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Ultimately, everything in the known universe is a story. From the first second after the Big Bang, the universe has been weaving stories; stories of galaxies, of nebulae, of stars – and, of course, of our solar system. As humans, we have picked up the mantle of storytellers too: from the stories we listen to as children to the tales of a long life well-lived, we are always captivated by the tales that we can tell. 

I understand how important stories are to us all, which is why I wanted to ensure that I told the PlayersBest.com story properly. I want to go beyond the usual “how we started” pages we see online; I wanted to provide real detail and explain our mission in a way that truly resonates with our readers. So, without further ado, here’s the story of how PlayersBest.com came to be.

PlayerBest Beginning


In The Beginning…

The start of the quest that would eventually lead to PlayersBest.com was a simple one: a wish, made by a writer, to buck convention. It makes complete sense that the start of our story is with a writer; the ultimate storytellers, who hold the power of words and the strength they wield in their mind’s eye and their fingertips. Every good story needs, before anything else, a writer.

More importantly for the purpose of our story, I was a disenchanted writer. I had been writing for years, sticking to the same rigid rules, following the same templates. I was writing about subjects that fascinated me – betting, casinos, strategies, betting tips, and more – but not in the way I wanted to write about them.

Then I heard word of an idea; a team of writers from Germany, who were starting to redefine what it meant to write about casinos, sportsbooks, and everything else gambling-related online. Their website, PlayersBest.com DE, stood out as a lone star in the gambling galaxy – a single entity, the beginning and the end. I scanned through their content, my high school German getting a workout, and immediately knew that this was the solution to my woes. I wanted to be a part of the PlayersBest.com family – and I wasn’t alone. Now, there are is a small cluster of regional PlayersBest.com sites: the inaugural German version, the Canadian version, the Japanese version, and – of course – my own, targeted towards the UK market I know so well.

What Drew Us All To PlayersBest.com?

Why did the concept of PlayersBest.com stand out to experienced writers from across the globe and have us all wanting to start our own stories under the same banner? Put simply: originality. When you have written the same content, time and again, you begin to lose sight of why you were writing it to begin with. Your love of the subject fades; your words begin to blend into one; your zest and passion dims like a brown dwarf, barely capable of generating any light of its own.

PlayersBest.com, however, was a blaze of a hypernova; lighting up the sky like the launch of Apollo 17, scorching through the darkness with a clear intent to try a different approach. For a writer, being ahead of the curve is irresistible, and I didn’t hesitate, not even for a moment. My desire to ensure that PlayersBest.com is the greatest website in the sports and casino niche remains; in fact, it is even stronger, as I see the site growing from its initial potential into something truly wonderful. Something that I am, at heart, hugely proud to be a part of.

I now share my mission with an incredible crew, all of whom share my convictions in the potential for the site, and all of whom are excited – every single day – for the role they embody in the PlayersBest.com story.

PlayersBest UK Discover

How Can PlayersBest.com Help You?

So now you have heard the origin story of the UK version of PlayersBest.com – but this is just the first chapter. For the pages and the story to continue, we need to have someone to tell the story to – and that means we have to find a way to appeal to our audience.

We believe that our greatest asset is our own interest in our subject matter combined with our fresh, interesting approach to divulging information. On PlayersBest.com, you will be able to read articles that are unlike anything else you will find online. We are able to go further, expand our minds, and truly dig deep to ensure we provide the best possible information, every single time. You can trust us to be timely, to always go the extra mile, and to ensure that you always have everything you need to know in order to enjoy the best possible betting experience. Whether you’re interested in sports betting, casinos, both, or anything in between, you can always turn to PlayersBest.com for the assistance you require.

Journey Highlights As You Tour PlayersBest.com

PlayersBest.com is a website that is full to the brim with fascinating information, so we thought we should guide you in your starting steps on this exciting journey and draw your attention to a few critical pages. We’ve provided in-depth information about how we rate websites and, particularly, our focus on three key components: handling, range, and innovation. Learning about these three key factors is essential when it comes to getting the most from our sportsbook and casino reviews.

If you’re looking to enhance your knowledge of betting in general, then look no further than our Academy; while those seeking more current and up-to-date information are sure to find our betting tips and news sections handy.

It’s also worth remembering that we are constantly adding to and improving our site, and you can be sure that when you return for your second, third, fourth, fifth, and beyond visit, you’ll see something different here every time. We are determined to make sure PlayersBest.com is a site you can visit frequently, always confident you will find valuable, treasured information that is quite unlike anything else you can find out there in the great gambling universe.

What’s more, we’re also willing to spread our wings and explore what new horizons may have to offer. As well as our commitment to betting, we’re also now applying our same efforts to provide the very best online resource to the world of cryptocurrencies. Often confusing and misunderstood, we believe cryptocurrencies are the way of the future, and have such begun to introduce topics such as how to buy Bitcoin alongside our usual attention to gambling.

We will continue to innovative in future too, and we look forward to sharing our continued story with you over the months and years to come.

– Dan Thacker
Commander and Communications Officer of PlayersBest.com 

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