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Unibet Stellar Online Sports Betting & Casino Review 2021

Unibet: One of the Best Betting Sites in the Universe

Unibet came crashing down onto Earth in 1997. From humble beginnings in the founder’s small London flat, the operator has since exploded like a supernova and become one of the most recognisable betting brands in the Milky Way. Equipped with a full complement of sportsbook, casino and poker options, Unibet offers players a reliable, varied experience. Simply put, it’s an absolute giant of the sports betting solar system. Find out how it fared during our test by reading the full review below.

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Welcome to the Unibet Galaxy

It’s impossible to traverse across the betting universe without hearing whispers about how good of an operator Unibet is. This made me extremely curious to see what I was missing out on, so I refuelled my rocket and began planning my trip to the Unibet galaxy.

As soon as I located the operator’s website, I was struck by its array of different options. Far from being solely a sportsbook, there was also a Unibet casino app and even poker options.

If this does not pique your interest, nothing will. To see how the operator fared in our latest bookmaker reviews, check out our full Unibet experience report below.

Unibet Logbook: what happened so far

  • 01. March 1997: Unibet starts its offer.
  • 01. January 1999: Unibet goes digital, launching online in Sweden
  • 27. November 2020: We updated our Unibet test

Countdown: What you can expect - this is our Unibet review

At PlayersBest, we love nothing more than putting the best bookmakers and casino operators through their paces. Our testing team is one of the best in the galaxy and have racked up hundreds of different missions into deep space between them.

With all this experience, you will not be surprised to discover that PlayersBest knows exactly what you are looking for in a good betting site. Our conclusions are always drawn from a myriad of different factors. All the details matter when creating a great website and we are always sure to leave no star unexplored.

This was no different during our trip around the Unibet galaxy. Because of this, you can be sure that no other site will offer a better guide to deciding whether Unibet betting is for you.

Our First Planet: Preparing for a Unibet Sports Betting review

Unibet started its life as a sports betting company and while it has since expanded its horizons in more recent times, this remains the most prominent of its options. Our job is to decide whether just because they’re well known, are they really worth all of the hype?

There’s plenty to look out for during our trip around the Unibet’s sports betting options. Perhaps the biggest thing we are searching for is variety. This applies to all facets of Unibet betting – whether it be sports markets, payment options, or special offers.

The galaxy is a diverse, wonderful place and the best betting sites reflect that and are subsequently recognised at the prestigious PlayersBest awards.

The Second Stars: Expectations for our Unibet Casino and Poker review

Our second set of coordinates will lead us to the Unibet casino. Competition to be the best online casino in the Milky Way is especially tough – as PlayersBest knows all too well.

We will be looking for all manner of things in this part of the review but again our approach can be summed up in one word – fun. If we don’t find the Unibet casino app enjoyable to use, you can be sure that it won’t be getting good ratings.

The same can be said of our Unibet poker review, however, we also want to be sure that this part of the brand’s offering has a good competitive edge. Exploring the galaxy is a tough place. everyone needs to kick back with some competitive fun after a while.

100% up to £40
Risk-Free Bet
Redeem Unibet Bonus

Shoot for the Stars with a Unibet Bonus

Of course, before the business of reviewing gets underway, I assume you’ll want to know all about the Unibet betting bonuses right? Yes, I thought as much.

Even if we give the operator an incredible score, you are unlikely to listen to our advice unless they are offering some great rewards in exchange for your business. Lucky for you then that Unibet has more than one tempting sign up offer.

Explore the Unibet Sports Betting Bonus

Your desire to start Unibet betting is bound to skyrocket to new heights as soon as you find out about this superb sportsbook sign up offer. Securing the bonus could not be easier either. You don’t need a fancy spaceship, an experienced or even a Unibet bonus code. All you need to do is select the bonus when creating your Unibet account and you’re good to go.

Once the Unibet sport betting bonus has been activated, simply place any bet with odds over ⅖ and the operator will reward you with £40 of bonus bets – regardless of whether it wins or not. As you can expect I was pretty blown away when I heard about this offer.

The fun doesn’t stop there either. As well as these bonus bets, Unibet will also grant new players with £10 of credit to use at the Unibet casino app. Think that’s the offer done with? Think again. Placing your fist bet will also gain you access to Unibet TV which streams 40,000 sports events per year. This is perfect or those long space missions away from home!

Blast Off Into a Unibet Casino Bonus

If you are not enticed by the Unibet sports betting bonus, there can only be one explanation. You must prefer betting in the casino. Fortunately, if I am describing you, never fear. Unibet has plenty to offer casino players as well.

Namely, their superb welcome offer. If you fancy a spin in the Unibet casino and would also like a helping hand to get started, this is the offer for you. Simply deposit £10 in your casino account and Unibet will generously dish out £40 for you to play with. Of course, there is no such thing in the universe as a free handout and this bonus does come with a few strings attached.

This bonus comes with a 35x wagering requirement, meaning you will need to bet 1,400 in order to make your funds eligible for withdrawal. Don’t let this put you off though, as you will learn later in our Unibet experience report, the casino has plenty to keep you entertained as you chip away at these requirements.

Lift-off: Get a headstart at...Unibet Test 800

Now I’ve told you all about the Unibet bonuses, you must be chomping at the bit to see what it is you’re getting yourself in for by signing up. This is because all the incredible welcome offers will not prevent your disappointment if the fundamentals of your Unibet betting experience just are not up to scratch.

Some of the things we’ll be looking out for are: out of the world customer service, the best usability in the galaxy and a supernova of security credentials. Read on to find out exactly how the Unibet spacecraft fared when facing our tough maintenance check.

Usability: Is This Spaceship safe to drive?

Unibet sports betting online is packaged in a beautiful website. The first thing you’ll notice when touching down on the new planet is its pleasing green colour scheme. This eye-catching design not only makes the Unibet app stand out, but it also makes the white text easy to read – increasing the site’s usability.

On the subject of usability, Unibet is laid out in an extremely efficient way. Navigating away from its sports betting options to check out casino and poker offerings could not be simpler. That applies for navigation in general as well. During our review, we never spent more than a few moments trying to locate exactly what it was that we needed.

A final aspect we always look for when performing a casino comparison is a site’s load time. Once again Unibet scored highly in this area. The back-end and front-end development is extremely solid.

Space Exploration on the Go

As well as its website possessing supreme usability, the Unibet mobile apps are also an absolute pleasure to navigate. Boasting the same green colour scheme, your phone screen will be beautifully lit up within a few seconds thanks to its superb loading time.

Due to the size of Unibet’s offering, three separate apps will need to be downloaded in order for you to enjoy them in their entirety. One for the casino, one for poker and one for sportsbook. Regardless of which part of the Unibet galaxy you choose to explore, you will always receive a spectacular service.

The casino app optimises the screen well, so I never had the squint to see the instructions for a particular game. The same can be said for poker. It is tough to recreate a poker game on a mobile screen but Uinbet manages it with all the necessary information clearly visible.

Unibet Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Money makes the world go round. Due to this, our testing lab always makes sure to check out what sort of payment options are available to space explorers at an online casino. Unibet deposit options are numerous with a range of methods available to suit each explorer’s needs.

Visa and Mastercard can both be used to fund your account, while Skrill, Paysafecard and Earthport are allowed as well. Unibet PayPal deposits are similarly permitted – a rarity when it comes to operators in the UK. In terms of Unibet withdrawals, all of the same methods can be used, except for Paysafecard.

Of course, much like a spacecraft, speed is also vital when it comes to payment options. In this regard, only a few of the Unibet withdrawal methods fared well during our testing. The PlayersBest training centre includes key tips on how to secure a fast payout but generally speaking, we recommend opting for an eWallet over bank transfers.

Houston, we have a problem

Nobody thinks they are going to need customer service at an online casino… until they do. With this in mind, make sure you pay particularly close attention to this section before deciding whether to proceed with your Unibet betting. It is bound to increase your knowledge of what to expect from a good operator.

The first thing to note is that the operator takes its customer service seriously. Included in its business pledge is the promise to “Maintaining our local, friendly and knowledgeable customer service.”

These are not empty words either. Unibet is a serious contender as having the best customer service in the Milky Way. Instead of relegating its support options to a single page on its website, it has an entirely separate help centre.

Included in here are some great options. Our first port of call while zooming across the help centre was Unibet’s in-depth FAQ section. Because this part of the centre is so informative, we rarely had to take any of our issues further.

When we did have to do this though, Unibet’s team of customer service operative were seriously helpful. Regardless of whether we contacted them via live chat, email or telephone, we always received a courteous response.

License to Explore

Here at PlayersBest, if there’s one thing we cannot stand, it’s an unsafe operator. I know it might sound boring but without rules and regulations, the betting universe falls apart. More importantly, if an operator is not licensed, you as a player are not safe.

Luckily, we can report that Unibet is 100% legit and secure. In fact, it possesses not just one, but TWO gaming licenses, one provided by the UK Gambling Commission and the other gained from the Gibraltar Gaming Commissioner.

Security-wise, things also look very good indeed, meaning you can be sure all of your personal data is safe while you are Unibet betting. The operator proudly reveals on their site that: “After logging in all information sent to and from the Unibet site is encrypted using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.”

In case you are not sure what SSL encryption is, rest assured that it is the very best security available on the market.

In orbit: Discover the possibilities at Unibet

It’s not just in the fundamentals that Unibet thrives, however. It also has various special features and recurring deals that you simply cannot find anywhere else in the galaxy.

These little additions are bound to take your Unibet betting to intergalactic levels and we were seriously impressed by them during our review.

Live Stream All the Galaxy’s Biggest Events

Sportsbooks possessing great live streaming options is nothing new, but few do it better than Unibet. A huge amount of different events are available but the most impressive recent addition to this service is NFL matches. Now, you can complement your Unibet sports betting online with watching one of the most well-known leagues in the universe.

Refer a Fellow Space Explorer

Sharing is caring and Unibet are clearly very keen on this mantra. That’s why if you refer a fellow space explorer to the operator, they will reward you with £50 of free bonus money. What’s more, if you can get two more friends to sign up and meet their wagering requirements within 60 days, Unibet will reward you with £100 of bonus money.

Weekend Bingo

Another feature that Unibet has up its sleeve is a fine selection of bingo options. Even if you have never played online before, we seriously recommend giving it a whirl on the weekend. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday Unibet brings out the big guns, lavishing its players with some of the best bingo bonuses on the market.

Unibet Sports Betting

Unibet Sports Betting Test

Across the galaxy, Unibet is most well known for its sports betting options. This reputation is deserved as well, as the operators’ sportsbook has a lot going for it. As well as receiving the best Unibet odds, players can expect plenty more excitement in the form of exclusive features and rock-solid foundations.


The unique selling point of Unibet sports betting online live betting is Uniboost. This tremendous feature allows players to enhance their odds every single day. Yes, you read that correctly. Each and each day, your odds can be taken to new heights via Uniboost.

This is how it works. Eligible accounts will receive three Uniboost tokens per day. Using these tokens could not be simpler. All you have to do is select a bet, add it to your Unibet betting slip and select the Uniboost button before submitting. After this, your odds will extend into the stratosphere like a rocket zooming into space!

Of course, there are a few pesky terms and conditions to consider. First, the maximum stake on a Uniboost bet is £20. Furthermore, the maximum win for a Uniboost bet is £1000. It is also worth noting that if you do not use your Uniboost tokens, they disappear into a black hole and cannot be used the following day.

Bonus Bet Club

What’s the only thing better than Unibet betting? BONUS Unibet betting of course. If you agree with me, you’ll be a massive fan of the operator’s bonus bet club. As its name suggests, this exclusive club offers players the chance to receive some betting tokens and all they have to do to claim them is place a few bets.

Specifically, after opting into the programme, players simply have to wager five or more in-play bets during the week and they will receive a £10 bet token. Once again, mind the small print on this one though.

All of these qualifying bets must have a stake higher than £10, while the odds of said wagers must be over evens. Also, not all sports markets are part of the Bonus Bet Club. Only football, cricket, tennis, darts and basketball are eligible.

The Most Varied Markets

Another thing Unibet sports betting online prides itself on is the stunning variation of its betting markets. In fact, the company even includes this pledge in its “About Us” page, which states they are committed to: “Providing the broadest sports betting offer available, including niche sports & fixtures.”

Does Unibet live up to this promise? You betcha. During our Unibet sports betting test, we seemed to discover a new sports market each time we logged onto their website! Aussie rules football, chess, floorball, handball, surfing and table tennis were our personal favourites.

Simply put, if you want to bet on a sport, Unibet has a market for it.

100% up to £40
Risk-Free Bet
Redeem Unibet Bonus
Unibet Casino

Unibet Casino Test

Unibet may be most famous across the cosmos for its sportsbook, but that is far from the only service it offers players. Customers also have the option of loading up a superb casino. Featuring world-class software from the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming and many more, we were satisfied with this excellent service.

Casino Tournaments

There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition and Unibet casino provides this in abundance by offering a string of excellent competitions to its players. Battling to the top of the leaderboard gave us a real buzz when we were playing and we could not wait to log on each day during our Unibet test to try and improve our positions.


We were all casino novices once and when you were starting out,  we’re sure you would have appreciated someone offering you some training guides to improve your skills. Unibet does exactly that, lowering the barrier of entry for its new players in the process. After reading these guides, even the most inexperienced players will be able to hold their own.

Thrilling Live Casino

Online slots are fine, video poker is okay –  but sometimes the only thing that can scratch your itch is the buzz of a live casino. Fortunately, Unibet has exactly what you thrillseekers are looking for, hosting a long list of live casino options provided by the likes of Evolution Gaming. Blackjack, baccarat and much, much more are all available.

100% up to £40
Free Bet
Redeem Unibet Bonus
Unibet Poker

Unibet Poker Test

Unibet may not be one of the galaxy’s biggest online poker names – yet – but their service is still worth checking out. Poker has been around for centuries and getting it right online is not an easy task. However, with its great features and sturdy gameplay mechanics, Unibet manages to do it.

Battle to be the Best

More than any other part of Unibet’s betting offering, online poker is reliant on a competitive element. Because of this, having a scalable ranking system is important. Unibet achieves this via its poker leaderboards. Every time you play a game of poker on the site, you win a certain amount of points and move up the leaderboard. As Unibet poker attracts thousands of players, getting into the top 10 is not easy, but the thrill of the chase is what it’s all about anyway.

Loyalty programme

Competition for the galaxy’s online poker players is fierce. Unibet realises this and they try to keep their high rollers hanging around by offering a rewarding loyalty programme. Each Unibet player is set a Poker Mission each month. If they complete this challenge they are rewarded with loyalty points which can then be cashed in for great rewards. It’s a clever spin on the industry’s traditional VIP programme which sums up Unibet’s unique approach.

up to £20
Deposit Bonus
Redeem Unibet Bonus
Unibet Esports

Unibet eSports Test

Once considered a niche market, eSports is now in the process of taking over the universe. Whether it be CS:GO, Call of Duty or Starcraft, a bookmaker cannot get away with not providing a great eSports betting experience anymore. Unibet gets this and treats the market with the respect it deserves.

Live Streaming

Finding a place to follow all the latest eSports action can be tricky. Although the industry is expanding, it does not have a major broadcast deal, meaning scratchy streams are often the best you can hope for. A much better option for watching the biggest eSports action is heading onto the Unibet website. As well as offering the latest odds, the operator also streams the best tournaments. It was an absolute pleasure to watch during our eSports review as well, with no buffering and a crystal clear picture. Perfect.

100% up to £40
Risk-Free Bet
Redeem Unibet Bonus

Unibet betting FAQ

🔐How do I get a Unibet login?

Read our guide to Unibet betting to see how you can register your account and get a login. You will have to get a Unibet login to do everything from bet on the site’s sporting odds to getting the Unibet casino bonus that’s equally as good as the best casino bonuses in the UK. So check out our guide to see what kinds of personal information you need to submit and learn how long it takes to get your account verified.

❓What do I do if I’m locked out of my Unibet betting account?

It can be all too easy to accidentally get locked out of your betting account. The good news is that all of the best online gambling sites in the UK will give you fast and easy ways to retrieve your account. Read our review of Unibet betting where we’ll examine what customer service facilities are available. Perfect for seeing how you can get help with things like unlocking your Unibet betting account.

📱Is there a Unibet betting app?

Check out our review of Unibet betting to see whether this brand has its own betting app. It’s pretty common to find that all of the best sportsbooks and online casinos in the UK have developed their own betting apps. You can usually download these apps for free to your iOS or Android device, and they will let you enjoy sports betting or casino gaming from the palm of your hand.

💵 What are the Unibet betting limits?

Most betting sites will impose certain limits on how much you can bet and win. This obviously has a big impact on what kinds of winnings you can make from your sports bets. The good news is that Unibet has equally generous betting limits as the best sportsbooks in the UK. So read our guide to Unibet betting to see exactly how much you can bet at this sportsbook as well as what kinds of winnings you can make.

🎁What is the latest Unibet betting bonus?

We think that the latest Unibet betting bonus is just as good as all of the top sportsbooks bonuses in the UK. Take a look at our review of Unibet betting to see exactly what you can get in terms of special offers for your sports bets. We’ll also take a look at how you can get this deal, and then walk you through the terms and conditions so that you don’t get caught out by any of the small print.

Unibet Review: A Unibet Universe of Variety

What I liked most about my experience with Unibet was the truly incredible variety on offer with the operator. The cosmos is a complicated place and my needs as a bettor will often change with the wind. One day I may fancy sports betting, the next I might fancy myself as a high rolling poker player. Luckily with Unibet, whenever I did have a change of heart there was a world-class betting service available with a few clicks of a mouse. We seriously recommend giving the operator a try.

Unibet Sports Bonus
100% up to £40
Go to Unibet Sports
  • Uniboost on daily odds
  • Helpful Free Bet Club
  • A universe of betting options

User Reviews for Unibet

4/5 – 3 User Reviews
  1. Huge wagering multiplier for casino bonus

    First off – ive got LOTS to play in the casino with well over 1000 games and im not sure i counted all of them…

    ...but i was annoyed to see a 50x multiplier for casino welcome deal which is super high and a shame to see
  2. Great Site

    Really easy site to use. Also a nice welcome bonuses for those looking for a new bookies 2 use. Loads of different options for sports and individual games as well which I liked!

    Honestly there’s not much I’ve seen so far since using it that is bad. It’s a great site and easy to use on mobile
  3. Top site for casino and sports betting

    For me, it’s one of the best online casinos that pay out instantly – no questions asked. Nice interface design and customer support at its best. I like the fact that this is one of the few casinos that also offer bingo.

    Perhaps they could add a few more bonuses, but that’s just my personal opinion.

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