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Zeply Cryptocurrency Platform Review 2022

We are privileged to be the first to review the brand new Zeply instant Bitcoin exchange service, available now at Zeply.com.

In a very niche market, Zeply is offering some unique opportunities for Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Although this is a relatively new enterprise, our Zeply review shows every indication that it is going to become a very popular operator in a few months time.

zeply review uk
Zeply: Pros & Cons
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Near-effortless KYC process for new registrations
  • Excellent design and usability
  • Strong customer support
  • Currently only offers Bitcoin

Offers and New Customer Experience – Zeply is a Bitcoin exchange, with an added twist!

Zeply has been launched to cater specifically for the ever-growing Bitcoin market.  At the present time, no other cryptocurrencies can be used on the platform.  Our Zeply review has shown us that the big difference between Zeply and other crypto exchanges is the speed at which transactions are completed; it truly is an instant cryptocurrency exchange.

Not only can you buy cryptocurrency — specifically Bitcoin at the time of writing — using the operator’s platform, our Zeply review has revealed that you can also exchange your Bitcoin into EUR, GBP or USD, or vice versa.  In addition, you can send and receive Bitcoin payments using the same platform.  All transactions happen just as quickly as the Internet can process them, which is about the same time as it takes to send a WhatsApp message.

Usability – Couldn’t be any easier or faster to use

Our Zeply review found no negatives at all, in fact entering Zeply’s website for the first time was a real breath of fresh air.  Firstly, there is no clutter, adverts or annoying pop-ups; all you see is an overview of what this operator is all about.  Secondly, the website is very fast and responsive, even when we tested it using a snail-paced broadband connection.

For your reassurance regarding security, all web pages are https:// with an SSL encryption certificate issued by the provider ‘Let’sEncrypt’.  The upload of any sensitive, personal data and all financial transactions are completed within 2FA guidelines under AES 256-bit encryption, which deploys symmetric key security.

Accounts – Get ready to pose for a selfie!

Signing up for an account with Zeply is simplicity itself, requiring only four simple steps.  There are no different account levels, one account gives you access to all of the services and benefits that are available.

During our Zeply review, we took the time to examine the registration process for ourselves and we are pleased to confirm that it is as quick and easy as the operator promises.  We particularly liked the fact that you can easily verify your personal documents, by holding them up in a selfie-style photograph.

Every step of the registration process is also carefully detailed in straightforward, printable documents (including one on how to pose for your selfie!) but if you encounter any difficulties at all, then Zeply’s 24/7 customer support is just a click away.

Crypto Exchange – Zeply’s Bitcoin services are accessed via a simple web interface

All of Zeply’s Bitcoin services are made available using their browser-based web application.  Although the processes for completing transactions are already very simple and intuitive, the operator provides several ways to confirm the steps required.

You can either take a few seconds to watch the animation under the Features tab, download or print the documents located in the FAQ section, or view the appropriate YouTube video, which takes less than two minutes.

Unfortunately, there are no mobile app options for clients at the present time. Whilst completing our Zeply review we asked the operator about this and they were able to confirm that there will be a Zeply app in the coming months, with versions for both iOs and Android devices.  There is no fixed launch date as yet, announcements will be made via social media posts and on the main website when this is imminent.

Theoretically, the simple layout of Zeply’s website would make it possible for you to use the services via a mobile browser, provided you have a robust Internet connection, but please be aware of the added security risks.

Trading Payments – We had a pleasant surprise when we completed this part of our Zeply review

Zeply accepts Visa and MasterCard deposits using either a credit or debit card, which you register with the exchange, to use for the ‘Buy Bitcoin’ option on the website.

All card transactions are subject to either the ‘Verified by Visa’ or ‘MasterCard Secure Code’ protocol.  Both of these authentication services provide a single-use encrypted session for the duration of the card transaction, so they are very secure.

We have to say that our Zeply review threw up a total surprise when we looked into the costs of using this operator’s Bitcoin services.  The Zeply exchange currently offers clients four separate Bitcoin transactions.  You can buy, send and receive Bitcoin free of charge, or exchange to a pre-determined fiat currency at a nominal cost.  Below is a breakdown of the fees and conditions for each service:

Buy Bitcoin

  • Free of charge – no fee
  • Subject to a minimum purchase value of €/£/$20
  • €/£/$10,000 Maximum amount

Send Bitcoin

  • Free of charge – no fee
  • Subject to a minimum transaction value of €/£/$30
  • €/£/$100,000 Maximum amount

Receive Bitcoin

  • Free of charge – no fee
  • No minimum value applied
  • No maximum amount is applied

Exchange Bitcoin

  • Charged at current exchange rate – no extra fees
  • Subject to a minimum exchange of €/£/$15
  • €/£/$10,000 Maximum amount

We are sure that you can see why we were surprised when we got to this part of our Zeply review.  As a heads-up, Zeply also has plans to add a ‘Withdraw Bitcoin’ option to the above list in the near future, but as yet, there are no specific details on either the withdrawal process, or the fees it will incur.

Customer Service – No issues in this department, our Zeply review tests were very positive

Zeply provides customer support via live chat, email or a web contact form.  However, the operator does stress that the preferred method of contact, particularly for any urgent matters, is via live chat.

Now we all know from experience that not all live chats are equal and are often infested with the dreaded chatbot that you are forced to communicate with for extended periods before you can dream of speaking to a real person.  Often, it is an experience best avoided if there are alternatives.

As a part of our Zeply review, we tested out the live chat facility to see if it does actually perform as the operator promises and we were very pleasantly surprised.  Zeply’s customer support is as straightforward and efficient as the rest of the services it provides.

You can access the live chat by clicking on the black icon which is located at the bottom-right of your screen.  This feature is available from every page of the website.  Once the chat opens you are asked to provide your first name, email address and language preference, it is only that part which is automated.

Once you have input the requested information, you are connected to an advisor within just a few seconds.  We found Zeply’s staff knowledgeable, friendly and able to answer questions speedily.  As well as English, support staff can communicate with you in French, German or Spanish and also offer several East European language options.

Regulation and Deposit Insurance – Our Zeply review verifies this operator as fully legit

If you are wondering “is Zeply safe?”, we are pleased to tell you that our Zeply review has confirmed that it is a fully-licensed and legitimate cryptocurrency exchange operator.

Zeply is registered as a business in Tallin, Estonia holding the verified registration number 14729204.  It is also licensed to provide currency exchange services by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) under Licence Number FVT000128.

During our Zeply review we found out that this licence permits Zeply.com to provide services relating to both cryptocurrency and fiat currency in terms of exchanging, transferring and storing those currencies, but it is not permitted to provide financial advice or recommendations relating to those services.

Additional Features – Our Zeply review shows this operator is working hard to increase its online presence

Although multiple accounts are not permitted by Zeply, you can add multiple Bitcoin addresses, each of which acts as a crypto wallet whilst you are holding Bitcoin in your Zeply account.  You can learn more about how that works in a dedicated guide in the FAQ section.  During our Zeply review, we had a good look at several of these guides, which cover multiple subjects, and found them all very detailed and informative.

If you want to learn more about the crypto market, then Zeply’s walkthrough-style guides are another feature you will be keen to check out; you can find those under the Education tab.  During our Zeply review we checked out the News section and found plenty of relevant Bitcoin-related news and blog articles, which Zeply adds to regularly.

Zeply is also working on making its presence felt in the world of social media and updating its accounts and pages every few days.  You will find Zeply on Facebook., Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.  If all of the information above is still not enough, you can go to YouTube where there are several ‘How To’ animated videos ready for you to watch.

Zeply Crypto Exchange

Cryptocurrencies at Zeply

To the best of our knowledge, Zeply.com is the only licensed operator within the cryptocurrency exchange sector offering services of this type to its clients.  The other great thing about Zeply is the speed of its transactions, which on average are completed in less than ten seconds.

Trading Costs

Zeply currently offers four services for Bitcoin users.  When you buy, send or receive Bitcoin there are no fees or commission payable.  The minimum transaction values are very reasonable too, just €/£/$25 when you buy Bitcoin and €/£/$10 when you send Bitcoin.

If you opt to exchange Bitcoin for EUR, GBP or USD you will only pay the cost of the currency exchange itself.  Exchange transactions are subject to a minimum value of €/£/$15.

There is no upper value limit applied to any of the four services available.

Trading Conditions

Zeply has a very straightforward four-step registration process.  First, complete the online form with your personal details.  Second, provide details of the credit or debit card you will use for your Zeply account.  Third, upload proof of ID and address.  Lastly, take a selfie that shows your face and the supporting documents used in the third step.  The only other task you must undertake is to complete a mandatory KYC declaration.

As well as reviewing the registration process, we took the time to read through Zeply’s ‘Terms of Use’ document.  This is available by clicking on the link found right at the bottom of each web page.  After careful checking, we can confirm that there are no ‘hidden’ conditions within the document to concern you.

However, there is one thing you do need to know about, as it concerns your account password.  When you first register and open your account with Zeply, you will be allocated a temporary password.  For security reasons, you must change this to a ‘strong’ password, which must be unique and used only for accessing your Zeply account.

Product Summary  – Is Zeply reliable for buying crypto? It certainly is.

Zeply has seen an opportunity and turned it into an operation that is able to provide low-cost, instant transaction services for Bitcoin users.  Although it is not alone in providing some of these services, Zeply has taken the route of investing time and capital into obtaining legitimate licensing and providing a reliable and secure environment for its clients.  Everything about Zeply is straightforward, transparent and backed up by documentation.

Zeply is already growing fast and has plans to expand on its current service offering over the next few months, as well as adding mobile apps for Android and iOS devices and the option to buy Bitcoin with PayPal; measures that will improve on an already-impressive service.

Certainly, from what we have seen so far, Zeply seems starred for success.

Summary and Conclusion - A unique and refreshing crypto option

Zeply very cleverly spotted a gap in a niche market and transformed it into a valuable set of services available to anyone looking to facilitate fast and secure transactions using Bitcoin.  Speed is certainly the key here and our Zeply review revealed you can complete all of your Bitcoin interactions in just a few seconds.

In addition, Zeply is licensed and stringently regulated by Estonia’s FIU.  To achieve and maintain that status requires a lot of diligence and after completing our Zeply review we can assure you that this operation is entirely above board, so you can send, receive, and buy Bitcoin UK with confidence.

Overall, our Zeply review was very positive.  The only thing we see holding the operator back in the short-term is its lack of dedicated mobile accessibility.  However, we are sure that once the Zeply mobile apps are launched later this year, it will go from strength to strength.

Zeply Review FAQs

🚩 Is Zeply a scam operation?

With so much bad press surrounding cryptocurrency, it is a fair question to ask.  However, our Zeply review process showed it is a legitimate operator with verifiable registration and licensing to back that up.  If you have concerns about the validity of any online operators you encounter, you can always check the licensing details in our crypto reviews and comparisons here at PlayersBest.

❓ Why can’t I use a different crypto?

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, with more people using it than all of the other cryptos added together.  That alone makes it the first choice for clients and logical to make it the centrepiece of a unique type of exchange service. If you are looking for an alternative to Bitcoin, be sure to check out the rest of our crypto reviews here at PlayersBest.

👀 When will there be a mobile app for iOS?

Zeply is currently in the process of adding additional Bitcoin services and also intends to launch both iOS and Android apps in the next few months.  Keep a look out for further announcements in our Zeply reviews, comparisons and guides here at PlayersBest.

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