it would be so tempting to spend if it was on credit and so easy to get into debt
  2. A good go-to option

    With loads of different sports to follow over the summer, including the Euro’s, I’ve been looking around to see what good options there are for throwing a few bets on. I really like the usability of Spreadex as on top of giving you the different odds and betting options, it also gives you the channel that you can catch the live games on. I really like that, and the offer for up to £25 in free bets isn’t bad either

    There's a lot of betting info on the page as soon as you land, could be a bit cleaner
  3. Great live dealer tables

    Of all the online casinos I have visited in the past, Ive found that Spreadex has the most popular slot games and the biggest variety. There is good spread betting and a great casino all on one site. The live dealer tables are superb and the generous bonnus comes in at £200! I couldnt believe my luck! Try it today – you won’t be disappointed.


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